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Four-Year Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018. 2013-2014 Strategic Summit BQ (LEGAL) The Board shall ensure that a District improvement plan and improvement plans.

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1 Four-Year Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018

2 2013-2014 Strategic Summit BQ (LEGAL) The Board shall ensure that a District improvement plan and improvement plans for each campus are developed, reviewed, and revised annually for the purpose of improving the performance of all students. The Board shall annually approve District and campus performance objectives and shall ensure that the District and campus plans: 1. Are mutually supportive to accomplish the identified objectives; and 2. At a minimum, support the state goals and objectives under Education Code Chapter 4. BQ (LOCAL) The Board shall approve and periodically review the District’s mission and goals to improve student performance. The mission, goals, and the approved District and campus objectives shall be mutually supportive and shall support the state goals and objectives under Education Code, Chapter 4.

3 Facilitators Denise Collier, Ed.D. Karen G. Rue, Ed.D. Edward Chevallier, Ed.D. Rob Thornell, Ed.D. Coordinators Jerhea Nail, Communications Angela Scott, Superintendent’s Office Jennifer Carlisle, Superintendent’s Office 2013-2014 Strategic Summit

4 Strategic Summit Participants Business and CommunityParentsTeachersAdmin Linda Caram, AT&T Kristi Wade, Cisco Dennis Shingleton, City of Fort Worth Mayor Bob Golden, City of Haslet Scott Campbell, City of Roanoke Steve Hulsey, Corgan Architect Creston Woods, Deloitte University Scott Orr, Fidelity Investments Candy Slocum, Interlink Rebecca Freed, Council of PTAs Mayor Connie White, Town of Trophy Club Board Members Mel Fuller, President Josh Wright, Vice-President Judy Copp Mark Schluter Anne Davis-Simpson, Ph.D. Anthony Luedicke Matthew Edwards Brenda Hayes Tobi VanStory Melanie Etchieson Kristi Smith Amanda Bruner Kathleen Wilson Terri Jones Students Kaitlyn Dotson – BNHS Ethan Gindt – BNHS Ron McGriff – BNHS Luke Hall – NHS Emma Bayne – NHS Macie Grippin – NHS Savannah Cooper – NHS Peyton Elliott – SAHS Gary Keller Sarah Menn Brittany Harper Gwen Hilliard Stacy Miles Matthew Biles Holly Duesterheft Christy Buce Lyndsie Smith Linda Melbourn Che Williams Kayla Gentry Randi Ann Kula Nicole Wallis Principals Mike Blankenship Jason Childress Robin Ellis Deborah McCune Linda Parker Michelle Pawski Todd Rodgers Cathy Sager Jofee’ Tremain Mehran Aghili Adam Bennett Cindy Brown Karla Burkholder Emily Conklin Linda Denning Damon Edwards Susan Elza Gary Gindt Jon Graswich Sunni Johnson Kevin Lacefield Dennis McCreary Tony Neely Rory Peacock Kitty Poehler Carl Shawn Rob Thornell

5 Strategic Planning NISD plans –Five-year strategic and operational plan 2001 - 2006 –Four-year strategic plan 2006 – 2010 –Four-year strategic plan 2010 – 2014 –Next four-year strategic plan 2014 – 2018 Common themes run through all –Student success –Curriculum alignment –Community and parent participation and partnership –Safety –The learning environment –Extended use of technology –Quality staff –Student centered Prior plans have been successful at moving the District forward

6 The Pathway to Planning Success Our CORE BELIEFS lead us to a VISION of the ideal or our preferred future. Our VISION causes us to consider our MISSION to bring the VISION to reality. Our MISSION is about purpose, it is the answer to the question, “Why do we exist as a learning organization?” We will achieve this MISSION, our purpose for existence, through our strategic OPERATIONAL GOALS.

7 Future Focused What are the most important changes in the last 13 years? What are the skills our kids need to succeed? What does success look like for Northwest ISD students in 2026? What are our priorities?

8 Future-Ready Learners We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist... using technologies that haven’t been invented... in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet. David Warlick – Connect Learning blog

9 Future Focused Northwest ISD is and must be… A transformed environment for student learning and performance where creativity, imagination, and innovation are required and expected.

