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December LPAC Meeting Presented by: Jorge Altamirano Randi Shreve Sophia V. Fierro.

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1 December LPAC Meeting Presented by: Jorge Altamirano Randi Shreve Sophia V. Fierro

2 Agenda I.Welcome II.Monitoring of Recent Immigrants III.Academic Profile Sheets/Coding IV.LPAC Minutes V.Upcoming LPAC Meeting VI.Questions VII.Adjourn

3 Welcome Welcome to all the new LPAC Administrators that are joining the elite LPAC team.

4 Monitoring of Recent Immigrants Students coded, “Recent Immigrant”, must be monitored every nine weeks in order to be in compliance with state and federal mandates. In previous years, we sent the “Immigrant Education Program Academic Progress Checklist” to elementary campuses and had teachers fill out the form. This year we will not be sending these forms to the campuses. The process for this year will be for teachers to document the interventions they are using with Recent Immigrants in ARMS. In the OSP system, under ARMS, teachers are able to see which students are coded Recent Immigrant.

5 Monitoring of Recent Immigrants cont. Teachers must first select the Code H in order to begin entering the interventions. Teachers will input the interventions under, How will this intervention be evaluated for student success? (Evidence of Impact)

6 Monitoring of Recent Immigrants cont. Please have teachers consider the following reasons when entering interventions for the Recent Immigrant(s) in ARMS. Does not ask for help Inattentive Poor quality work Failure to turn in assignments Fails to complete assignments Low test scores Frequents absences # of absences and/or # of tardies Lack of interest/ motivation Below grade level reading skills: English /Spanish Below grade level writing skills: English/Spanish Below grade level math skill: English/ Spanish Not progressing satisfactorily in English language acquisition Not progressing satisfactorily in native language literacy Not attending tutoring when available and offered

7 Monitoring of Recent Immigrants cont. The attendance clerk can run an Immigrant Report from Cognos in order for you to know which students at your campus are coded Recent Immigrant (s). The attendance clerk can also run an Immigrant Failure Report of all those Recent Immigrant(s) that are failing. Follow up and check interventions entered into ARMS every nine weeks.

8 Academic Profile Sheets/Coding

9 LPAC Minutes * Please make sure and submit all minutes to School Paper. * If you did not have a meeting for any given month go ahead and submit on a word document, “This month we did not hold an LPAC”, and upload into School Paper. (specify month) * If you do not have access to School Paper email one of us and we will give you access. * All minutes should be submitted by December 16 th, 2011. * We will review them in preparation for the assessment decision LPAC meeting.

10 Upcoming LPAC Meeting * The meeting will be face to face on January 18, 2012 * We will be discussing the assessment decisions for STAAR/TAKS * Please make ALL attempts to attend

11 Questions If you have any questions regarding LPAC please contact one of us and we will gladly answer your questions. Jorge AltamiranoRandi ShreveSophia V. Fierro 937-0531937-0532937-0522

12 Merry Christmas Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!!!

13 From our family to yours, Happy Holidays! Saira Yvett e Randi Sophia Rosemary Jorge Terry Lupe Jennifer

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