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WHERE HAVE WE BEEN? WHERE WOULD WE LIKE TO GO? North Shore Hebrew Academy General Studies Goals for the 2011 – 2012 School Year.

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1 WHERE HAVE WE BEEN? WHERE WOULD WE LIKE TO GO? North Shore Hebrew Academy General Studies Goals for the 2011 – 2012 School Year

2 How did we do last year? Test scores – grades 3,4,5, 6, and 8 Achievements of 2010 -2011

3 Standardized Test Results ELA Grade 3 NSHA 1(2%) 2(15%) 3(77%) 4(3%) Pass 80% JFK 1(7%) 2(25%) 3(59%) 4(9%) Pass 68% Math NSHA 1(0%) 2(25%) 3(53%) 4(22%)Pass 75% JFK 1(4%) 2(22%) 3(48%) 4(27%)Pass 74% * Passing = 3s and 4s combined

4 Standardized Test Results ELA Grade 4 NSHA 1 (0%) 2(25%) 3(70%) 4(5%)Pass 75% Gr 3 1(09-10) (12%) 2(28%) 3(45%) 4(15%) Pass 70% JFK 1(5%) 2(28%) 3(65%) 4(2%) Pass 67% Math Grade 4 NSHA1(0%) 2(16%) 3(48%) 4(37%) Pass 84% Gr.3 1(2%) 2(17%) 3(45%) 4(37%) Pass 82% JFK 1(1%) 2(17%) 3(33%) 4(49%) Pass 82%

5 Standardized Test Results Grade 5 Math (10 – 11) NSHA 1(0%) 2(11%) 3(50%) 4(39%) Pass 89% JFK 1(0%) 2(13%) 3 (34%) 4(52%) Pass 86%

6 Standardized Test Results ELA Grade 6 NSHA 1 (1%) 2(34%) 3(64%) 4(1%) Pass 65% NMS 1(2%) 2(24%) 3(68%) 4(6%) Pass74% Math Grade 6 NSHA 1 (0%) 2(10%) 3(44%) 4(45%) Pass 90% NMS 1 (3%) 2(16%) 3(48%) 4(34%) Pass 82% NMS = North Middle School

7 Standardized Test Results ELA Grade 8 NSHA 1(0%) 2(13%) 3(85%) 4(2%) Pass 87% NMS 1(2%) 2(25%) 3(70%) 4(3%) Pass 73% Math Grade 8 NSHA 1(0%) 2(0%) 3(49%) 4(51%) Pass 100% NMS 1(3%) 2(12%) 3(52%) 4(33%) Pass 86%

8 Standardized Test Results Science Grade 4 (09 -10) 1 (0%) 2 (2%) 3 (45%) 4 (54%) Pass 98% Social Studies Grade 8 (09 – 10) 1 (0%) 2(3%) 3(58%) 4 (39%) Pass 97%

9 2010 – 2011 Achievements Full implementation of Reading Program Reports to parents on reading levels three times a year Implementation of NY State math standards in all grades Opening of new Library Media Center at Old Mill No district rejections for students with special needs due to our careful RTI process Improved Science fair Increased computer instruction and student competence Additional math enrichment and writing opportunities Increased academic support for children

10 Achievements (continued) Introduction of Smart Boards in grade 3 and scientific and graphing calculators in grades 6- 8 Writing boot camp in grade 6 and individual writing conferences for all middle school students Improved summer reading program and a summer reading program at Camp N’Shama Exciting competitions including NSHA Cookbook, Crazy Hat Day, Lego Day, and Geography bee Improved mixing and socialization of students Highly effective Child Study Teams and support services Many trips, speakers, and special events

11 Where Do We Want To Go? 2011-2012 GOALS

12 Goal 1: To Improve Academic Achievement at All Levels  To match or exceed the Great Neck Public Schools on State ELA and Math tests in grades 3, 4, 6, and 8, and improve at level four  To improve all student reading levels from September to June in grades 1 - 5  To once again have 85% of all students grades 5 and 8 achieve mastery level on the computer competency checklist