10 Future Focused Common VISION and MISSION Grounded in our CORE BELIEFS Clear Expectations with our Strategic Goals Understood, Endorsed, Lived, and Reinforced by our Community, Parents, Staff, and Students

11 Recommendations Mayor Bob Golden Kristie Wade, Parent/Business Member Gwen Hilliard, Teacher Students (click)

12 Core Beliefs We believe that: Kids come first Continuous improvement is (critical) essential for future success (of the Northwest Independent School District.) The success of each student is the shared responsibility of students, families, schools, and community Environment influences learning

13 VISION Northwest ISD The best and most sought-after school district where every student is future ready: Ready for college Ready for the global workplace Ready for personal success

14 Mission Northwest ISD, in partnership with parents and community, will (provide) engage all students in a premier education preparing them to be successful, productive citizens.

15 Operational Goals Goal I Northwest ISD will (provide premier programs) design dynamic learning experiences to ensure that all students are (successful) future-ready learners.

16 Operational Goals Goal II Northwest ISD will recruit, develop, retain, and recognize an exceptional, highly motivated staff to optimize student engagement and learning.

17 Operational Goals Goal III Northwest ISD will (provide) communicate in a timely, open (communication) manner and engage parents and (positive parental) community members in positive partnership opportunities in our schools.

18 Operational Goals Goal IV Northwest ISD will provide premier facilities and support systems that enhance a positive learning environment and foster student and community pride.

19 Operational Goals Goal V Northwest ISD will invest resources to ensure that students, parents, and the community receive optimal educational services.

20 Targeted Objectives Goal I – Targeted Objective A (Develop) Design and implement curriculum that (addresses) incorporates the learning requirements of future-ready students as identified by (The Partnership for 21 st Century Skills.) the NISD Profile of a Graduate. Goal I – Targeted Objective B Transform the learning environment through choice, relevance, and engagement. (and choice.) Goal I – Targeted Objective C Advance collaboration, creativity, imagination, and innovation through differentiation and multi-dimensional learning. Goal I – Targeted Objective D Provide personalized anywhere/anytime learning (using tools and resources available for a 24/7 environment.) through the integration of evolving digital resources. Goal I – Targeted Objective E Facilitate healthy life choices to advance student health, productivity, and well-being.

21 Targeted Objectives Goal II – Targeted Objective A Promote a climate and culture within Northwest ISD (that maximizes) to ensure that actions align to the core beliefs and vision of the District. Goal II– Targeted Objective B Recognize excellence by rewarding efforts that are successful reflections of the District's mission and goals. Goal II – Targeted Objective C Develop a wellness program designed to improve employee health, productivity, and well-being. Goal II – Targeted Objective D Reward continued service to the District and profession through a salary structure that is competitive and that serves as a recruiting tool. Goal II – Targeted Objective E Expand comprehensive professional learning systems that remain responsive to the needs of future-ready learners.

22 Targeted Objectives Goal III – Targeted Objective A Engage parents as partners to create a shared ownership of established and emerging cultures to enhance the learning of students. Goal III – Targeted Objective B Increase community connections and relationships that positively contribute to the academic and social success of students. Goal III– Targeted Objective C Engage in open dialogue and information sharing between the District and the greater Northwest community. Goal III – Targeted Objective D Brand Northwest ISD to promote an identity that is immediately recognizable and conveys connection and pride in the school district and its schools.

23 Targeted Objectives Goal IV – Targeted Objective A Ensure safe, comfortable, and secure facilities by evaluating, making modifications, and incorporating the latest innovations in student safety, custodial services, transportation services, and student management. Goal IV – Targeted Objective B Provide clean, safe, efficient, and effective instructional environments through proactive maintenance and custodial services. Goal IV– Targeted Objective C Provide relevant technology resources to optimize District operations and student learning. Goal IV – Targeted Objective D Conserve energy, reduce waste, and promote environmental stewardship among staff and students. Goal IV – Targeted Objective E Meet fast-growth needs through a dynamic Long-Range Facility Plan that anticipates and prepares for enrollment gains.

24 Targeted Objectives Goal V – Targeted Objective A Ensure an instructionally-driven budget process aligned with the Strategic Plan. Goal V – Targeted Objective B Provide relevant policy, regulatory, evaluation, finance, and student information systems ensuring organizational efficiencies. Goal V– Targeted Objective C Deliver excellence in financial management. Goal V – Targeted Objective D Investigate and secure funding and resources to augment the District Mission.

25 Next Steps February 24, 2014 – Board action on proposed Strategic Plan Communicate – 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan June 2014 – Review 2013 – 2014 DIP August 2014 – Discussion and Board Action on 2014 – 2015 DIP

26 Four-Year Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018

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