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Create the Future You Want An Empowering Partnership 1 Presented By: Jim Bowser Dave McLaughlin Bruce Haber.

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1 Create the Future You Want An Empowering Partnership 1 Presented By: Jim Bowser Dave McLaughlin Bruce Haber

2 Today’s Agenda  Emerging Challenges facing organizations  Desired Business Outcomes  Environmental Impact  Choosing the Best Partner  Scanning & Document Capture  Electronic Document Management  Mobile Printing  How Ricoh Can Help –Document Capture, Process, Routing & Output Cost Recovery –IT Services (Network Monitoring, Firewall, Backup & Recovery. –Copy, Print, Scan, Projection & VoIP Phone Systems Video Conferencing Hardware

3 Emerging Challenges & Desired Business Outcomes Create the Future You Want

4 Emerging Challenges Economic — Growth, efficiency, cost control Information — Manage new flood of data, information IT Upheaval — Cloud computing, security Workforce — Retiring knowledge, incoming Gen-Y Create the Future You Want

5 Economic Challenges  Drive cost-effective growth  Manage pressures on margin, revenue  Control escalating costs  Discover new efficiencies to reduce expense  Expand into new markets 5© 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

6 * Information Challenges 6© 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved.  Manage information overload  Reduce information redundancies  Capture and leverage useful business information  Minimize costly “junk” on servers, cloud storage  Create an efficient information infrastructure *IDC Study 2012

7 IT Upheaval Challenges  Manage migration to the cloud  Monitor strain on IT resources  Provide IT staffs with time to design and implement  Develop holistic view of information infrastructure  Safeguard company and customer data 7© 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved. *IDC, 2012 study, **Gartner, 2012 study

8 *The Pew Research Center 2011 Study Workforce Challenges  Provide workers with anywhere, anytime access  Integrate Bringing Your Own Devices — smartphones, tablets  Manage emerging connectivity and security issues  Capture retiring knowledge, transfer to Gen Y © 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 8

9 Desired Business Outcomes  Achieve environmental sustainability  Drive cost effectiveness  Ensure information security & compliance  Streamline business processes  Manage organizational change  Maximize iWorker productivity  Optimize information  Build a strategic infrastructure 9© 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

10 Environmental Impact

11 Paper Stats Statistics Validated By Industry Experts –45% of print jobs are thrown away the same day – PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) –15% – 45% of print jobs are photocopies – Infotrends –50% of pages printed are email or internet pages – Infotrends –25% of pages printed are banner pages – Gartner –50% of paper documents are keyed into computer systems – IDC –25% of printed digital original documents are rekeyed into computer systems - IDC –80% of employee prints are single sided - IDC

12 12 International Recognition Ricoh has been listed as one of 100 companies from 2005 to 2012 for 8th year in a row. : 100 companies listed : 100 companies listed : Ricoh News on Feb. 3, 2011 2012 World’s Most Ethical Companies Ricoh have been named one of “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by the Ethisphere Institute for fourth year in a row from 2009 to 2012. This award recognizes “Real and Sustained Ethical Leadership” within various industries. : Ricoh press release : Ricoh press release : 2011 Listed companies 2012 Global 100 Most “Sustainable” Corporations in the World Ricoh recognized by oekom research as one of the ‘World's Best Office Electronics Companies in Social and Environmental Performance’ in 2011. (#1 out of 14 companies in the sector) Worlds-Best-Office-Electronics-Companies.aspx Worlds-Best-Office-Electronics-Companies.aspx : Ricoh press release Worlds-Best-Office-Electronics-Companies.aspx : oekom Research Dinner in New York

13 13 Saving Energy & Paper should be good the economy and employee productivity. Good for “Economy” (Saving money/ Low TCO*) Good for “People” (High Productivity/ Less Waiting Time) *TCO : Total Cost of Ownership Good for “Environment” (CO2/Energy & Paper Resource Savings) Making The Initiative Work

14 Green Mode Activated Program

15 15 At all Ricoh Group plants in the world since March 2002 All US and Mexico sites have been in Zero Landfill since March 2001 Green Production: Zero Waste to Landfill

16 Ricoh’s De-manufacturing Process SHOW VIDEO © 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved.16

17 To achieve your desired business outcomes Choosing the best partner FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE OUTSIDE OF RICOH

18 Ricoh Best Practices & Areas of Opportunity MFP / Fleet Solutions - "Light Up the Panel":  Distributed Capture / Scanning  Print Driver / Device Management  Output Management & Cost Accounting  MFP / Print Security and Card Authentication  eFax Server / FoIP - no more MFP Fax cards Imaging (advanced capture) Solutions:  Business Process Automation (AP/AR, HR, claims, workflow automation)  Content Management Solutions  Advanced Capture (mobile capture, database lookup, electronic forms)  MS / PS Combined Solutions (i.e. Digital Mail, Central Scanning Operations) Other Workflow / Strategic Solutions:  Mobile Business Initiatives (mobile scan, capture and print)  Digital forms  Document / Data Security (Digital Rights Management)


