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Solid Waste Management Department Waste Reduction & Recycling Programs David Jaye Solid Waste Management Department Recycling Specialist.

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1 Solid Waste Management Department Waste Reduction & Recycling Programs David Jaye Solid Waste Management Department Recycling Specialist

2 Public Utilities Division 2 Mission ■ The Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy (ISWMS) is based on BCC direction to achieve: − Environmental and Growth Management Compliance − Landfill Airspace Preservation − Operational Excellence − Best Value Service for the next 50 years and beyond

3 Public Utilities Division 3 Background ■ Collier County landfill has limited lifespan and fill capacity that creates the need for increased recycling and waste reduction. ■ Reuse and recycling saves the resources needed by our future citizens. ■ Recycling used materials takes less energy and emits less pollution

4 Collier County Solid Waste Department Responsibilities ■ Franchise Solid Waste Collection and Collier’s landfill operations ■ Promote Reduction, Reuse and Recycling ■ Promote Proper disposal of Hazardous Material ■ Collect and process debris from hurricanes and storms Public Utilities Division 4

5 Business Recycling Collection is free market or self haul ■ Businesses can choose which recycling hauling companies ■ Businesses can recycle more items than households like wood pallets ■ Businesses can self haul recycling to our recycling centers ■ Businesses “How to Recycle” Training videos are available Public Utilities Division 5

6 6 Naples Landfill (Working Face) ■ Solid Waste Management Department maintains one landfill and four recycling centers ■ Collier County generated 713,748 tons of municipal solid waste in 2009 ■ 182,053 tons of residential & commercial solid waste buried in the Naples Landfill

7 Public Utilities Division 7 Current Total Waste Stream Management SOURCE: Landfill Disposal includes Landfill scalehouse data for FY 2009, not including Cover Soil used at the Landfill. Diversion/Recycling Data provided from Collier County Landfill and Immokalee Landfill scale house records, Collier County Recycling Center records, Immokalee Disposal Company and Waste Management Inc. of Florida. A portion of construction and demolition debris and commercial recyclables reflect actual FY2009 data.

8 Public Utilities Division 8 Solid Waste Programs ■ Residential Curbside − Annual residential service rate is $171.26 (lowest compared to Lee, Sarasota and Charlotte) − Single Stream Recycling ■ Condo/Multi-family − Continuous education of residents − Annual rate is $12.24 per unit/month

9 Public Utilities Division 9 Residential Collection ■ Twice a week pick up of garbage ■ Once a week pick up of recycling ■ Once a week bulky items (furniture and appliances) ■ Once a week yard waste in bundles of less than four feet ■ Curbside pick up of up to four tires, electronics, and car/marine batteries

10 Bulky Item and Electronics Curbside Pickup ■ Furniture, appliances, tires, electronics and recycling/trash pick up problems call 252-2380 Public Utilities Division 10

11 Public Utilities Division 11 Recycling Materials Accepted ■ Telephone books ■ Steel cans ■ Office paper ■ Newspaper ■ Magazines ■ Cereal boxes ■ Catalogs ■ Tin and aluminum cans ■ Juice boxes ■ Cardboard boxes ■ Junk mail ■ Brown paper bags ■ Green, clear and brown glass ■ Plastics #1 through #7 ■ Plastic bags ■ Egg cartons ■ Styrofoam meat and vegetable trays

12 Public Utilities Division 12 WMI (Recycle America) Material Recovery Facility at Pembroke Pines Baled Cardboard

13 Public Utilities Division 13 Baled Plastic Bottles WMI (Recycle America) Material Recovery Facility at Pembroke Pines

14 Public Utilities Division 14 Unaccepted Materials ■ Windows, Mirrors ■ Kitchenware ■ Pots & Pans ■ Garden Hose ■ Bucket Containers ■ Plant Pots ■ Tiles & Wood ■ Household Hazardous Waste ■ Scrap Metals

15 Nuisance Recycling Contamination ■ Plastic shrink wrap and plastic bags ■ Plastic newspaper straps ■ Paper with food waste ■ Plastic mulch bags ■ Plastic toys ■ Styrofoam Public Utilities Division 15

16 Common dangerous recycling contamination ■ Cables and wires ■ Garden hoses ■ Florescent light bulbs ■ Paint and electronics ■ Metal and glass cooking wear ■ Metal and wire hangers ■ Clothes ■ Fuel, pesticides, paint, cleaning liquids Public Utilities Division 16

17 Common dangerous recycling contamination ■ Fuel, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning supplies even if the containers have a recycling symbol! ■ Mirrors, porcelain, windows, nail polish containers ■ Rechargeable batteries ■ Waxed cardboard and cardboard with meat juice Public Utilities Division 17

