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4/28/20151 Presented by: Frank Sanchez. 4/28/20152 What is Regeneration Ministries ? “A Dynamic Biblically Based Program that Reveals the Connection between.

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1 4/28/20151 Presented by: Frank Sanchez

2 4/28/20152 What is Regeneration Ministries ? “A Dynamic Biblically Based Program that Reveals the Connection between the 12 Steps of Recovery and our Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ” “A Christ Centered 12 Step Recovery Program / Process to help people with Dysfunctional Behaviors and Addiction”

3 4/28/20153 Objectives of the Process  Lift Jesus up so that People will be Drawn to Him  Method to Help Improve Church Members Personal Relationship with the Lord  Introduce Jesus as HP to Non Churched people involved in Secular 12 Step Recovery  Develop Relationship with Newcomers praying they will Surrender to Jesus, Request Bible Study, Realize Present Truth and Become Baptized

4 4/28/20154 Is There a Need in Our Church?  We Long for the Return of Our Savior and this program as well as many others we pray will Hasten that Return  People within the Church and their Loved ones with such problems need this safe place  The message presented by E. G White and our Church works in Harmony with 12 steps  Specific Articles will be presented

5 4/28/20155 Resources Available to Your Church  Regeneration Awareness Sabbath program conducted by FS & others at Your Church (Flyers and Hand Outs)  Regeneration Certification Seminars 3-5 Days  Regeneration Training Manual (Adventist Resources), Serenity 12 Step Study Bible (Nelson Publishing), etc.  Certified Regeneration Facilitators within Ministry

6 4/28/20156 Regeneration Awareness Sabbath  Coordinators Sermon to Lift Jesus up by Witnessing of Personal Recovery and Connection to 12 Steps as well as Basic Process of Regeneration Program 2Cor 12:8- 10, Rev: 3 and 14, 1JN 1, Eph 2, 1Cor 5  Pot Luck  Two (2) Hour Seminar Explaining 12 Steps and Biblical Basis, 12 Traditions, Powerlessness List, Setting Up Group and Conducting Meetings, Resources, Core Group Interest (Handout), Questions / Answers and Prayer (can do this without doing sermon)

7 4/28/20157 Regeneration Awareness Sabbath What do we mean by Powerlessness ? Body-Craving (Fill the Hole) Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, Coffee, Gossip, Gambling, Food, Sugar, Sex, Work, Possessions, Religion, TV, Computer, Telephone, Exercise, Reading, Hobbies, Education, Tattoos, Sleeping, Money, Material Goods, People, Places Mind-Mental Obsession (Root of Addiction) (Deeper Disorder) Anger, Pity, Depression, Worry, Jealousy, Anxiety, Revenge, Isolation, Arrogance, EGO, Fear, Inconsideration, Hatred, Pride, Vanity, Procrastination, Sports, Self Centeredness, Loneliness, Needy, Remorse, Loss of Control, Approval, Possessiveness, Sexism, Abuse, Envy, Self Reliance, Bigotry, Intolerance, Conceit, Co- Dependency, Dishonesty, Stubborn, Withdrawn, Judgmental, Disagreeable, Tense, Irresponsible, Complacent, Suspicous, Domineering, Unreasonable, Lazy, Ungrateful

8 4/28/20158 Regeneration Awareness Sabbath Example Awareness Sabbath Presentation Meeting Agenda Regeneration Credo Christ Centered 12 Steps Christ Centered Traditions Promises General Meeting Information Example Meeting Topics

9 4/28/20159 Regeneration Awareness Sabbath Some Churches where Awareness Days Have Been Conducted Anderson,SC-Atlanta North & South-Belvedere-Brunswick- NASOCA Pines-Southern & Collegedale-Concord,NC-Salisbury,NC Dalton,Ga-Greenville,SC-Greensboro,NC-Jacksonville,Fl-Jasper,Tn- Knoxville,Tn-Lenoir City,Tn-McMinville,Tn-Murfreesboro,Tn-New Covenant&Savannah,Ga-Beauford,SC-Oglethorpe,Ga-Ft Oglethorpe,Tn-Ooltewah,Tn-Pikeville,Tn-Spartanburg,SC- Statesboro,Ga-Tryon,NC-Valdosta,Ga-Waycross,Ga- Waynesville,NC-Woodruff,SC-Winter Springs,Fl- Dallas City Temple, St Augustine, Fl, Westbury, NY, Travelers Rest, SC, Kings Mountain, NC, Canada, California, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC Scheduled Awareness Days Ft Meyers, Fl, Andrews University,

10 4/28/ Regeneration Certification Seminars Hey Hal ! Certification Orlando Health Summit each February GCC Regeneration Southern Adventist University GCC Regeneration Belvedere SDA Church, Atlanta Ga GCC Regeneration Macon SDA Church, Macon, Ga Regeneration Certification in Canada

11 4/28/ Reference Material Used In Ministry Bible and Serenity Study Bible Ellen White Writings (STC, Temp, MH, etc. Regeneration Manual 12 Steps for Christians AA Material (Big Book, 12 and 12, etc.) Christian 12 Step Study Guides

12 4/28/201512

13 4/28/201513

14 4/28/ Regeneration Contacts Rene , David Becky X 338, E W X 331 Randi , Judy Raye Bill

15 4/28/ Communication Newsletter sent by Georgia Cumberland Conference NAD Publications and Web Page Recovery Publications Local News

16 4/28/ Some Christ Centered Support Groups

17 4/28/ Are We Ready to Start a Ministry? (4 M Check) Is Motive Right (Lift Jesus Up to Draw People to Him Is Moment Right (Last Days, Latter Rain) Men and WoMen Prepared (David had Bear and Lion, we are over comers by the blood of the Lamb) Is Method Correct (12 steps are affirmed by the Bible (Christ's Method)

18 4/28/ Next Steps NAD Health Summit, Orlando 1/08 Schedule an Awareness Sabbath (see Frank or call , see Ray N ) More intense Training Initiate Christ Centered Groups located Independently of Churches or Secular 12 step Meeting Places “12 Steps with Jesus Ministries” Establish Resources to Accomplish Setting Up these Independent Groups Follow Existing Presentation Method to Encourage Attendance and Leaders

19 4/28/ Next Steps Terry A. member of Kings Mountain, NC “12 Steps with Jesus Ministry” (left) Greenville, SC Regeneration Meeting on Step 2. There were 14 Greenville group members in attendance (2 shown with Terry)

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