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Presentation to Orange County Business Council Infrastructure Committee Dylan Wright, Director January 13, 2015.

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1 Presentation to Orange County Business Council Infrastructure Committee Dylan Wright, Director January 13, 2015

2 Orange County 34 cities covering 798 square miles Over 3.1 million residents Third largest county in state Own and operate two of the top 5 largest landfills in the state Per Capita – 5.1 lbs. per resident per day

3 Our Mission To provide waste management services, protect the environment and promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

4 Our Vision To be the best waste management system in America

5 Organization Chart

6 One Department— Three Core Service Areas 1.Disposal System Operator 3 Active Landfills Olinda Alpha, Frank R. Bowerman and Prima Deshecha 20 Closed Waste Disposal Sites Renewable Energy Programs 4 Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers 2.Countywide Regional Waste Reduction Program 3.Unincorporated Area 14 Communities Served 9 franchise areas 5 haulers – CR&R, Waste Management, Republic Services, Ware Disposal, Rainbow Environmental Responsible for collection and compliance

7 Waste Disposal System

8 Funding Sources Enterprise Fund Self-sustaining Waste Disposal System Revenues primarily from disposal fees Importation Facilitates bankruptcy repayment Provides rate stabilization Maintain high level of customer service Offset costs otherwise borne by businesses and residents Self-Haul Surcharge Revenue Responsible incentive to increase diversion Comply with State and regulatory requirements Renewable Energy Program Royalties

9 Capital Improvement Projects LandfillClosure Date (by Permit) Closure Date (by Capacity) Capital Improvement Projects through 2020 Budgeted FY 14/15 Services & Supplies Olinda Alpha20212040$33.3 million$12.1 million Frank R. Bowerman20532045$97.5 million$14.2 million Prima Deshecha20672103$49.8 million$12.7 million Capital and infrastructures projects are completed through partnerships with businesses, local jurisdictions, resource agencies and other governmental entities Diverse partnerships with the business and communities Construction management, engineering, environmental protection, landscapers, financial advisors, falconers and renewable technologies Collaboration between all entities including federal, state, local governments and private sector

10 Capital Improvement Projects Major Construction Projects at Landfills Frank R. Bowerman Landslide Remediation Construction: $33.7 million Construction Management: $6.2 million Olinda: Partial Closure – Phase 1 Construction: $14.4 million Construction Management: $6.2 million Prima: Segunda Deschecha Cañada Pre-Mitigation Est. Contract: $3.0 million (pending Board action)

11 Upcoming Capital Improvement Projects 11 Frank R. BowermanCost East Flank Remediation Construction 23.6 Landfill Gas Systems and Well Installations 4.8 Construction Management 11.7 Phase VIII-A Design and Construction 35.0 Phase VIII-B Liner Construction 20.5 All Other Projects 1.9 Total Projects at FRB: 97.5 Olinda AlphaCost Asphaltic Road System Improvements 1.5 Front Face Partial Closure - Phase 1 15.8 Front Face Partial Closure - Phase 2 14.3 All Other Projects 1.8 Total Projects at OAL: 33.3 Prima DeshechaCost La Pata Gap Closure 8.0 Segunda Deshecha Pre-Mitigation 3.0 Zone 1, Phase D1 Excavation 12.0 Zone 4 Main Header 2.0 Zone 4 Mass Excavation 20.0 All Other Projects 4.9 Total Projects for Prima: 49.8

12 Renewable Energy Projects Existing landfill gas-to-energy projects Olinda—37.5 MW Capacity Prima Deshecha—6.3 MW Capacity Coyote—7 MW Capacity Electricity to serve 33,000 homes 12

13 Renewable Energy Projects Future Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project Frank R. Bowerman Landfill Groundbreaking – January 22, 2015! 20 MW Capacity Electricity to serve an additional 14,000 homes Partnership with the following entities: Bowerman Power LFG, LLC (Montauk Energy Capital, LLC) Caterpillar Financial Services Anaheim Public Utilities City of Irvine South Coast Air Quality Management District Highest and Best Use of LFG that would have been flared Private investment with zero cost to taxpayers $1.5 million in annual revenues to support Waste Disposal System Helps meet more stringent State regulations – conversion of greenhouse gases to renewable energy

14 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. Anaheim CVT Transfer Huntington Beach Rainbow Environmental Services Irvine City of Irvine San Juan Capistrano Prima Deshecha Landfill 2013/14 Statistics HHWCC visits: 118,921 Material Exchange Program participants: 18, 936

15 Waste Diversion Programs— AB 939 CalRecycle Waste Diversion Goal 1989Divert 50 percent by 2000 2014Divert 75 percent by 2020 (recycling, composting or source reduction) Proactive Initiatives Regional Recycling Public Education and Outreach Grant Programs—$4.1 million awarded since 2007 Partnerships Discovery Cube Angels Baseball, LLC Inside the Outdoors OC Department of Education

16 Partnerships Discovery Cube Orange County 939,968 visitors to Eco Challenge Exhibit in 2014 Inside the Outdoors 148,060 Students served in 2013-14 Angels Baseball 14.5 tons of HHW, E-Waste, Used Clothing, & Household Goods Collected 7,233 Participants

17 Industry Issues AB 1594 - No more diversion credit for use of processed green waste in landfill operations AB 1826 - Mandatory commercial organics recycling AB 341 –Statewide goal to divert 75% of waste from landfills AB 32 - Reduce GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 Decline in tonnage—30 percent Governor’s green power initiative—January 2015 Inaugural Address Half of California’s power to be green by 2030

18 Next Steps Renewable Technologies Implementation Plan Recycling & Waste Reduction Regional Grants—$3.0 million Pursue Continuation of Importation Permit extensions at landfills - ensuring room for tomorrow Capital Improvements —$180 million Partnership with haulers, processors and cities on organics recycling Stakeholder Engagement

19 Thank You. Dylan Wright, Director OC Waste & Recycling E-mail: Phone: (714) 834-4122 Tour Information: Julie Chay E-mail: Phone (714) 834-4059

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