20 Scan / Capture Points MFD Scanner Web PaperElectronicMobile Smart Phones & Tablets

21 Scan & OCR to Word/Excel & Searchable PDF Create “One Touch” Buttons for Improved Efficiency (Scanning on the Ricoh MFP/Copier) 3 3 Scan to email, folder, USB, google, dropbox Note: Buttons and processes are customizable by MFP and centrally managed. Scan, Extract and Route using OCR / Barcode Scan Invoices, HR, Financial Records, Contracts, etc Scan to Fax (analog / digital / FOIP) Scan Confidential, PII, HIPAA, SOX, etc (functional illustration of AutoStore, GlobalScan and eCopy solutions) Create “buttons” to Prompt for index data such as PO Number, Vendor Number, Name, etc. and store/route to folder, workflow or database PO Number Vendor Number Vendor Name Amount $ Invoice Number Database “lookup” (Oracle, SAP, etc.) to auto-populate fields 123456 R54321 ACME $7,500 A987654 1 1 2 2


23 Look familiar?

24 Benefits of going digital =

25 Immediate Benefits Retrieval Times Reduced 30 - 90% Transactions Increases Per Employee 25 - 50% Near-Instant Access Network / Internet Reduction of Storage Office Space 50 - 80% Greater Accountability Internally/Externally Improved Conformity to Retention Policies

26 Intermediate Benefits 50 - 90% Reduction in Internal & External Fax, Mailing, and Copying Costs Shipping or movement of physical documents between multiple locations and or offsite storage is significantly reduced if not eliminated. Improved Physical Security

27 Potential Strategic Benefits Improved Customer Service Improved Information Flow Reduced Administration Workflow New Potential sources for Data Analysis Simplified Data Backup Procedures Ensuring Disaster Recovery


29 29 What is Ricoh DocumentMall Ricoh’s document storage and management solution Software as a Service (SaaS) solution utilizing “cloud” technology Highly secure – enterprise class solution designed for SMBs and departmental workgroups (built on EMC Documentum) Hosted, Managed and Supported by Ricoh –Archive, search, retrieve and share printed and electronic documents within the organization and among outside partners and vendors –Secure and accessible anytime / anywhere via the internet Helps companies do more with less –Streamlines document processes –Supports disaster preparedness and regulatory compliance –Reduces hardcopy output, storage and shipping costs –Eliminates large upfront investments in hardware, software and maintenance agreements –Requires little to no IT support

30 30 DocumentMall Connects People with the Information They Need – Faster and at a Lower Cost DocumentMall provides a common access point letting you share and collaborate outside the corporate firewall and without changes to corporate security policies Patients Medical Services Providers Billing companies Labs Claims Processing What is DocumentMall

31 31 Automates & Simplifies Workflow Documents can be uploaded to DocumentMall several ways –Paper files placed on MFP and scanned directly to DocumentMall (Indexing can be done through Barcode or 3 rd party solutions) –Electronic documents imported from a pc or network –Emailed or Fax into DocumentMall Immediate and controlled access to information –Physicians –Billing services Paper – based documents Electronic Documents

32 32 Find Information Quickly Reduce time looking through filing cabinets, searching network drives and requesting information from offsite storage Advanced indexing and search capabilities let you find documents fast –Find all documents associated with a patient name or patient ID number –Or, narrow your search to find the exact document you need Improve processing and responsiveness –Referring doctors, Hospitals or other healthcare facilities –3rd party billing company –Insurance providers –Patients

33 33 Improve Security & Support Regulatory Compliance Audit capabilities support compliance with regulations (SOX / HIPAA) –Audit documents, users and the entire account Security features (permission sets) lets administrators define controls to grant or limit access to information as defined by regulatory guidelines SAS 70 Type II* data center –Supports business continuity and disaster readiness protection for regulated documents –Savvis managed service data center. *A SAS 70 examination is widely recognized, because it represents that a service organization has been through an evaluation of their internal controls as they relate to an audit of the financial statements of its customers. A Type II report not only includes the service organization's description of controls, but also includes detailed testing of the design and operating effectiveness of the service organization's controls.

34 Mobile - Pad, Phone or Tablet



37 37 Mobile Printing Submission A user can submit documents 4 ways: Email Mobile printing apps Web upload PrintWhere driver Authorization User authorization provided by integration with LDAP/AD or PrinterOn managed ACL (Access Control List). Authentication manages both printer discovery and document submission Processing Documents are processed and converted securely by your Private Cloud. PrinterOn's content based format recognition ensures reliable processing, built in compression, improved efficiency and encryption provides additional security Printing Encrypted documents are collected by Print Delivery Station. Co-deploy with FlexRelease Server, Equitrac/PCC, Pharos, etc., can provide swipe or proximity card tracking & billing Support for Follow-Me print capabilities HotSpot Enterprise Workflow

38 Exceptional Technology 38© 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Core Technology Platforms:  Printing  Mobility  Customizable  Cloud-Enabled  Eco-Friendly A partner that continually develops innovative technologies to achieve today’s customer desired business outcomes in business information solutions,


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