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© International Synergies Limited SMILE Resource Exchange Liam McNally Practitioner International Synergies Northern Ireland.

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1 © International Synergies Limited SMILE Resource Exchange Liam McNally Practitioner International Synergies Northern Ireland

2 Our Vision “To strive to lead the world in industrial ecology solutions.”. About Us

3 International Synergies devises and manages industrial symbiosis programmes around the world and provides capacity-building support to in-country partners to implement and develop their own programmes. About Us

4 Established in 2005, International Synergies is a dynamic company employing 30 staff across its three offices in Birmingham (UK), Brussels (Belgium) and Portadown (Northern Ireland) as well as sub-contracting an additional 20. About Us

5 The company is widely acknowledged as a world leading expert in the practical application of industrial symbiosis; having developed a global network of leading government, business and innovation partners at the forefront of the green economy About us

6 © International Synergies Limited To date, International Synergies has supported the implementation and development of industrial symbiosis-based projects in: UK, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Mexico, Projects are scheduled to launch in 2012 in Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain About us Brazil, China, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia US.

7 In order to provide pioneering but practical solutions to industry, International Synergies employs the highest calibre of personnel. All are experts in the respective fields of aerospace, chemistry, construction, engineering, environmental management and research and technology. We believe the people who work for International Synergies are very special and share a passion and commitment towards achieving “a low carbon sustainable economy” Our People

8 © International Synergies Limited Capabilities International Synergies has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing and applying industrial symbiosis tools and techniques to projects around the world. The company provides a ‘turn-key’ service of information, support, tools and systems tailored to enable clients to successfully implement and develop industrial symbiosis programmes or apply and adopt the principles of industrial symbiosis to business activities and processes.

9 Information The company has developed a range of information manuals and guides with input from experienced industrial symbiosis practitioners and industry partners to support clients throughout the life of a project. The company also provides approved methodologies across all related aspects of resource data capture and evaluation including carbon calculation and audit. Capabilities

10 Support We provide ongoing support for each project with a dedicated team, 24 hour helpdesk support and access to a global network of experienced practitioners who can provide advice on specific queries or general guidance. Capabilities

11 Systems The company’s bespoke on-line resource capture and analysis tool, SYNERGie, can be configured for use in all projects and provides access to a wealth of supporting data and knowledge. Capabilities

12 © International Synergies Limited Industrial Ecology Expertise As a global expert in the practical application of industrial symbiosis, International Synergies has close links with an extensive network of specialists in the field of industrial ecology and can provide additional expertise in the areas of life cycle analysis, materials flow analysis green carbon accounting and eco-design. Capabilities

13 © International Synergies Limited Capabilities The company offers services in the following areas: Industrial Symbiosis: Programme Implementation and Capacity Building Industrial Symbiosis: Supply Chain Solutions (Public and Private Sector) Industrial Symbiosis: Economic Development (Public Sector) Industrial Symbiosis: Economic Viability Assessment (Private Sector)

14 Economic Viability Assessment International Synergies’ newest innovation applies the principles of industrial symbiosis to assess the economic viability of industrial infrastructure or development projects. This approach establishes an evidence base to support the feasibility of locating an industrial facility (such as plastics factory, food production, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Energy from Waste plant in a designated geographic location based on the demographic of available resource streams

15 Who benefits? Private sector businesses and investors How does it work? By collating and analysing a combination of local or regional data sets including resource stream availability, asset identification and capacity along with other available data, International Synergies is able to create a geographic information system (GIS) to calculate indicators and develop strategies for improving the efficiency of resource flows. This information can then be used to support investment in: Infrastructure development Business growth and diversification Attracting inward investment (such as for CHP or an AD facility to an area where substantial feedstock’s are required) Job creation Economic Viability Assessment

16 Map resources and identify opportunities for productive use Identify sustainable inward investment Strategic analysis of economic data and indicators Prioritise actions for green growth Economic Viability Assessment

17 Through its global portfolio of projects International Synergies has worked with some of the world’s most successful organisations such as Michelin, Lafarge Cement, BP, Samsung and many others helping them to apply and adopt the principles of industrial symbiosis into business activities and processes in order to improve sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and bring down costs. Supply Chain Solutions

18 Who benefits? Organisations (with multiple sites or outlets) and supply chains How does it work? Industrial symbiosis enables businesses to move underutilised resources (such as materials,equipment, energy, water and capacity) or current waste streams up the value chain bringing them back into productive use elsewhere within the company or supply chain. Industrial symbiosis is proven to improve commercial competitiveness and delivers environmental benefits such as CO2 reduction and diversion of waste from landfill and can also play a fundamental role in helping organisations achieve a zero waste goal and support delivery of CSR ambitions. Supply Chain Solutions

19 Waste stream process mapping to identify key cost cutting opportunities Internal/supply chain resource synergy identification workshops Implementation of action plans to uplift waste value and reduce landfill Research and development of innovative new reuse routes Supply Chain Solutions

