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Single Stream Recycling Brown-Outagamie-Winnebago Counties City of Oshkosh Common Council, June 10, 2008.

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1 Single Stream Recycling Brown-Outagamie-Winnebago Counties City of Oshkosh Common Council, June 10, 2008

2 What is Single Stream Recycling? At the curb: place all recyclables including paper fiber & food-beverage containers together for collection (normally in a cart or bin) Cart Bin

3 Why Consider Single Stream Recycling? Because of benefits single stream is the nationwide trend Single stream already in Wisconsin Local municipalities have been requesting single stream

4 Single Stream Collection Benefits Liked by municipalities & households: Easier - more convenient - no separation Allows collection methods to be upgraded to automated pickup with carts Cleaner neighborhoods if material is collected with a cart

5 Automated Collection is Proven & Efficient City of Menasha in Winnebago County City of Appleton and Various Townships in Outagamie

6 Benefits of Automated Collection Fewer personnel Improved worker safety Reduced workman’s comp Larger workforce available

7 Challenges of Automated Collection Higher initial purchase price and maintenance expenses for trucks Cart purchase cost/charge to resident? Re-education on ‘how and when to recycle’ Cart size fixed- overflow recyclables Access restrictions to carts in narrow streets or where blocked by parked cars

8 Single Stream Processing Benefits Consolidate recycling facilities from 2 to 1 (3 in 1993 > 2 in 2003 > 1 in 2009) Avoid spending $2 million to replace worn out equipment Invest in future with new technology New Single Stream Technologies

9 Single Stream Processing Facility Capital cost $8 million (preliminary) –Avoid spending $2 million on old technology –Incremental $6 million will provide modern equipment with strategic value –Cost shared between 3 Counties Single stream processing estimated cost same as or less than dual stream Single Stream

10 Glass/Paper Contamination Significant issue for counties due to strong paper mill industry in NE WI Met with reps from SCA Tissue & Georgia Pacific Already buy paper from single stream sources Mills: good MRFs and bad MRFs, regardless of single or dual stream status Counties will be building, operating & maintaining the MRF; paper quality completely within the Counties’ control

11 Now (tonnages depend upon municipalities receiving services desired)

12 Single Stream Other Benefits Increased recycling (save natural resources) (10-30% is common) Decreased landfilling (save landfill space) Single Stream Recycling Landfilling

13 Single Stream Other Benefits Keep Tri-County Partnership strong for over 60 municipalities Keep municipality costs down Allows for maximum collection flexibility

14 Conclusions Single Stream Processing More tonnage will be retained Processing cost per ton will remain the same or decrease Strong system Likely viable beyond 10 years Dual Stream Processing Tonnage will decline Processing cost per ton will likely increase Weak & declining system Likely not viable beyond 5 or 10 years

15 Single or Dual Stream Collection Each WC community can choose collection method best suited for them. For automated collection, carts cost approx. $50 ea. Winnebago County do large volume procurement? Winnebago Co recently rebated $200,047; could be used for single stream carts. Phase out of ‘blue bags’ with development of single stream processing facility. City of Madison Cart Distribution

16 Phasing Out Blue Bags: Cut Costs and Reduce Waste Residents save money in not having to buy one time use bags County saves money in not having to employ inmate labor to de-bag material, provide safety supplies to inmates, maintain de-bag line, transport bags to Landfill and Landfill tip fees These cost savings passed to municipalities via reduced recycling tip fees (estimated to be approx. $2.50/ton) Increases space at Transfer Station for other materials (electronic rcy, trash when landfill closes) Bags cannot be recycled (waste) Bags incompatible with single stream processing

17 Single Stream Processing Facility All 3 Counties received necessary approvals to proceed in Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008 Will be located at the present Outagamie County Recycling Facility, Appleton, WI Existing building will be expanded. Existing dual stream processing equipment will be either reused or sold and removed.

18 Preliminary Schedule July 2008: begin construction Sept 2008-Jan 2009: equipment delivery, installation Feb/Mar 2009: construction complete; begin start-up, testing and training By July 1, 2009 begin full-scale operation

19 Questions? Jennifer Semrau Recycling Specialist (920) 232-1853 John Rabe Director, Solid Waste (920) 232-1805

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