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Morgyn Samantha Rebecca Maya Allison Alexa Allison Leah Melissa Nikki Michelle Maya Carly Molly Daniella RachelRachel Danielle Lauren TaliaReyna Emily.

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1 Morgyn Samantha Rebecca Maya Allison Alexa Allison Leah Melissa Nikki Michelle Maya Carly Molly Daniella RachelRachel Danielle Lauren TaliaReyna Emily Katie Sofie Emily Allison Julia Sara Sarah Aviva Lauren Maddie Rachel Bonnie Micah Kayli Jackie Danielle Shoshana Lauren Dayna Sarah Rachel Amanda Zoey Jessie Jordan Melissa Lee Maddie Second Squashed Banana of the term!!! Allie Samantha

2 30 Days of BK! Day 1, April 1 st JOKES! Why did the boy drop his ice cream cone? He got hit by a bus! (Emily Rogal) Why don’t bananas snore? They don’t want to wake the rest of the bunch! (Leah Fisher) Day 2, April 2 nd MIT day! Emily Rogal Katie Friedman Day 3, April 3 rd Health (MBA)! Danielle M, Melissa G, and Michelle W walked around the UMD campus and got exercise! Danielle K went to the gym! Day 4, April 4 th Straw Poem Day! Sofie J: Straws straws straws straws straws This haiku is about straws Straws straws straws straws straws Day 5, April 5 th Advisor day! Aviva, Molly, and Allison G told Lizzie something nice and what they love about her.

3 30 Days of BK! Continued! Day 6, April 6 th Afikomen Place! Cali: Under a TV Allison G: In my belly! Day 7, April 7 th MIT day! Emily Rogal contacted a MIT Katie Friedman contacted a MIT Day 8, April 8 th Easter Day! Cali: over 90 million chocolate bunnies are made each year Randi: 700 Million peeps are bought! Day 9, April 9 th Dress up for the meeting! Michelle, Aviva, and Molly dressed up! Day 10, April 10 th Freshman Day! Emily and Rachel B contacted freshman! Day 11, April 11 th Sibling Day! Dayna, Katie, and Rachel B made plans! Day 12, April 12 th Black and Yellow Day! Katie and Randi wore black and yellow to school

4 30 Days of BK! Continued! Day 13 and 14, April 13 th and 14 th Shabbat and Program! Maya, Michelle and Emily Day 15, April 15 th Bully Project! Allison V, Rachel C, and Katie attended! Day 16, April 16 th Meeting! Maya and Dayna were there! Day 17, April 17 th Stand up Day! Allison V and Emily celebrated! Day 18, April 18 th Sophomore Day! Molly and Randi contacts sophomores! Day 19, April 19 th Holocaust Remembrance Day! Rachel C and Dayna celebrated! Day 20, April 20 th Sisterhood day! Dayna and Rachel made plans with a BK friend! Day 21, April 21 st Program! Michelle and Rachel C were at the program! Day 22, April 22 nd Sauashed Banana Day Aviva wrote!

5 30 Days of BK! Continued! Day 23, April 23 rd Meeting! Sarah H and Emily were there! Day 24, April 24 th Junior Day! Emily an Michelle participated! Day 25, April 25 th Banana Day! Rachel and Dayna participated! Day 26, April 26 th Yom Ha'atzmaut Day! Allison, Rachel, Julia, and Maya celebrated! Day 27, April 27 th Creativity Day! Katie made a drawing for the chapter! Day 28, April 28 th Rock the Vote Day Emily and Allison went to Rock the Vote! Day 29, April 29 th Senior Day! Julia, Maya, and Alexa talked to a senior! Day 30, April 30 th Meeting! Michelle, Sydney, and Aviva were there! Maya Bernstein Won!!!!