20 British Sugar Consultancy Unique Foods Consultancy Birmingham City Council Consultancy Midlands International Industrial Symbiosis Symposium 2006 Defra NISP- England 01-Apr-05 31-Mar-10 WRAP () Defra NISP – England 01-Apr-10 - 31-Mar-12 Scottish Govt NISP Scotland 01-Apr-06 - 31-Mar-11 Invest Northern Ireland NISP - Northern Ireland 01-Dec-06 - 31-Mar-14 AEATNISP Wales 01-Jul-08 - 31-Mar-11 Yorkshire Forward IS - Yorkshire & Humber 01-Apr-06 - 31-Dec-07 Advantage West Midlands ERDF NISP West Midlands 01-Dec-09 - 31-Mar-13 EU - Switch Asia TEDA (China) 01-Nov-09 - 31-Oct-13 Defra - SDD Yunnan (China) 05-Jun-07 – 31-Oct-08 Defra - SDD Mexico 24-Jan-08 - 31-Dec-09 London Development Agency NISP London 01-Jul-05 - 31-Mar-08 Advantage West Midlands Market Intelligence 01-Mar-09 - 28-Feb-10 Defra - SDD Brazil - Minas Gerais 01-Dec-08 - 31-Mar-10 Advantage West Midlands NISP ++ 19-Dec-06 - 31-Mar-08 EU - Life + Hungary 01-Jan-10 - 31-Dec-12 EU - Life + Romania 01-Feb-09 - 31-Oct-11 North West Development Agency NISP North West 07-Nov-05 - 30-Jun-06 East Midlands Development Agency Resource Efficiency 09-Mar-06 - 31-Mar-07 South East Development Agency NISP - South East 24-Mar-06 – 31-Mar-06 WRAP (Scottish Government) NISP - Scotland 01-Oct-10 - 31-Mar-11 Turkey TTGV 01-Apr-11 - 31-Dec-12 AEAT Market Intelligence - Wales 01-Dec-08 31-Mar-09 Glasgow Caledonian University Waste Analysis (SIC-15) 01-Apr-10 31-Aug-10 EU Energy Trophy + 01-Apr-07 28-Feb-09 Defra - SDD South Africa 01-Aug-10 31-Dec-10 Forestry Commission Biomass Development (RBAN) 01-Nov-09 31-Mar-10 Chicago Manufacturing Centre IS – Chicago 01-Mar-08 31-May-08 Brazil Al Invest 31-Dec-11 Staffordshire University IS Diploma 01-Feb-10 - 31-Mar-11 USBCSD Contracts to Date

21 © International Synergies Limited Devised and manage the world’s only National Industrial Symbiosis programme Operational since 2003 as regional pilot in West Midlands, England Expanded throughout rest of UK in 2005 Acknowledged as an Eco-Innovation Exemplar by European Commission since 2007 Cited as best practice in the EU Waste Framework Directive, 2009 Winner the British Expertise Award for Global Environmental Impact, 2009 Acknowledged as one of the world’s ‘Top 20 Green Game Changing Business innovations’ by the World Wide Fund for Nature, 2010 Winner of ‘Best Carbon Reduction Project’ at Awards for Environmental Excellence, 2010 (automatic entry into European Business Awards for the Environment, 2012) Company Credentials

22 © International Synergies Limited DONT TALK ABOUT WASTE DEAL WITH RESOURCES

23 © International Synergies Limited Natural resources Products Waste (to disposal) Linear system

24 © International Synergies Limited Circular system Products Waste to resource Natural resources Natural resources Products Waste to resource

25 © International Synergies Limited Understanding of IS (lack of awareness / confusion) Tendency to ‘box’ IS as waste, or recycling but it is a holistic approach to resource efficiency Legislative / Government policies typically focus on – Material streams - plastics, wood, paper etc – Sectors - construction, manufacturing, food and drink – Themes - climate change, recycling – Regional areas – thus from the outset limiting possibilities But for business these issues are not separate Business activity is not restricted by administrative boundaries Confidentiality (commercial or information) has not been an issue Challenges faced along the way

26 Externally Verified NISP England Outputs2005 - 20115-Year Persistence Additional Sales£179,978,763£899,893,815 Cost Savings£172,089,262£860,446,410 Jobs Created8,770N/A CO 2 Saved6,931,615 Tonnes34,658,065 Tonnes Water Saved12,703,548 Tonnes63,512,740 Tonnes Waste Diverted from Landfill7,780,968 Tonnes38,904,840 Tonnes Hazardous Waste Eliminated408,358 Tonnes2,042,240 Tonnes Virgin Material Saved10,547,958 Tonnes52,739,790 Tonnes Private Investment Leveraged£300+ millionN/A

