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Debris Management Coordination Meeting May 7, 2014 561-640-4000.

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1 Debris Management Coordination Meeting May 7, 2014 561-640-4000

2 Agenda  Interlocal Agreements  Debris Contracts  Potential Debris Sites for 2014  Pre- & Post-storm communications  Certification, Placards & Load Tickets  Monitoring – Collections & Debris Sites  FEMA Overview  Contact Information 561-640-4000

3 First Priority The restoration of garbage collection services on their regular schedule is our first priority 561-640-4000

4 Interlocal Agreements  An Interlocal Agreement with SWA is required prior to delivering debris to SWA sites  Please review your Interlocal Agreement prior to hurricane season  Use of SWA debris sites is optional 561-640-4000

5 Debris Contracts  SWA currently has agreements with five qualified contractors, selected by competitive process, to manage debris  Contracts contain provisions to allow them to be “piggybacked”  Copies are available at, click on “Hurricane Info”  Debris monitoring contract is in procurement - can also be piggybacked 561-640-4000

6 Pre- and Post-storm Communications  Blast faxes, emails and news releases will be primary pre-storm communications (Suspension of collections and facility closures)  Palm Beach County EOC will be primary communications link immediately post-storm.  WebEOC system will be used  Conference calls as needed  Transition to direct communications with SWA as cleanup progresses 561-640-4000

7 561-640-4000 Planning and Response  Pre-landfall facility closures are planned to have all SWA high-profile vehicles off the road before Tropical Storm force winds arrive  Post-storm response, following damage assessment, will begin with truck certification and debris site mobilization  Depending on the severity of the storm, plan on a minimum of 3-5 days before debris sites are available

8 2014 Potential Debris Sites  Dyer Landfill  Wallis Road – West of PBIA  Okeehelee Park South  Palm Beach Downs  South County Regional Park  Pike Road and Florida’s Turnpike  Belle Glade transfer/Old SWA transfer station 561-640-4000

9 2014 Municipal Debris Sites  Any Municipality that used their own sites in earlier storms, that plans to use SWA in 2014, please let us know  Request any Municipalities provide list of their potential sites to SWA  Provide us a “contact” for municipal debris site 561-640-4000

10 Certification & Placards  SWA placards are required to access SWA debris sites  Truck certifications will be done by SWA  Overview of procedures  Issues encountered 561-640-4000

11 Load Tickets Two choices for 2014: Paper or Plastic? Paper or Plastic? 561-640-4000

12 Paper Load Tickets  No changes planned to previously used system, except:  New forms will be four part instead of five  Overview of procedures  Use of existing supply of tickets is acceptable, if condition allows  Administrative expense apportionment  Issues encountered  New load tickets issued when warning is imminent 561-640-4000

13 Electronic Load Tickets  SWA intends to use electronic load tickets for it’s collection efforts in the unincorporated area  Strictly optional (at your discretion), but only one system per event  Required to use SWA load ticket software  Not recommended for smaller cities  Administrative expense apportionment  Contact SWA for information 561-640-4000

14 Load & Debris Site Monitoring  No major changes planned to the basic system used previously  Overview of procedures & responsibilities  Issues encountered 561-640-4000

15 FEMA  Overview & Guidance for 2014  No substantive changes this year  Sandy Recovery Act Pilot Program still in effect  Link to 2014 SOP for FEMA Pilot Program on SWA web page (Internal FEMA Procedures) 561-640-4000

16 SWA Contact Information SWA Mark Eyeingtonmeyeington@swa.org561.236.2552 Marc Brunermcbruner@swa.org561.351.9103 John Archambojarchambo@swa.org561.351.2010 Rich Kurzrkurz@swa.org561.358.7542 Willie 561.379.2405 561-640-4000

17 Municipal Contact Information Please provide us the contact information for your debris liaison/manager before leaving today 561-640-4000

18 This presentation will be posted on the SWA website at: click on “Hurricane Info” 561-640-4000

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