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Utilizing Biosolids Marketing to Improve Your Bottom Line.

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1 Utilizing Biosolids Marketing to Improve Your Bottom Line

2 Encina Water Pollution Control Facility

3 Crisis – Strategy – Management

4 EWA in Fiscal Year 2001 Influent of 22.4 MGD Class B biosolids Belt filter presses Land application in Riverside County $645,000 for biosolids disposal

5 One Year Later……. Riverside County Class B ban Energy crisis $1 Million for biosolids disposal Belt presses at end of useful life 5 Trailers per day, 7 days a week Yuma, Arizona – 400 mile round trip 730,000 transportation miles/year 267% Increase from FY 2001 – FY 2008

6 Biosolids Annual Hauling Costs

7 Biosolids Strategic Plan Long-term biosolids strategy Pursue heat drying treatment to achieve Class A EQ biosolids Assess potential markets for granular product

8 Biosolids Strategic Plan Implementation 2004 - Phase V design 2006 – Construction commences 2008 - Biosolids Management Plan 2009 – Heat dryer online

9 BMP Development Process 1. Market assessment 2. Evaluation of reuse/disposal options 3. Cost analysis 4. Product management scenarios 5. Diversified portfolio

10 Diversified Portfolio Tier I Biofuel Contract agriculture Landfill Tier II Fertilizer distributors Soil blenders Specialty agriculture Golf course/turf/sod Local communities Research & demonstrations

11 BMP – Tier 1 Execution Alternative fuel contract with CEMEX One trailer a day, 5 days a week Victorville, California - 260 miles round trip 67,500 transportation miles/year 222,133 in net transportation costs in FY 2012 Back-up contracts for land application and landfill disposal

12 Green House Gas Emissions

13 Tier II Execution Learn your product Nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium Micro and secondary nutrients Iron/calcium/zinc/magnesium Low salt index Low heavy metals High water holding capacity(WHC) Pathogen content (frequent testing) Educate your executive team, operations staff and potential customers

14 PureGreen Analysis

15 Develop a Marketing Plan

16 Research Your Ag Market Contact your local Farm Bureau Top 10 local crops/nurseries/sod & turf farms/golf courses What type of soil is in the area? Research your potential customers Who cannot use PureGreen? a) Leafy Green Partnership & OMRI certified farms

17 Lessons Learned Biosolids have tremendous value so have confidence in your product Develop and promote your brand name Diversification opens new windows of opportunities Blending with other nutrients greatly increases the value of the product Blended & bagged products reduce odor and reheating issues Find a Tier II partner or partners who has similar goals Start research projects

18 Think Like a Private Company Lab testing during the production process/quality of product is crucial Know federal, State & local regulations concerning Class A EQ product Logistics/flexible hauling is a must Allocate required staff Develop contacts

19 Develop a Customer Presentation Package Use 3 rd party nutrient analysis NANI report (heavy metals) State fertilizer label and registration MSDS Waiver agreement Pertinent research Hand deliver product and information




23 Annual Hauling Costs

24 Five Year Audited Performance Holding the Line

25 Eric M Have PureGreen Sales & Marketing Encina Wastewater Authority

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