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Carbon Benefits of Recycling Wood Pallets Calculator Waste 2012 2 nd May 2012 Opal Cove Resort Coffs Harbour, Australia Stephen Mitchell Sustainability.

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1 Carbon Benefits of Recycling Wood Pallets Calculator Waste 2012 2 nd May 2012 Opal Cove Resort Coffs Harbour, Australia Stephen Mitchell Sustainability Programme Manager, Timber Development Association Project Manager, National Timber Product Stewardship Group

2 Researched and consulted National Timber Product Stewardship Group

3 Our Strategy: Timber - More Life Objectives: –Double recovery of post-consumer timber for reuse, recycling and renewable energy –To 1 million tonnes per annum by 2017 –Maximise positive environmental impacts of residual end-of-life timber that is landfilled

4 Strategy Priorities: Timber-More Life Key Waste Streams: –Wood packaging (C&I) –Wood from demolition (C&D) –Preservative treated timber (C&D) –Wood from manufacturing (C&I) Actions: –Market development –Education / communications –Well targeted research Largest volume





9 Wood packaging disposal Australia: ~300,000 tpa disposed to landfill >120,000 tpa from importing goods 50% pallets/skids - 50% crates Sources: Hyder (2007) & Mitchell (2008). Available at Sydney Metro Area: ~140,000 tpa disposed to landfill Source: Disposal based survey of the commercial and industrial waste stream in Sydney done in 2008 by DECCW (now NSW EPA)

10 Wood packaging recovery Good quality feedstock for reuse, recycling and renewable energy Australia: –> 15,000 tpa repaired / reused (excl. CHEP/Loscam) –> 100,000 tpa recycled (excl. reuse) Sydney Metro Area: –Specific quantity unknown but by far the biggest input of pos-consumer timber into organics

11 Why a calculator? Major clients of recovery operators were asking for measuring carbon emissions Enviro Pallets had a basic tool Need more credibility. I.E. –LCA methodology and assumptions reviewed –NGER factors incorporated –needed other recovery options included DECCW (now EPA) funding

12 Methodology Life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology in line with ISO 14044 GHG Protocol Standard (Scope 3) Data supplied by Enviro Pallets, Benedict Recycling, Delta Electricity, Veolia, timber industry, DCCEE (NGERs factors) Project supported by NSW EPA


14 Scope of calculator Non-pool wood pallets and packaging Majority is one-way packaging Compares carbon landfill disposal to: –reuse and repair –recycling for mulch and animal bedding –renewable energy generation Options direction and input from DECCW (now NSW EPA)

15 System boundary

16 Emissions from landfilling Transport Compaction and covering Anaerobic degradation –Methane generation –Some recovery and oxidation –Uses current DOCf value of 0.23 for timber –Converted to CO2e (0.67kg CO2e/kg) –O.23 DOCf now DCCEE – was USA lab result

17 Emissions from landfilling DOCf value – latest research (USA lab results) DOCf value of 0.0 for radiata pine and blackbutt timber Source: Wang et al (2011) Wood Biodegradation in Laboratory-Scale Landfills Environ. Science & Technology. Volume 45 (16), pp 6864–6871 Essentially means zero (0) methane generated by these woods in landfills

18 Wood Pallet Reuse Disassembly of old pallets into components Reassembly using new and old Recycling non- repairable pallets

19 Reuse & Repair Minor energy usage and emissions Reduced demand for (and transport of) new wood from sawmills Calculator assumes one more use Multiple benefits if reused repeatedly

20 Wood Packaging Reuse, Repair & Recycling Facilities – Sydney Wood aggregation / shredding facilities DD Alexandria SITA Elizabeth Drive SITA Chullora SITA Jacks Gully SITA Belrose SITA Artarmon SITA Seven Hills SITA Rockdale SITA Lucas Heights ANL/SITA Eastern Creek Camden Soil Mix Bingo SITA Auburn ANL/Kimbriki Brandown SITA Ryde Benedict Glenfield Veolia Horsley Park ANL Badgerys Creek Blacktown Waste Services Veolia Greenacre Pallet repair / exchange Loscam CHEP CHEP/Loscam main repair centres Advance Pallets Direct Pallets Abbey Pallets Enviropallets Pace Pallets For more timber recycling services try & the Directory at


22 Recycling - Shredding Emissions from: Loading shredder Shredding Sizing (i.e. trommeling) Loading & transport

23 Timber Packaging - Recycling Landscape mulch

24 Timber Packaging - Recycling Poultry bedding: Australian market >950,000 m 3 per year NSW > 350,000 m 3 per year Growing 4% per annum Traditional sources – sawdust, shavings, rice hulls harder to get Shredded packaging and off-cuts used in WA and VIC NSW trials completed at three farms Trials and spec. supported by DECCW (now NSW EPA)

25 Recycling - Chicken Bedding


27 Timber Packaging – Renewable Energy

28 Wood replaces NSW black coal Black coal emissions = 1.07 CO2-e/kWh (DCCEE)

29 New wood Chicken bedding Mulch Energy recovery Sawdust Particleboard Sawdust Energy recovery Chicken bedding



32 Results - Reuse


34 Results – Animal Bedding

35 Results – Mulch

36 Results – Renewable Energy


38 Conclusions Calculator supports all non-landfill waste management options Renewable energy and displacement of fossil fuel combustion is obvious very large benefit However: “once it’s gone it’s gone” Calculator supports reuse, recycling and renewable energy

39 Conclusions (cont) Companies can: –use this data for reporting or –use parameters and assumptions in report (and their specific parameters) for their own circumstances To help reduce their carbon footprint and increase diversion from landfill.

40 Next Steps Survey of the key stakeholders completed Updating the calculator based on feedback received: –particleboard option to be included –certificate type report Formal launch in late May Promotion to increase exposure and use.

41 Thank you Questions? p: 02 8424 3703 e:

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