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Module 5 Duties and Responsibilities

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1 Module 5 Duties and Responsibilities

2 Objectives How to set up a waste records and tracking system
Health and Safety implications How to obtain buy-in and input from staff Training and communication – importance and delivery

3 (1) Waste Management Record-keeping
Good system of recordkeeping is essential to prove legislative compliance Ten step Waste Management System process should facilitate record keeping and legislative compliance

4 (2)Record-keeping and Accountability – Setting up a Waste Database
Maintain a list of all your waste/recycling contractors (All who remove waste, small & large contractors - IT/WEEE, Lab equipment, Sanitary Waste) Compile a list of wastes that contractors take from your facility (Request EWC codes, descriptions & lists) Obtain a price schedule (Each waste stream, penalties, discounts, lift charges, bins, skips etc) Obtain a list of vehicle registration numbers (Of vehicles which will be collection from your premises) Waste Collection permits (Issued by local auth) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

5 (2)Record-keeping and Accountability – Setting up a Waste Database
Waste Facility details (Final destination of your material, copy of waste licence or waste facility permit) Waste Documentation (Appropriate docs. for very load, Retain all copies on file. Validation (Monthly data for invoices & performance monitoring, reporting etc. Monitor Waste Collections (compare costs with service provided for collection, weights, prices quoted and recycling diversion Audits (Annual audition of contractors facilities and own facilities, Highlight potential problems and positive issues Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10

6 (1) Waste Management Record-keeping
It is vitally important to maintain records of all wastes (Healthcare risk and non-risk) taken off site and their final destination as the waste producer is responsible for waste materials from the “cradle to the grave”. Date Collected Time Collected Type of Waste Waste Managment Contractor Vechicle registration Number Facility where waste will be taken Waste managers Signature Collector Signature 13/07/07 09:05 Mixed ABC Waste 99D1234 DEF landfill J.Bloggs P.Smith

7 (2) Health and Safety Requirements of Waste Management

8 2.1 Health & Safety Issues in Dealing with Healthcare Risk Waste
Healthcare employers have responsibilities to employees in relation to the management and handling of healthcare waste under general Health & Safety legislation and under ADR (The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) Requirement to assess risks in the workplace Make every effort to reduce and eliminate such risks Obliged to equip and train personnel to deal with hazards

9 (3) Communicating with Staff
Communication is imperative for the effective implementation of the healthcare waste management plan. If staff do not understand the process or the purpose of the process then it is unlikely that the management plan will be implemented. It is necessary to ensure that they are aware of which streams are to be recycled and that they are correctly segregating the waste. Place posters with the appropriate information about segregation etc over the bins, and on internal staff notice boards. Use internal system is in place use it to communicate with staff to remind about bin collection days, and to tell them when certain waste management goals have been achieved. Recycling rates should be displayed on internal notice boards to keep morale high.


11 (3) Communicating with Staff
Communication is a two-way process The Waste Manager in the facility should listen to staff, about any queries or ideas they may have. Some staff in your facility may be quite “clued in” and may have some good ideas to help the facility recycle more. Feedback is a useful tool to assess whether or not the waste management system is working in practice. Any issues with the system or its implementation should be encouraged to be highlighted with the Waste Manager.

12 End of Module 5

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