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Book Review by: Jennifer Nau Real life Middle School Experiences A Must Read.

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1 Book Review by: Jennifer Nau Real life Middle School Experiences A Must Read

2 Main Characters: students from suburban Middle School in Columbia, Maryland Eric- smart student, just lazy Jackie-hated boys now obsesses over them Elizabeth- Chatter box that now always answering “Nothing” Lily- the girl just trying to fit in Jimmy- constantly changing physically, and wondering what comes next Mia- popular girl “What kind of student were you in middle school/junior high?”

3 Linda Perlstein Born in Milwaukee in 1971 Washington Post prize winning reporter 1984 graduate of Maple Dale Middle School in Milwaukee Lives in Washington D.C. Has three brother- (Steve: Chef, Rick: Writer, Ben: Rock Tour Manager)

4 How did she do it? Linda spent a year with middle school students observing their school and home life. Students were not intimidated by her because she opened up and shared personal stories with them about her life. She was not there to tattle on them as a teacher or parent.

5 Teenage Lingo NMJC-Not Much Just Chillin BFF- Best Friends Forever TTYL- Talk To You Later LYLAS- Love Ya Like A Sister WBS- Write Back Soon IDK- I Don’t Know BTW-By the way LOL-laugh out loud RUOK- Are you okKewl, Cya, Whassup, Don’t touch me, get out, nothing, leave me alone

6 Questions To Linda Perlstein Question -Is there one main thing you want people to take away for Not Much Just Chillin? Answer -”So many people say about kids this age, Their hormones are raging-there’s nothing we can do about them. It’s important for adults not to underestimate the amount of influence they still have over children during middle school…”

7 My Reflections I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it hard to put down at times. This book is so down to earth and tells you like it is. At times it is a little shocking and includes strong language. I can also guarantee that you or someone you know experienced these same feelings or issues during middle school.

8 I would highly recommend this book to teachers, parents and family members of middle school students. The content of this book focuses on students Social, Physical, Intellectual, Moral, and emotional changes they are going through at the middle school age. Teachers in the book seem to be approachable, patient, and flexible.

9 Reviews of Book “Linda has done a great service for education by spending a year with these boys and girls in their classrooms, and homes, and then eloquently chronicling their complicated lives.” Richard W. Riley “A fascinating window onto what goes on in the world and in the heads of middle schoolers. Linda Perlstein has a wonderful and compassionate way of presenting their poignant day to day stories. A truly valuable book.” Anthony E. Wolf Ph.D

10 What I learned! I had a really hard time subbing for middle school classes this year. I felt like the students had no respect for the teachers or fellow classmates. After taking EDCI 596 the first few weeks of summer my attitude about teaching middle school has totally changed. I read a book in that class also called, More Best Practices for Middle School Classrooms-What Award Winning Teachers Do by: Randi Stone. I realize now after reading both of these books that middle schoolers are only kids going through tremendous amounts of changes. I have learned to not take things personally as a teacher it is just a stage they are going through. Linda Perlstein’s book will open your eyes as it did mine to many real events that take place in students lives or heads during middle school. As a teacher I learned to sit back, take it all in and never say never. Be prepared as a teacher for any event that may take place, go through your day in strides one student at a time!

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