27 © International Synergies Limited 1200+Members 220+ Synergies completed 139,000t Landfill diversion 6,638tHazardous waste saved 130,000tVirgin materials saved 247,000t CO 2 saved £1.4m Private investment £5.50m Cost savings in businesses £12m Additional sales for businesses 32 Jobs created 39Jobs safe-guarded NISP Northern Ireland Outputs (2007-2011)

28 © International Synergies Limited Notable successes – Huhtamaki – Cherry Polymers – Montupet – Quinn Glass – Michelin – Erne Plastics – Nampak Plastics – Braidwater Construction Reliance on export – Paper & plastics to India and China – Metals to Portugal and Eastern Europe Gaps in recycling provision – Not every industry needs to use virgin materials – Can be filled through Industrial Symbiosis – Opportunities for new businesses

29 © International Synergies Limited Larne Lough Nurseries – H&J Martin Scaffolding planks Additional Sales £500 Cost savings £1764 Landfill Diversion 2t CO2 reduction 2t Frylite – Waste Not Ireland Plastic (Polypropylene) buckets Additional sales £800 Cost Savings £560 Landfill Diversion 8t CO2 Reduction 102t Virgin material saved 8t Case Studies - Cross Sector

30 Ready Egg Products – Recyco Egg shells Additional Sales £65,500 Cost Savings £45,500 CO2 Reduction 107t Michelin –Waste End Strategy Metfab Waste Additional Sales £19227 Cost Savings £76481 CO2 Reduction 729t Virgin Materials Saved 248t Case Studies Cross Sector

31 Cost Savings: £1,200,000 Additional Sales: £562,000 CO2 Reduction: 2,099t Jobs Created: 2 Jobs Safe Guarded: 26 Landfill Diverted: 20,340t Private Investment: £70,000 Virgin Materials: 20,340 New Businesses Created: 1 Braidwater – ATG Services Contaminated Soil Case Study - Construction

32 Reduction of 12,500 tonnes of CO 2 emissions Successful reuse of waste heat 65 new jobs created €30 million private investment in region Innovative use of CO 2

33 BeforeAfter Innovative Reuse of Materials Foyle Hov – Crawford Contracts Used Astro Turf Cost Savings £1800 Landfill Diversion 12t CO 2 Reduction 157 Ongoing cost savings will be made due to the reduction in track maintenance

34 All case studies and publications can be viewed at

35 Waste heat from plastic product manufacturing – Waste drying – Fuel drying Solid residual fuels (SRF) – Cement production – Power stations Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)/ Carbon Fibre – Additive to tarmac – Reinforcement in concrete products Spare electroplating capacity Some Haves

36 Ash for alternative cements or agri-products – Power station ash – Wood ash – Cement kiln dust Clean wood waste for fuel & animal bedding – Joinery waste – Pallets & packaging Organic wastes for anaerobic digestion – Food waste – Sludges – Liquids Chilled transport Some Wants

37 What others say about the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme “ The CBI supports the work of NISP which should be encouraged and further developed.” Confederation of British Industry: ‘Making Ends Meet’, February 2011 “International Synergies’ NISP has created a market which puts together those producing waste with those who can use it; and are willing to pay the most for it. The whole programme has boosted the UK economy by as much as €3 billion.” Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Environment, 2010 NISP is one of the World’s top-20 ‘Green Game-Changing’ business innovations.” Worldwide Fund for Nature, 2010 “[NISP] an exemplar of systemic eco-innovation that is vital for future green growth.” Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2011 “We were scratching our heads to find an economically viable reuse process for this waste and then NISP came along.” Paul Kinkead, Environmental Manager, Michelin, 2010

38 “Economic Analysis of Resource Efficiency Policies” (DG Environment Aug 2011): The report considered 120 programmes across 23 countries. Criteria for selection included “Expectation of large resource efficiency potential, coverage of key sectors, coverage of key resources (including water) and” the economic structure of the country”. Based on further screening the report selected nine cases for further analysis. NISP was said to give “the widest environmental and economic benefits” and “optimises the use of resources”. Key factors identified as underpinning NISP’s success included “cross sectoral synergies between industries” and “backing of national funding”. The report further suggests that an “EU.wide network has the potential to be even more successful than NISP” “Sustainable Industry: Going for Growth”(DG Enterprise & Industry 2011) advocates “ industrial symbiosis as a recommended policy instrument for improving competitiveness and resource efficiency in Europe.” “Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe” states: “A number of schemes show the benefits of increased information flows, and the payback from providing advice or bringing firms together in National Industrial Symbiosis Platforms: Based on the performance of the UK National Industrial Symbiosis Programme, improving the re-use of raw materials through greater 'industrial symbiosis‘ across the EU could save €1.4bn a year and generate €1.6bn in sales.” (Sept 2011) European Commission Reports:

39 Any questions ? Any resource issues?


41 International Synergies (NI) Ltd First Floor, 16 Church Street Portadown Co Armagh BT62 3LN 044(0)28 3833 3438 044(0)7795 805977(mobile)

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