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Dane County CNG Efforts John Welch, PE Solid Waste Manager Dane County April 25, 2013.

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1 Dane County CNG Efforts John Welch, PE Solid Waste Manager Dane County April 25, 2013

2 Dane County’s CNG History Experience with landfill gas and digestersExperience with landfill gas and digesters Pipeline quality gas projectPipeline quality gas project Continued to evaluate optionsContinued to evaluate options Pilot bioCNG projectPilot bioCNG project Funding from SEO and WCTPFunding from SEO and WCTP –CNG station, bioCNG station, and vehicles

3 What’s Driving Fleet Conversions Fuel SavingsFuel Savings Proven Technology – enginesProven Technology – engines Emissions regulationsEmissions regulations –Capital Cost –O&M Costs –Payload Available Fuel Stations (Chicken & Egg)Available Fuel Stations (Chicken & Egg) Contract RequirementsContract Requirements Image / MarketingImage / Marketing

4 Environmental Benefits Fuel Carbon Intensity ( gCO2e/MJ) Gasoline95.86 CNG from Pipeline 68.00 CNG from Digester 13.45 CNG from Landfill 11.26

5 Vehicles 24 vehicles in fleet24 vehicles in fleet –All Dual-fuel –F150s, F250s, F350s, Ford Fusion, Transit Connect –7 Departments Will add 15-20 in 2013Will add 15-20 in 2013 –Some dedicated CNG –Plow Trucks, van, pickups, passenger car Conversion costConversion cost –$10,000 - $12,000 each

6 Vehicle Conversion Options Dedicated, bi-fuel, or dual fuelDedicated, bi-fuel, or dual fuel –Available options & intended use –Range –Typical route (return to shop?) Direct from manufacturer or OEM conversionDirect from manufacturer or OEM conversion –Available models –Warranty / service –Cost

7 Vehicle ROI VariablesVariables –Initial Conversion Cost Dedicated or Dual-fuelDedicated or Dual-fuel –Miles driven per year –MPG –Fuel Savings ~$2.00/gal

8 Vehicle ROI Examples VehicleConversion Cost MPGMiles/yrGGE/yrPaybackSavings After Payback Car$9,0002525,0001,0004.5 yrs$7,000 Pickup$10,0001530,0002,0002.5 yrs$16,670 Garbage Truck$50,000324,0008,0003.125 yrs$62,000 Delivery Van$30,000625,0004,2003.6 yrs$37,000 Note: Does not include any grant funds or maintenance costs

9 Infrastructure ROI Components of CNG costComponents of CNG cost –Supply Gas –Electricity –O&M –Capital Ammortization (grants) –Taxes and Tax Credits –Other incentives

10 Dane County’s CNG Station –Natural gas only –2 hoses –Fast-fill –100 GGE storage –30 GGE/hr from compressor –Funding ~$280,000 grant from SEO and WCTP~$280,000 grant from SEO and WCTP ~$42,000 from County funds~$42,000 from County funds


12 Fueling Station ROI Results Stephe Yborra Values CNG w/ Grant CNG w/o Grant Natural Gas$0.81-$0.89$0.709 Electricity$0.04-$0.30$0.376 Capital$0.35-$0.65$0.129$0.987 WI Taxes$0.247 Federal Taxes$0.183 Tax Credits-$0.50 O&M$0.30-$0.65$0.60 Total$1.24-$2.24$1.561$2.419 *Based on 1600-2000 GGE/month

13 What if we increase CNG Usage? CNG w/o Grant 2000 GGE/month CNG w/o Grant 5000 GGE/month Natural Gas $0.709$0.70 Electricity $0.376 $0.22 Capital $0.756$0.30 WI Taxes $0.247 Federal Taxes $0.183 Tax Credits -$0.50 O&M $0.60 Total$2.188$1.567

14 Dane County’s BioCNG Station Pilot SystemPilot System –Biogas from landfill 5 GGE/hr5 GGE/hr –1 hose –Fast-fill –40 GGE storage –Funding All Dane CountyAll Dane County New SystemNew System –Biogas from landfill 10 GGE/hr10 GGE/hr –Pipeline gas backup –2 fast-fill hoses –4 slow-fill hoses –200 GGE storage –Funding $150,000 from SEO$150,000 from SEO

15 Old System New System

16 BioCNG Differences Extra CapitolExtra Capitol Extra O&M CostsExtra O&M Costs Cheaper Gas?Cheaper Gas? –Other revenue potential for gas? RINsRINs

17 CNG vs BioCNG ROI Results CNG w/o GrantBioCNG w/o Grant Natural Gas / Biogas $0.709- Electricity $0.376 $1.04 Capital $0.987$1.974 WI Taxes $0.247 Federal Taxes $0.183 Tax Credits -$0.50 RINs --$0.75 O&M $0.60$0.91 Total$2.419$2.921 *2000 GGE/month. Breaks even at ~4000-5000 GGE/month

18 Hurdles Vehicle ProcurementVehicle Procurement –EPA Certifications –Limited options –Delays Fueling StationsFueling Stations TrainingTraining –Infrastructure & vehicle maintenance Learning CurveLearning Curve –Permitting, codes, regulatory agencies, taxes, maintenance, etc

19 Other Considerations Vehicle maintenanceVehicle maintenance –Local options? –Tools and training Building ModificationsBuilding Modifications –Code compliance TrainingTraining –Technicians, drivers, Department heads, etc

20 Vehicle Performance Dyno testingDyno testing Driver experienceDriver experience ReliableReliable Maintenance/ServiceMaintenance/Service

21 Future of CNG in Dane County Dane County - 10 yr Strategic PlanDane County - 10 yr Strategic Plan –Convert most/entire fleet to CNG –Looking for partners – fueling stations –Looking for bioCNG opportunities

22 Questions? John Welch Solid Waste Manager

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