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Ms. Angell’s Class 2014-2015 Kindergarten Room 127 Sorrick School.

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1 Ms. Angell’s Class Kindergarten Room 127 Sorrick School

2 Meet Ms. Angell Math Curriculum Daily Folders Behavior Management
Reading Curriculum Math Curriculum Daily Folders Behavior Management Homework Daily Routine Report Cards Parent Involvement Book Orders Popcorn Day Birthdays 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ……………………….

3 Meet Ms. Angell Hello! My name is Randi Angell. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher for the school year. I graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am also certified to teach students with special needs as well as English language learners. This is my third year teaching here at Sorrick. I began here as a Pre-K teacher and this year had the chance to take on a new challenge in teaching Kindergarten. I absolutely love what I do and I cannot wait to share my passion for learning with you and your child. As we begin this school year together, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have. I truly believe that we are partners in your child’s education. I welcome any input that you have about what is going on in the classroom. Your Partner in Education, Ms. Randi Angell Voic 1

4 Reading Curriculum The reading curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards and incorporates a variety of activities to help prepare your child learn to read and write. With Jolly Phonics students will learn one letter and one sound every day. Each sound is also accompanied by a hand motion. Students will learn to write the letters and to combine multiple letters to create blended sounds. Vowel and consonant blends and digraphs are also going to be introduced. Our reading series contains poems and stories for literature based activities. After reading stories, the children will discuss and practice skills such as arranging events of the story in the correct sequences, determining what is fiction or non- fiction, real or imaginary and retelling a story. The materials are divided into themes. Leveled readers are included in the series to accommodate various reading skills and abilities. During stations, your child has another opportunity to practice reading skills. The children will work with partners playing games, building words, and reading stories independently. 2

5 Math Curriculum The Kindergarten Math curriculum provides students with mathematical experiences that help them develop number sense and a positive attitude towards mathematics that will continue throughout their school career and lives. We will be using many different kinds of manipulatives to understand concepts and develop skills. We will follow the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The children will learn different strategies to solve math problems. They will use dry erase boards, ten frames, and other materials to solve problems and show their work. 3

6 Daily Folder Your child’s folder is labeled “Home” on one side and “School” on the other. Any work that they are bringing home to share with you, information from school, or notes from me will be in the folder on the “home” side. Please check this side of the folder every day and remove all papers. If you need to send anything to school, please place it on the “school” side of the folder. When students get to school they will check this side of the folder and empty it every day. Sending money: If you are sending money to school, please make sure it is labeled in a Ziploc bag or an envelope with your child’s name and the purpose of the money (“field trip” or “book fair”). Please also make sure the money is in your child’s folder. Money placed in your child’s backpack or pocket may never make it to me! 4

7 Behavior Management I manage behavior in the classroom through positive reinforcement and encouragement. At the start of the school year, we will read the story How Full is Your Bucket. This story teaches students the importance of being a “bucket filler” versus a “bucket dipper”. Bucket fillers do things that make people happy, feel safe, and follow the rules. When we fill others’ buckets we also feel good about ourselves! Over the course of the year you may hear your child using this terminology. If your child is caught being a bucket filler on a certain day you will see a note in his/her daily folder. Please take the time to encourage them for this great behavior!! Similarly, if your child is not making good choices and has “dipped” from someone else’s bucket, you will see a note in his/her folder explaining what happened. Please discuss this with him/her and encourage better choices the next day. 5

8 School Rules 6 Our school wide rules are: Be Safe Be Respectful
Be Ready to Learn These rules we will follow within our classroom, at specials, and as we walk the hallways. As students demonstrate choices that follow these rules they can earn “Cougar Tickets” which they will keep at school or in their backpacks. Every Friday, one ticket from our class will be picked in a raffle for prizes. As a class, we can also earn “Team Tickets” by working together to follow the rules. If we earn enough team tickets together we earn rewards like dance parties, recess time, movie parties, etc. If your child comes home and tells you about these rewards and special days share in his/her excitement! Earning these prizes and rewards means that they are doing a great job of following the Sorrick School Rules! 6

9 Homework Homework will be sent home on Monday and should be returned on Friday. The homework assignments focus on skills that we have worked on that specific week. Please help your child complete the activity, but do not do it for them. Please make sure you are also practicing the sight words list and reading together every week. I do understand that you are busy after school. These assignments are meant to reinforce what your child has learned at school, but are not mandatory. With that said, we move at a fast pace and the homework assignments will really help your child keep up with the curriculum! Reading together is not only the greatest gift you can give to your child, but the greatest contribution to their education that you can make. A reading log will go home at the start of every month. Please keep track of the books you read at home with your child. At the end of the month (or when you have completed the log, whichever comes first) please turn the log in. Students will be rewarded for reading at home. 7

10 Daily Routine A typical day in Kindergarten is busy, busy, busy! Here is what a normal day in Room 127 looks like: *Morning Work Shared Writing Word Study Math Drink/Bathroom Break Read Aloud or Shared Reading Guided Reading with Self-Selected Reading Guided Writing Independent Writing Workstations *Unfinished morning work will be sent home for your child to finish. It does not need to be sent back to school unless you have a question about it. 8

11 Report Cards You will receive a report card every quarter with information about how your child is progressing. The report cards are standards-based reports. Instead of letter grades, your child will be given a performing level for different standards. The performing levels are: 4 Consistently exceeding expectations: Your child independently exceeds and applies key processes and skills. 3 Meeting expectations: Your child demonstrates a solid understanding of key concepts, processes and skills. 2 Approaching: Your child is progressing towards an understanding of key concepts, processes and skills, but performance is inconsistent. 1 Area of Concern: Your child has made minimal progress understanding key concepts, processes and skills, and requires additional help and support. 9

12 Parent Involvement Your involvement in your child’s education is so important to your child’s success in Kindergarten! If you would like to volunteer in our classroom either by being a room parent or by completing tasks like cutting and assembling materials, please let me know. Any parents that would like to come into our school to participate in school activities like class parties or field trips will need to have a copy of their driver’s license (or other photo ID) and chaperone form turned into the front office 3 days prior to the event. There will be no exceptions to this, if you show up for an event without these materials turned in you will not be allowed to enter the school. It would be a good idea to turn these forms in at the start of the school year just in case there is an event you want to attend! 10

13 Book Orders Every month I will send home a copy of Scholastic’s book order. This is an optional way for you to purchase books to build your child’s at home library. Many parents like these books because they are inexpensive and get their children excited about reading. There are two ways to order: You can fill out the order form and return it to school in your child’s folder with a check made out to Scholastic. You can order online using our class code, written on the top of the book club order form. For each book ordered, our class earns points to purchase books to build our classroom library as well. This is by no means mandatory. However, if you are going to buy books for your child as a gift, please consider using the book order so that we can benefit as a class too! 11

14 Popcorn Day The Sorrick PTA sponsors Popcorn day on the first Friday of every month. Your child may purchase popcorn for $0.25 a box (maximum 4 boxes per child). You will receive an order form in your child’s folder the day before popcorn day. The popcorn will not be eaten at school but with be sent home with your child to enjoy at home. Pop in a good movie and enjoy it together! 12

15 Birthdays I will do everything I can to make your child’s birthday a special day!! We will recognize each birthday with a song and a choice from the birthday treasure box. It is a district policy that we may NOT have any kind of treats for birthdays sent from home, due to allergy concerns in our classroom and throughout the whole school. Food items that are sent to school will be sent to the front office and you can come pick them up when you are able. If you do not feel like creating goodie bags with “toy” items, you may also consider donating a book to our classroom library in your child’s honor. Please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless you plan on inviting the entire class. 13

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