18 Recyclables in Black plastic bags are often thrown away! ■ Pickers on a sorting line don’t have time to open black plastic bags which may contain diapers, needles, trash etc. ■ Clear and translucent bags sabotage paper recycling and may lead to a recycling load being rejected by the recycling factory Public Utilities Division 18

19 Household Hazardous Waste ■ Flammable: oil based paint, lamp oil, ■ Combustible: kerosene, paint thinner, & propane tanks ■ Toxic: herbicides, insecticides ■ Corrosive: Acids and bases such as pool chemicals, bleach and other household cleaners, fire extinguishers.

20 Household Hazardous Waste ■ Pharmaceuticals: contaminates water, can harm children, pets, possible drug abuse ■ Sharps: could harm children, pets, sanitation workers, possible drug abuse ■ Fat Oil Grease: put in the trash

21 Immokalee Transfer Station Naples Recycling Center Marco Recycling Center Carnestown Recycling Center

22 Public Utilities Division 22 Naples and Marco Island Recycling Center ■ Open Tuesday-Sat 8:30am to 4:30pm ■ Many items are free for resident disposal ■ Businesses call a private vendor to schedule haz-mat disposal every other Monday at the Naples Recycling center 2640 West Enterprise 643-3099

23 Think Reduce ■ Reduce what you buy or buy in bulk ■ Avoid unnecessary packaging and bring your own shopping bags ■ Promote tool libraries at multifamily complexes Public Utilities Division 23

24 Think about reuse before disposal 1. Charity Resale Stores 2. Construction Flea Market, Estate Sales, Garage sales, Flea Markets 3. Craig’s List sale/give away 4. Take Styrofoam peanuts to a mail service. Public Utilities Division 24

25 Public Utilities Division 25 Summary ■ Recycle food and beverage containers and clean paper in the yellow tops ■ Take other scrap metal and hazardous materials to the Naples or Marco Island Recycling Centers ■ By recycling more we preserve landfill air space, residents will continue to enjoy low disposal rates and will not incur increased costs for alternative waste disposal methods

26 Public Utilities Division 26 Questions Dave Jaye Recycling Specialist 239-252-2508 bvdg

27 Public Utilities Division 27 Solid Waste Initiatives ■ Environmental Compliance and Landfill Scale House ■ Reclaim Cells 1 & 2 ■ Implement Landfill Gas-to-Energy ■ Preparation for Hurricane Event

28 Public Utilities Division 28 Implement Landfill Gas-To-Energy ■ Good Environmental Stewardship ■ Beneficial Use of Landfill Gas to Produce Electricity ■ Generates Revenue for Collier County

29 Public Utilities Division 29

30 Public Utilities Division 30 Hurricane Implementation Plan Provide and use best management practices to expedite debris removal and disposal that ensures the community’s recovery and mitigates health and safety threats for residents of the County

31 Public Utilities Division 31 Solid Waste Program ■ Commercial Recycling -Continuous outreach and education ■ Mandatory Temporary Event Recycling ■ School Recycling − Continuous education − Enhance recycling program

32 Public Utilities Division 32 Environmental Compliance and Landfill Scale House ■ Cost Effective Disposal & Recycling Alternatives ■ Automated Scale can Accommodate 65-75 Municipal Waste trucks per day ■ More Efficient Customer Service

33 Public Utilities Division 33 Cells 1 & 2 Reclamation Project ■ Meets FDEP Current Standard − Unlined cells to lined cells ■ Airspace Recovery ■ No Odor or Leachate Issues

34 Public Utilities Division 34 Cells 1 and 2 Reclamation Project Separation of Recyclables TIRES METALS SOILCONCRETE

35 Recycling contamination Public Utilities Division 35

36 Hazardous Waste for Businesses ■ Hazardous Waste Laws prohibit improper disposal by commercial entities. The Solid Waste Management Department CAN NOT ACCEPT hazardous waste from businesses at our Household Hazardous Waste Centers ■ The Solid Waste Management Department offers an alternative in order to promote safe hazardous waste disposal for commercial customers. Businesses may bring their hazardous waste to the Naples Recycling Center on clean out days. Using this method the business will receive our contracted prices and will not pay the stopping fee. The transaction is between EQ Florida and the business; the manifest must be signed and all costs paid by the business’s representative. Contact 252-2508 for more information.

37 Public Utilities Division 37 New Marco Island Recycling Center ■ Same drop-off services with more efficiency, one person operation 239-252-5153

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