6 10. Passover! 9. BBYO’s Premiere of the Bully Project! 8. Chapter Kallah! 7. My Birthday! 6. Fruit Season! 5. Spending time with the family! 4. 30 Days of BK! 3. It’s almost Council Convention! 2. Spring Break 1. Rock the Vote By Katie Friedman

7 There are many things to be said for living under a rock. It is pretty dark down there, so you can sleep a lot, which is fun. You can make jokes, like “my house rocks”. It is sometimes a little bit cold, but probably gets hotter in the summer, in which case uggs and denim shorts are always fashionable. To those of you just getting out from under your rocks, first off: Hi, welcome to America and 2012. If you have Wi-Fi and Hulu under your rock, you are really not missing much. However, congrats for having the only excuse for not knowing what “The Hunger Games” is, and that the movie premiered Thursday, March 22nd. “The Hunger Games” is the film adaptation of the popular young adult series of the same name. Set in Panem, a post-apocalyptic country made of 12 districts, it follows the young heroine, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone”, “X-Men: First Class”) through her time in the hunger games, a competition made up of children from ages 12 to 18 who are forcibly sent from their districts to fight to the death. Along the way, Katniss fights against the totalitarian rule of the Capitol, which is the government, and finds herself in a love triangle with childhood best friend Gale Hawthorne, played by Liam Hemsworth (“The Last Song,” “Knowing”), and fellow game competitor Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson (“Bridge to Terabithia,” “The Kids Are All Right”). The complex love triangle and highly anticipated opening weekend has sparked comparison to 2008 sensation “Twilight,” but the stars are all adamant that the two are nothing alike. “There’s no school-girl crush happening here,” said co-star Elizabeth Banks, who plays obnoxious government representative Effie Trinket, in a recent interview with “People” magazine. “The stakes are too high for that. This isn’t about a first kiss. This is life and death. By Sofie Jacobs

8 “Hunger Games” is even rumored to be more successful than “Twilight,” having an opening weekend sale of $100 million, as opposed to the vampire romance’s $69 million. In addition, both males and females have loved “Hunger Games”, excited by the thrill of adventure and standing up for yourself, rather than just a love story. Wootton students are such big fans that many are stayed out well past midnight for the premiere that Thursday night. “How could I pass up the first opportunity I get to see my favorite book come to life?” sophomore Alli Grinspoon said. “Every single person can enjoy it, and everyone does. It takes me into another world.” Students are willing to sacrifice their sleep to get this opportunity. “I’ll make up the sleep another night. It’s my favorite series and it’s something fun to do with my friends,” sophomore Jared Schifrien said. “It’s the suspense and the underlying story that makes me like it so much,” senior Lindsey Betz said of what sparks her obsession. “[It is] about Katniss and Peeta not falling to the pressure to be a pawn used in the game.” Betz attended the midnight premiere decked out in a homemade t-shirt, but she was not the only one dressed up for the event. Many went in all black and a braid to look like Katniss, or crazy hair color and make up to look like a member from the Capitol. So, whether you were waiting in line the 22nd or are just adjusting to the sunlight outside of your rock, the games have begun. As the book says, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Continued!

9 Fun in the Sun by Maya Ben- Yosef Make a sand castle Eat Dorito's Climb a tree Eat popsicles Tan! Eat s’mores and then s’more Go swimming

10 Board ST ’12, Would you rather read peoples minds? Or be able to fly? “Read peoples minds! I could have conversations with people across the room! “Be able to read peoples minds! I want to know what people are think after an awkward moment! “Fly! who needs to read minds when I can see what they're talking about when I fly over their heads??? duh!” “Fly because I would never have to be late to school again because of traffic!” “I would rather be able to read peoples' minds because it would make situations less awkward and would give me access to a ton of jolly information that would make it easier to stalk people.” “fly because I don't really see myself getting my license anytime soon ;)” “I pick read people's mind cause it would make my job easier.” “Read people's minds!” “I would want the ability to fly. I would never have to sit in traffic because I could just fly to where I was going!” “Read people's minds because I could finish their sentences and be all creepy! :)” “Fly. I doesn’t matter what people think of me.”

