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Group purpose Building the competence of the waste and recycling industry to improve health & safety performance.

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2 Group purpose Building the competence of the waste and recycling industry to improve health & safety performance.

3 Aims : To increase workforce competence based on the principle of Health and Safety First. To promote ownership of the principles of Health and Safety First including risk. To promote sensible and proportionate risk management.

4 Objectives 1.Definitions to be developed for competence, skills and training. This will include developing and publishing guidance on how ‘competence’ can be defined and understood in the context of the waste and recycling industry. 2. Develop and publish case studies and real life examples of the positive impact of improved workforce competence, including examples of industry best practice and the potential business benefits. 3. Identify and share best practice on competence schemes across the industry and in other sectors (e.g., through the case studies and examples)

5 Why WISH ?








13 What is Competence ? Technical Competency Behavioural Competencies Performance Monitoring and Managing Personal Development CPD

14 Competence Competence : the ability of an individual to do a job properly The combination of practical and theoretical knowledge cognitive skills behaviour and values used to improve performance; Competency : a set of defined behaviours that provide a structured guide enabling the identification, evaluation and development of the behaviours in individual employees.

15 KnowledgeSkillsExperience Competence

16 Behavioural Competencies Understanding the employer Customer focus Making things happen Developing self and others Innovation and Change Communication and Listening Relationships

17 Continual Development … Performance Monitoring and Managing Supervision Appraisals Performance Targets 1:1 Reward and Recognition Human Behaviour (HSG 48) Personal Development QCF/ VQs Formal Training Toolbox Talks

18 Health and Safety Competence A competent person can show they have skills knowledge, experience, and authority to enable them to:- Understand potential hazards related to their work or equipment provided Safely carry out their duties Identify defects/ faults or omissions in the work procedure or equipment, recognise any implications for health and safety and specify remedial action to mitigate these.

19 Consider -Managing For Health and Safety HSG65 Plan – Determine your standards, both technical and behavioural Do – Put measures and resource in place Check – Measure Performance, check effectiveness of training Act -Act on lessons learned, review and feed into personal development plans Define and communicate acceptable performance and resources needed Identify and assess risks/Identify controls/Record and maintain process safety knowledge Implement and manage control measures Measure and review performance/Learn from measurements and appraisals/monitoring

20 Stages in progression to competence Unconscious Incompetence – You don’t know what you don’t know. Conscious Incompetence – You are aware of what you don’t know. Conscious Competence – You know a new skill, but to perform it you have to concentrate on it. Unconscious Competence – You can perform your new skill without actively thinking about it.

21 Knowledge Knowledge covers familiarity, awareness or understanding gained through experience or study.

22 Skills Learned ability to carry our a task with predetermined results. Abilities that have been gained or developed through training and application.

23 Qualified Experience Experience is the result of a process of observing, encountering or doing something.

24 Health and safety training by sector

25 Support organisations and material WISH IOSH Waste Safety Group Dorset Action on Health and Safety (DASH) Local Authority Waste Safety Forum AVDC – Aylesbury Vale District Council. South Northamptonshire District Council

26 DASH programme Purpose Develop an industry specific H and S induction programme to meet the needs of waste and recycling operatives; Use this to educate, up-skill and eliminate bad practice and in turn reduce RIDDOR reported accidents and incidents; Deliver a county-wide health and safety induction training programme to all waste and recycling operatives; and Map the underpinning knowledge and practical elements of the induction to the WAMITAB vocational qualifications to provide an entree into further training progression and to make it attractive to a wider geographic audience

27 DASH A Resource Section 1 – H&S Law Section 2 – Safe collection of Refuse and Recycling Section 3 – Safety Features on RCV’s/Compaction and lifting equipment Section 4 – Safe working at Landfill, Transfer Stations and on rounds Section 5 – Reversing Assistant Training Section 6 – Manual Handling Section 7 – Accident/Incident/Near Miss Reporting & RIDDOR

28 Key elements of a strategy TrainingSkillsKnowledgeExperience Behaviour and attitude Supervision Competence

29 Organisational culture of H&S training and competence: Culture: Positive – Negative - Indifferent? “the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of an organisation “ “how we get things done round here!” “how we think, feel and deal with health and safety training in our organisation”

30 Organisations need a +ve culture of H&S training and competence Operatives Manager’s Supervisor’s Agency engaged staff Team Leader Admin staff ……………..all staff

31 Thank you Next steps Chris James WAMITAB (Chair) Denise McGlynn EU Skills Fiona Craig Zero Waste Scotland Dave Thomas Aylesbury Vale District Council Dave Humphriss - Castle Environmental Joe Taylor IOSH Steve Parfitt Mentor Training Sheeraz Talib, IOSH The WISH Competence Group are: Contact Participate in the workshop! Join the group!

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