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HPH Summer School Promoting a Healthy Worksplace Professor Hanne Tønnesen MD PhD CEO Clinical Health Promoting Centre – WHO-CC for Evidence-based Health.

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1 HPH Summer School Promoting a Healthy Worksplace Professor Hanne Tønnesen MD PhD CEO Clinical Health Promoting Centre – WHO-CC for Evidence-based Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Services

2 WHO-CC Copenhagen would like to thank HPH Network of Sweden, all HPH members and Sahlgrenska Akademin The Teachers The participants 2013

3 Scientific Society for Clin HP

4 WHO-CC support countries to: Implement WHO principles for HP Use HP strategies and standards Create further evidence Teach and train staff in EB HP Implement best EB practice for HP WHO: Terms of references

5 Best Evidence-Based HP Includes three parts Patient preference Staff expertise Best Evidence (Sackett, DL, Strauss SE, Richardson WS et al. Evidence-based medicine. Churcill Livingstone 2000)

6 Teaching & Training WHO Schools PhD Courses Physicians Diploma Nurses Pre-graduate Courses New Master in Clinical Health Promotion Evaluation Project

7 International Network for HPH & HS A Network of N/R Networks Working together to reorienting H&HS towards better health gain by integrating HP in all aspects Established by WHO in 1995 and aimed at patients, staff and community (Ottawa Charter 1986, and Vienna Rec. 1997) HPH

8 Visions & Values of Health Promotion Ottawa Charter, Budapest Declaration, Vienna Recom Core strategies to put HP into action Clinical guidelines Standards & Indicators Monitoring & Reimburse- ment (DRG) Education Pyramid of Implementation HPH

9 Lectures, chairs and facilitators They are highly qualified health professionals and experts –Randi Beier-Holgersen –Thordis Thomsen –Julie Weber Egholm –Thor Bern Jensen They all contribute to the Summer School at no cost

10 We hope that you will Take active part in the Summer School Become familiar with HPH Recognition Process Ask questions and discuss Make your own network within the School Spend a good time in Turku, Finland Give us inspiration for subjects, content and form for the upcoming Summer Schools Use your new knowledge at home

11 Program of today –Welcome, Presentation of participants, relation to HPH work, expectations –Policy and Advocacy –Workshop and Plenary discussion Lunch –Making a teaching Curriculum –Workshop and Plenary discussion Teachers Hanne Tønnesen, Randi Beier-Holgersen Thor Bern Jensen

12 Program –Teaching and training of staff members on Health promoting activities –Workshop and Plenary discussion –Certificates & Closure Teachers Thordis Thomsen, Julie Weber Egholm & Thor Bern Jensen Tuesday

13 Policy and Advocacy Hanne Tønnesen Thor Bern Jensen

14 Guiding principles for standards developement Health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation are quality issues. Standards and Indicators are needed for the assessment of goal-achievement. Policies and principles must result in clinical programs and guidelines. Standards must be understandable, relevant and based on evidence.

15 ISQUA ALPHA programme for development of standards

16 16 The organization has a written policy for health promotion. The policy is implemented as part of the overall organization quality improvement system, aiming at improving health outcomes. This policy is aimed at patients, relatives and staff. Objective

17 17 The organization ensures that health professionals, in partnership with patients, systematically assess needs for health promotion activities. Objective

18 18 The organization provides patients with information on significant factors concerning their disease or health condition and health promotion interventions are established in all patient pathways. Objective

19 19 The management establishes conditions for the development of the hospital as a healthy workplace. Objective

20 20 The organization has a planned approach to collaboration with other health service levels and other institutions and sectors on an ongoing basis. Objective


22 22 5 Standards 13Substandards 40Measurable elements 18Indicators

23 23 Combining standards & indicators Combining standards and indicators

24 First things First Develop a health promotion policy that include staff, patients and the community Staff has a double role: 1.Deliver HP to the patients and community 2.Role model (even though we do not want to be) 3.Own health –Growing pressures on health care staff

25 Organisational HPH approaches 1. Ad hoc health promotion projects 2.Delegated to a specific division, department or staff member 3.Integrated health promotion program that involves the entire institution (limited to actions within the institution) 4.Combination of the institutional approach (# 3) with actions and partnerships with the community

26 Content of Policy Title Preamble Aim and Scope Responsibilities Definitions Means Links with other internal policies See check-list on page 22 in Guide to Develop a HP Policy

27 Case: You are a group of directors of a new hospital for cancer patients. For many years, the regional cancer treatment has been full of flaws. A long waiting list already exists, and several patients have died while being waiting for their treatment. As the directors, you are responsible for improving the treatment and reducing the waiting list within the next 3 months. The politicians expect fast results. Some of your staff (nurses and doctors) has recommended a membership of the International HPH Network, which requires the development of a Health Promotion Policy.

28 Questions to discuss in groups: What are the pros and cons in the present situation? What will you decide? How will you continue from here?

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