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2014 All Academy Ball West Point Parent Club of Georgia.

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1 2014 All Academy Ball West Point Parent Club of Georgia


3 2013 All Academy Military Ball JW Marriott, Buckhead – 12/26/2013 All Cadets/Midshipmen attendance were free Ticket price - $60 Navy Total Budget – ranged approximately $47k - $52K depending on attendance scenarios

4 Ga WP Parent Volunteers Co-Chairs - Kelly Marlar, Linda McFarlin, Karen Byrne Fundraising Chair – volunteer needed to chair – David Fincher, Sandy Lake, Kelly Marlar, Linda McFarlin Venue location - volunteer needed to work with Co-Chairs Printed materials (Invitations/Graphics/Programs,etc.) - Randi Sagona Public Relations: Linda McFarlin Liason to Other Academy Parent Clubs - Jim Kennedy Photography: Randi Sagona Website: Alan Barrow Coordinating RSVPs: Mary Jane Boylan Table Assignments: Sandra Simmons Compile List of VIPs to be Invited (congressmen, senators, etc): Jim Kennedy

5 Ga WP Parent Volunteers Guest Speaker: Randi Sagona Budget: Sandy Lake DJ - volunteer needed Master of Ceremonies - volunteer needed Gifts for VIPs/Challenge Coins/Take Home gifts - Karen Byrne Guidance in Military Protocol and Color Guard: Rolly McFarlin Acknowledgements (thank you notes for corporate sponsors and miscellaneous donations or discounts on goods and/or services): Emeka Wolfe-Norman Floral Arrangements - volunteer needed to chair “Night of” Logistics - volunteer needed to chair

6 Fundraising GOAL: Raise enough sponsorship money to cover all expenses leaving club account and ticket sales in reserve for future Balls Club currently has $12.7k in ball account Approaching corporations for donations should begin IMMEDIATELY Corporate sponsors this year that should be approached to continue sponsorships for next year: – Delta ($10K—2012 and 2013) Verbal Commitment for 2014 – Chick Fil A (1K) – 2013 (2012 donated the audio visual (valued at $10k) – PNC bank ($10K 2013 as a result of a Navy parent reaching out to their Investment Bank) Other ideas: donations via website, Local West Point Grads “Sponsor a cadet Meal" Members that intend to pursue additional corporate sponsorships: – oJim Kennedy: oil company – oKelly Marlar: ATT

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