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State of the Neuroscience Program 2006-2007. Welcome! Directorate: Villu Maricq – Biology Richard Dorsky – Neurobiology & Anatomy Kristen Keefe – Pharm/Tox.

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1 State of the Neuroscience Program 2006-2007

2 Welcome! Directorate: Villu Maricq – Biology Richard Dorsky – Neurobiology & Anatomy Kristen Keefe – Pharm/Tox Josh Cameron – Zhang lab Arik Hone – Mc Intosh Lab Program Coordinator: Tracy Marble

3 Recruitment/Admissions Sabine Fuhrmann Admissions Committee: Alessandra Angelucci (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences) Jeanne Frederick (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences) Sabine Fuhrmann (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences) Bradley Greger (Bioengineering) Ray Kesner (Psychology) Shannon Odelberg (Cardiology) Gary Rose (Biology) Fred Federer (Angelucci lab), James Anderson (Marc Lab), Sean Flynn (White Lab) Shushruth (Angelucci lab) Andrew Zayachkivsky (Dudek Lab)

4 Recruitment/Admissions Sabine Fuhrmann Update on recruitment efforts: We reviewed 104 applications (71 international) We interviewed 23 applicants (7 international) We made 17 offers 8 have accepted (2 international) 1 MD/PhD joined the program: Robert Duncan (University of Oregon) Eerik Elias (New Mexico Tech) Olena Filchakova (intern., Kharkiv National Karazin U., Ukraine ) Eli Iacob (University of Michigan) Shaili Johri (intern., University of Baroda, India) Rebecca Parker (University of Utah) Andrea Schwager (Drake University) Elliott Smith (University of Washington) James Tucker(Lewis and Clark College) *MD/PhD

5 Recruitment/Admissions Sabine Fuhrmann Events of the primary Recruitment Day: Morning interviews occurred in the new Moran Building. Poster session during Reception in the evening. General: We need a replacement for a recruitment chair (identify opportunities to contact US and minority undergraduates in colleges and universities, attend career day events for undergrads, coordination with admissions chair). Neuroscience Program info has been added to mbio /biol chem. Mailer.

6 Curriculum Monica Vetter Thanks to a dedicated curriculum committee: Franz Goller, Ed Dudek, Greg Clark, Steve White (stepping down), Alessandra Angelucci, Karen Wilcox, Crystal Sigulinsky, Kerry-Ann Stewart

7 Curriculum Monica Vetter Overall, the classes have been quite successful, so no major changes are planned. Thank you to all of our course directors for a very successful year of classes: Greg Clark, Tom Parks, Rich Dorsky, Alan Light, Ed Dudek, Shannon Odelberg, Mary Lucero

8 Curriculum - Major changes Qualifying exam: We now require 2 preproposals/abstracts rather than 3. Policies and Procedures being updated now. We are planning to implement standardized online course evaluations for all Neuroscience classes using the MBM system. I will meet with the course directors to develop a template this summer. We have drafted guidelines/requirements for MD/PhD students wishing to earn their PhD in a Neuroscience lab. These guidelines will be added to the Policies and Procedures.

9 Curriculum - Major changes Franz Goller will assume the role of Chair of the Curriculum Committee starting January 1, 2008 Thank you Franz!

10 Student Advising Richard Dorsky Roles of Student Advisor: Rotations Thesis labs Other issues Protocol for Student Problems: 1st year: See Student Advisor 2nd year and beyond: PI Thesis committee Student Advisor

11 Seminar Committee Bradley Greger Student members of seminar committee Katherine Zukor Matt Reidy Eric Bend Priyanka Pandit Michelle Stamm Renee Kruse Bend

12 Seminar Committee Bradley Greger 18 Sep 07Ege KavalaiU of TX 16 Oct 07 20 Nov 07 18 Dec 07 15 Jan 08Gord FishellNYU 19 Feb 08Mriganka SurMIT 18 Mar 08Paul GlimcherNYU 15 Apr 08Constance CepkoHarvard

13 Snowbird Symposium Alice Schmid First thanks to last year’s organizer, Kang Zhang This year’s theme: Regeneration and Neuroprotection in the CNS Suggested speakers are pioneers in Translational Research:

14 Neuroscience students visited several schools in SLC from March 13-18 We taught both elementary and high school students about brain anatomy, development, health, safety, etc. Kids were able to participate in a hands-on manner and were excited to learn! Brain Awareness Week BAW Committee: Sarah Farnsworth, Eric Veien, Sam Covington, Molly Dubray, John Gaynes, Vernon Twede, Randi Rawson

15 Juan Diego High School kids learning about neuroscience!

16 Students – Current status Mary Lucero StudentsEntered Program Left Program Complete Prelim Complete Proposal Defend Thesis GraduateTravel Award 1 st Year1010/9 2 nd Year930/6 3 rd Year606/62/61/6 scheduled 0/62 4 th Year927/75/70/7 1 5 th Year514/4 3/4 1 next wk 3/42 6 th Year422/2 0/2 1 7 th Year844/8 4/42/4

17 Students – Current status Mary Lucero 9 student-author publications in 2006-2007 Journals include: Neuron Cell Cycle Science J. Comp. Neurol., Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Vis Res J Int Neuropsychl Soc Int J Biol Sci

18 Grants/Awards to our students Mary Lucero Takahashi: Epilepsy Foundation of America pre-doctoral fellowship Jobson: International New Venture Championship, Runner Up 2005; Utah Entrepreneurial Challenge, 1st place 2005; University of Utah Opportunity Quest 2nd place 2004 (all above with a Lassonde Center business we developed and named Wasatch Microfluidics) Gribble: Genetics Training Grant Veien: Genetics Training Grant Cameron: Travel awards: National Eye Institute Travel Grant, ARVO; and Young Investigators Award, XIIth International Symposium on Retinal Degeneration; University TA Scholar, University of Utah 2005-06. Federer: CSHL course Shushruth: CSHL course

19 Students Mary Lucero Current status of the Neuroscience Training Grant: The grant just completed first of five years Renee Bend John Gaynes Gretchen Carr – on medical leave of absence James Anderson Molly DuBray Danielle Downey – on leave of absence

20 Training Grant Year 2 7 students selected for support in 07-08 First year students Rebecca Parker Eerik Elias Eli Iocob Second year students Eric Bend (Jorgensen Lab) Randi Rawson (Jorgensen Lab) Renee Bend (Chien Lab) Vernon Tweede (Olivera Lab)

21 Administration Mary Lucero Guaranteed support for 12 stipends Allows support for 2 years MBM Dollars to follow students in med school labs to their departments This makes us now on par with Mol Bio and Medicinal Chemistry

22 Faculty Mary Lucero New Faculty in the past 3 years: Ed Dudek Physiology Kim Statler Pediatrics Evan Riddle Pharmacology/Toxicology Steve Bealer Pharmacology/Toxicology Kuby Balagurunathan Medicinal Chemistry Bradley Greger Bioengineering Jason Watson Psychology Kang Zhang Ophthalmology Alice Schmid Human Genetics Yukio Saijoh Neurobiology & Anatomy

23 Faculty Mary Lucero Faculty Service #Faculty in the program74 #Faculty serving on committees17 #Faculty teaching 28 #Faculty training students in their labs22 #Faculty having rotations/no teaching 7 Total 74 In reality ~ 35 active faculty

24 Questions, Comments, Suggestions

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