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CalRIN k California Recycling Information Network Bruce Olszewski.

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1 CalRIN k California Recycling Information Network Bruce Olszewski

2 Overview Population projection Increase waste generation Current waste issues California Recycling Information Network (CalRIN) CalRIN goals

3 CALIFORNIA NET POPULATION PROJECTIONS Department of Finance Demographic Research Unit. Population HistoryFuture Population Projections

4 Population Growth & Waste Generation Integrated Waste Management Board More materials are being managed with an increasing population

5 Current Waste Issues California creates 76 million tons of waste annually, less than 50% is diverted from landfill IWM Act - Requires California diversion rate to exceed 50% 58 counties in California, 37 do not have recycling information hotline

6 California Recycling Information Network (CalRIN) Information network database for recycle, reuse, and donation centers that service all of California using: State wide 1-800 number Email Website Fax

7 Data Management Collection for recycling, reuse, and donations will be disseminated, but not limited, for public use

8 Data Management (Continue)

9 CalRIN Goals/Purpose Increase diversion rates from landfill Encourage recycling and reuse Promote economic activity in local areas Generate awareness of recyclables Create changes in consumer attitudes about recycling Establishment of Recycling Information Centers (RIC) for local community and government recycling programs Service learning opportunities for college students (Future professionals)




13 Phased Implementation (1st year) Development(2nd year) Establishment of Network (3rd year) Performance Review(4th year) Maintenance

14 Funds & Service Flow Chart Cal-EPA SJSUF (Fiscal agent) RIC Board of Directors RIC County CalRIN RIC

15 Returns on investment of CalRIN will lead to new job markets and create more economic revenue

16 More Information? (408) 924-5350

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