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Capital Improvement Program Overview November 3, 2011.

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1 Capital Improvement Program Overview November 3, 2011

2 Capital Improvements Program “CIP” The CIP is the long-range plan for all individual capital improvement projects and funding sources

3 Managing the ‘CIP’ and the infrastructure collectively known as ‘public works’ Public Works Department Public Works Department ====== “ A reorganization and consolidation of the management functions related to the oversight of ‘public works’ as well as streamlining the contracting process will provide services to the public in the most efficient manner possible.” Mayor’s Office – Mayor’s Office City of San Diego City of San Diego

4 Streamlining Contracting The new Public Works Department The new Public Works Department is responsible for the procurement of construction and A/E contracts Transfer of 14 positions Goal: Reduce Bid-to-NTP Time from 6-8 Months to 2-3 Months Issues: Insurance, EOC compliance, SAP, etc. Conducted internal workshop to streamline process Need Construction Industry’s cooperation

5 Multi award Construction Contract (MACC) Features  Single solicitation that may result in award to multiple contractors.  Use the 2-phase Design-Build selection procedures.  Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract with no pre-established fixed contract prices.  Initially award only 1 contract i.e., the “Seed Project.”  Future award of Task Orders on a firm fixed price basis.Steps 1. CITY ISSUES RFQ 2. DESIGN-BUILDERS SUBMIT SOQs 3. CITY SHORTLISTS THE SOQs AND ISSUES RFP FOR THE “SEED PROJECT” 4. BIDDERS SUBMIT PROPOSALS 5. CITY SELECTS THE BEST PROPOSALS AND AWARDS 3 OR MORE CONTRACTS 6. THE 1 ST DESIGN-BUILDER BUILDS THE SEED PROJECT 7. CITY ISSUES ADDITIONAL RFP(S) FOR ADDITIONAL TASK(S) AS-NEEDED TO THE 3 OR MORE CONTRACTORS FROM STEP5 8. CITY SELECTS THE BEST OFFER AND AWARDS THE TASK 9. DESIGN-BUILDER BUILDS THE TASK ORDER 10. REPEAT STEPS 7, 8, AND 9 UNTIL THE CONTRACT TIME OR BUDGET IS DEPLETED

6 Capital Improvement Projects Unique construction projects that provide tangible long-term improvements or additions of a fixed or permanent nature such as land, buildings, and infrastructure.

7 Project Types Storm Water and Water Quality AirportsLandfill Wastewater System Transportation Park and Recreation Water System Buildings and Structures

8 8 FY 2012 CIP by Project Type - $208 Million

9 Multi-Year CIP by Funding Source $7.3 Billion

10 Construction Delivery Methods Design-Bid-Build Design-Bid-Build Design-Build (DB/MACC) Design-Build (DB/MACC) General Requirements Contracting (GRC) Emergency Contracting Emergency Contracting Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

11 CIP Project Delivery Lifecycle Project Initiation/Development Project Initiation/Development Project Needs Review and Project Needs Review and Prioritization Prioritization Preliminary Engineering Preliminary Engineering Design, Environmental Design, Environmental and Permitting and Permitting Advertise and Award Advertise and Award Construction Construction Project Capitalization Project Capitalization Project Close-out Project Close-out Service Life (O & M) Service Life (O & M) Construction & Project Close-out Advertise & Award Preliminary Engineering & Design, Environmental, & Permitting Public Outreach

12 Upcoming Projects for BID Six Month Look Ahead Over 65 projects Total estimated construction dollars: $103.7 Million Upcoming Projects for BID Six Month Look Ahead Over 65 projects Total estimated construction dollars: $103.7 Million

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