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Environment products & Biotechnology By Michael Carlson & Ria Faggart.

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1 Environment products & Biotechnology By Michael Carlson & Ria Faggart

2 Ethanol Bio fuel Explanation: Ethanol fuel is a gasoline alternative that is manufactured from the conservation of corn, barley, sugar cane, switch grass, and sugar beets. Purpose: Ethanol’s purpose is to create a alternative energy source for cars that is cleaner and better for the environment. Pros: Ethanol makes less pollution reduces smog by 50%. Cons: Ethanol from its Co2 release causes Global Warming.

3 Composting Explanation: Composting is the breakdown of organic materials to produce a dark and nutrient rich substance which can be used for plants and soil. Purpose: Composting purpose is to create a nutrient rich material to put in the soil to help the plants and soil grow. Pros: Composting is a good way to recycle. Cons: Composting requires effort.

4 Enviro Pig Explanation: A Enviro pig is a pig that is inserted with a E- coil gene that allows them to digest phytate. Phytate is phosphorous compound that pigs can’t digest and is excerted into the waste which kills fish. Purpose: the purpose of the Enviro-pig is to create a harmless way to secrete or release the phosphorous compound from its waste by breaking down the Phytate in its body by inserting the e-coil gene into the pigs body. Pros: The pigs release better waste for the enviroment, animals, and plants. Cons: These Enviro pigs are harder to produce than regular pigs.

5 Methane Gas as Energy Source Methane Gas: When powered from landfill, methane exceeds solar power in New York and New Jersey, and landfill methane in those states and in Connecticut powers generators that produce a total of 169 megawatts of electricity-almost as much as a small conventional generating station. The methane also provides 16.7 million cubic feet of gas daily for heating and other direct uses. Pros: This is an ample opportunity for energy-producing projects at more landfills, according to the environmental protection agency’s landfill methane outreach program and officials and groups in the three states. As scouring for alternative energy intersifies, landfill methane is getting more attention from state, federal and local governments together with private energy and waste-management companies, landfill owners and energy entrepreneurs.

6 Plastic products made from corn Explanation: products that are made from corn but still look like plastic. These products are better for the environment and save money. Purpose: To save money and the environment Pros: It saves money and keeps the environment clean. Cons: less corn used for food products.

7 Bibliography The Biotechnology textbook Ethanol/Enviro pig/Methane gas/composting plastic products made from corn

8 questions 1.What percent of the phosphorus content of the grains and plants eaten as dietary staples by these animals? 2.When powered from landfill where does the solar power exceeds? 3. How does the products effect the environment?

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