11 Banana Jokes! “I hope they’ll brighten your day!” –Danielle Koval 1)What’s yellow and flashes? A banana with loose connection! 2)Why are you eating a banana with the skin on? Oh, it's all right. I know what's inside. 3)Mother Banana: Why didn't you go to school today? Little Banana: Because I didn't peel well. 4)Teacher: What is Ba + Na2? Pupil: Banana 5)If a crocodile makes shoes, what does a banana make? Slippers ! 6)Knock Knock Who's there ! Banana ! Banana who ? Banana split so ice creamed 7)Why don't bananas snore? Because they don't want to wake up the rest of the bunch 8) How did the Mother Banana spoil the Baby Banana? She left him out in the sun too long. 9) What is a ghost’s favorite fruit? Boonanaa ! 10) What's yellow and writes? A ball-point banana.

12 Planning Programs! By Morgyn Alter A few weeks ago I co-planned my first program with Dayna Wallace. It was a mind body attitude (MBA). It turned out great. Everyone had fun, so here are a few tips to use when planning your first program!! - have a banana by your side for inspiration -get approved by your S'ganit before planning -plan your program with somebody you can work with -stay organized and meet all dead lines


14 5 Reasons to Love Your Mom They help pay for Summer Programs! They pay for conventions! They drive to BBYO events! They let and paid for you to join BBYO! They are all pretty awesome! By: Alexa Brenner

15 Our Seniors: Where they are off to Sarah Harari University of Rochester Why? “I chose University of Rochester because it's the greatest place on Earth” Sara Barth University of Vermont Why? “I chose UVM cause I enjoy Ben and Jerry's I like the cold, and I like being called crunchy.” Julia Wainger University of Maryland Why? “I PICKED UMD B/C I HAVE A DEEP PASSION FOR TURTLES”

16 Allison Van Wye University of Michigan Why? “I chose the University of Michigan because I need a snuggling partner and I can't think of a better one than Micah Nelson. Also, they have really solid froyo.” Rachel Berman University of Maryland Why? “I like turtles” Micah Nelson University of Michigan Why? “I chose the university of Michigan because I want to spend the next four years stalking Allison Van Wye.”

17 What about Talia? I chose to attend Yale because New Haven pizza is absolutely scrumptious! Just kidding (but not really, food is so underrated in the college search). Anyways, I fell in love with the Gothic architecture, super cool people, BEAUTIFUL suites with hard wood floors and bay windows, wonderful international relations program, random languages offered (i'm going to learn Indonesian) and they very well funded and staffed Hillel. I'm also not so secretly excited to live out my Gilmore girls fantasy. However, if you look for me in Connecticut next year, I won't be found----because I'm going on a Gap Year in the developing world. I will most likely be placed in Senegal, India, Ecuador, or Brazil with an organization called Global Citizen Year. I will live in a rural village (nooooo facebook) and work on either public health, micro finance, economic development, or education. (I know this sounds hazy, more details to come in the next few months). I think I chose to take a bridge year for two reasons- 1) On a personal note, I felt burnt out and wanted a year to re-fall in love with the world and just explore, challenge myself, and learn what you can't find out about in a textbook. I'M REALLY EXCITED TO DANCE WITH VILLAGERS!!! 2) On a more intellectual note, I felt really discontent with the lack of western perspective available and I want to understand local interest/need before working on a more academic level to solve poverty and development issues. So....that pretty much covers it! Global Citizen Year Fellow 2013 and Yale Class of 2017. Come visit me, read my blog, and still update me on your lives. YAY BK.

18 The Many Faces of Allison Van Wye Love, Leah

19 A Letter From the Editor Hey BK! I want to thank all the girls for helping me with this paper. I could not have done it without you! I love you all. After uncountable hours working on this issue of the Squashed Banana, I am pretty satisfied, so I hope you are, too! Thanks again for another successful issue! With Undying Love for this issue of the Squashed Banana, and the Beautiful girls of Beth Kadima BBG #639, I remain, Rebecca Jamie Godfrey

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