13 Goal 1 (continued) To improve writing skills across the grades especially in grades 3, 5 and 6 To continue to encourage independent reading at all levels To improve student research skills To revise our Science Fair with a focus on group projects in grade 6 and individual projects in grade 7

14 Goal 2: To Continue to Develop Instructional Initiatives Across the Grades and Curriculum Expand and improve the Reading Workshop program grades K - 5 Integrate our Reading Program with the Kindergarten Refine our writing “boot camp” program in all 6 th grade English classes and follow up on last year’s pilot program in 7 th grade Continue individualized writing conferences for all middle school students

15 GOAL 2 (continued) Continue Independent Reading Fridays and book groups with all middle school English classes Implement the “Writing Workshop” approach to our elementary writing program Continue to implement uniform math goals and objectives grades 1 – 5 with stress on fractions Develop a pull-out math enrichment program for all students grades 3 - 5 Articulate the 4 th and 5 th grade Social Studies curriculum

16 Goal 2 (Continued)  Expand the Social Studies research program to grades 6 and 7  Have one curriculum-linked assembly, trip, or special program for each grade 1 – 5  Review 7 th and 8 th grade science Honors programs  Build on our Summer Reading program at camp N’Shama  Update our selections for summer reading

17 Goal 2 (Continued) Discuss our policies and practices related to testing and grading at both Old Mill and Cherry Lane Implement new goals and objectives for elementary school science

18 Goal 3: To More Fully Integrate Technology as a Tool for Learning and Management of Information Implement our new DDC School Management System for teachers, parents and administrators Take best advantage of NSHA’s revised website Continue 85% competence for all 5 th and 8 th grade computer students on our computer competency checklists Make best use of our new library media center Pilot computer assisted instructional programs such as blended teaching and “flipped” lessons

19 Continue to improve SmartBoard use in all classes, library and computer labs Increase and improve lesson planning using Smart Software Further integrate the scientific calculator and graphing calculator to appropriate math classes

20 GOAL 4: To support the staff development interests and needs of the faculty and staff Support and mentor teachers and staff new to the Academy Support the role of our new math specialist and new district resource teacher Make best use of instructional time by reducing interruptions To bring in experts to address faculty staff development needs and interests, especially in implementing our writing and reading programs

21 Goal 4 (continued) To continue to arrange for faculty visitations to outstanding school programs and encourage participation in conferences and coursework To focus on how lesson plans evolve and are an invaluable tool for teachers To continue to support the changing role of the librarian, learning center, and technology teachers

22 Goal 4 (continued) To support the expanded role of the Assistant Principal at the Middle School To revise the budget process in order to give staff and administrators more input and accountability for the expenditure of instructional monies To work closely with the new Director of Finance to make best use of our financial resources To implement new plans for substitute coverage in Old Mill and Cherry Lane To continue to set and achieve goals with each member of the faculty

23 Goal 5: To promote the support of all students, especially those who are having academic difficulties or have special talents Expand the middle school advisory program to all grades To continue to minimize pull-out of students with special needs To continue push-in program in grades 3 and consider implementing in grade 4 for 2012-13 Increase teacher participation in the middle school Child Study Team To improve the nutrition of students and improve the quality of school lunches

24 GOAL 5 (continued ) Support our new Director of Food Services and conduct ongoing meetings with our Academy wellness committee Develop and support new extra and co-curricular opportunities for students (school play, new publications, contests, etc.) To develop programs for students who are especially talented or gifted Continue to focus on anti-bullying programs

25 Goal 5 (Continued) Reorganize Learning Center schedules Improve student behavior at recess and develop “time out” penalties that are effective

26 GOAL 6: To improve school- home and intra-school communications Increase parent participation in the progress of their children, especially through our new parent portal Continue our reach-out efforts to prospective parents Work with PTA to provide workshops to help parents Develop parent resources to support instructional initiatives To regularly and consistently keep parents posted about their children – no surprises

27 How do we get there? Set goals Collaborate Take chances Help each other out Praise good work Identify and fix what’s not working Have high expectations Enjoy the kids


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