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Group Presentation November 2013. Other holdings ConcessionsConstructionReal estate Waste management Energy 100% 95% 86% 55.46%3.4% (2) 100% (1) No 1.

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1 Group Presentation November 2013

2 Other holdings ConcessionsConstructionReal estate Waste management Energy 100% 95% 86% 55.46%3.4% (2) 100% (1) No 1 in Greece Leader in Greece & Cyprus Significant growth prospects Additional significant real estate portfolio No 1 in GreeceHidden values 4.480 full time employees with activities in more than 14 countries (1)Indirect participation via AKTOR (2) Direct and indirect participation (via AKTOR) (3)Ranked 76 th in ENR’s list for the top 225 Global Contractors, published Aug. 2010 Ellaktor is a dominant and highly diversified regional infrastructure player 100% 21.95% (3) 15.3% HELECTOR IS MEMBER OF THE ELLAKTOR GROUP

3 HELECTOR is the Waste Management Arm of Ellaktor Group Fully integrated Group providing vertical solutions that span throughout the waste management sector Constructor Technology provider Operator Vertical solution that can cater all needs Investor

4 Has achieved significant growth from its beginning… Consolidated Figures, IFRS, (€, m) Revenue ΕΒΙΤ

5 Financial Snapshot No debt at parent level All loans on a project basis undertaken by subsidiaries Cash & equivalent on a consolidated basis ~ € 35mn (31/12/2012)

6 Project / ObjectCapitalTotal Investments in expertise and infrastructure (Germany)20,780,000 Investments in RES28,069,00461,495,369 Investments in Waste Management15,172,73439,972,734 Other Equipment / ELEKTOR Group settlements6,417,000 Total70,438,737128,665,103 Key Financial Data Elector's investments over the past decade 2003-2013 The contribution of Taxes and Insurance over the last 5 years THE EVOLUTION BETWEEN CC And human resources over the last 5 years Despite the loss of revenue during the recession, employment in the Group is constantly increasing The group has been involved with 55% equity in all its projects

7 Waste investment opportunities - Greece Η ΗΛΕΚΤΩΡ συμμετέχει σε όλα τα έργα ΣΔΙΤ Απορριμμάτων στην Ελλάδα επιβεβαιώνοντας την πρόθεση και ικανότητα της να επενδύσει σε πρωτοπόρους τομείς Τεχνολογικής Ανάπτυξης στους οποίους ήδη έχει να παρουσιάσει μια επιτυχή και δυναμική Επιχειρηματική δραστηριότητα ProjectDescription Waste Management Helector ELLAKTOR holds 95% of Helector HELECTOR is the market leader in Waste Management and Waste-to-Energy sectors in Greece and Cyprus HELECTOR, through its German subsidiaries Herhof GmbH & Helector GmbH, owns worldwide patented technologies for Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) HELECTOR holds extensive know-how in designing, developing and operating waste management & WtE plants as well as landfills Greek Waste Management PPP projects Western Macedonia PPP 120,000 kta35 €m Peloponnese PPP 200,000 kta140 €m Ileia PPP 100,000 kta30 €m Aitoloakarnania PPP 110,000 kta30 €m NW Attica PPP 127,500 kta40 €m NE Attica PPP 127,500 kta40 €m Western Attica (Liosia) PPP 400,000 kta110 €m Western Attica (Fyli) PPP 700,000 kta300 €m Patras PPP 150,000 kta50 €m Thessaloniki PPP 400,000 kta200 €m

8 Technological Applications Offered Able to Cater The Most Demanding Needs

9 International Presence – Diversified Operations 1/2 Participations The main participations of HELECTOR SA are : ΗΕRΗOF GmbH 100% Construction and operation Of waste management facilities H.R.O (Helector recycling center Osnabruck) 100% Waste Management at Osnabruck ΒΕΑL SA 50% Electricity generation from biogas, LANDFILL APOTEFROTIRAS SA 70% Infectious Waste Incinerator Operation ΑΕFORIKI DODEKANISOU SA 100% Wind Electricity Farms in Dodecanese islands HELECTOR CYPRUS LTD 100% Subsidiary in Cyprus HERHOF VERWALTUNGSGESELLSC HAFT MBH 100% Owner of patents of technological processes of mechanical and biological treatment HELECTOR GmbH 100% Construction, Design and Implementation of Waste Management Units HELECTOR CONSTRUCTIONS SA 100% Construction of Biogas Plants, Electromechanical Construction in LANDFILLS and other units

10 Greece Cyprus Germany Russian Federation Patended Technology through German subsidiaries (Biological Treatment) Company Headquarters – Undisputable market leader – Significant growth opportunities due to market immaturity Awarded 2 Waste Management projects on a turnkey basis – total capacity 190kt/a Constructed & Operating Larnaca Plant (215kt/a) Significant Growth opportunities Awarded the 1 st Waste Management PPP project in R.F. (St. Petersburg) Helector Cyprus Croatia Turkey In the process of entering the market – 1 project awarded Jordan Awarded 1st landfill biogas project– Total value € 20 million Subsidiary established – Preferred bidder for a ~ € 82 mn project Bulgaria Slovenia Awarded the 1 st (out of 3) Waste Management project (Phase 2) – total capacity 41kt/a International Presence – Diversified Operations 2/2

11 Long – established relationship with its suppliers PTF Häusser GmbH All equipment installed in our facilities are manufactured in EU Excellent long – term relationship with many of the suppliers Most of them are procuring equipment for our 2 under construction projects in Croatia (undertaken at the peak of the financial turmoil)

12 Through Projects Implemented So Far, Helector..... Treats over 600,000 tons of waste p.a. through its waste management plants in Greece, Cyrpus & Germany Undertakes the operation of landfill facilities with annual incoming capacity of 2 million tons p.a. Annual energy production of > 220,000 MWh Annual recovery of 45,000 tons of recyclable material Annual production of 200,000 tons of secondary fuel (SRF / RDF)

13 Design, construction & operation for 10 years of a treatment plant & residual waste landfill in Larnaca, Cyprus 220,000 tons/year capacity Total contract value € 135 m in real terms Operation started on April 2010 WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (1/10)

14  Design, Construction and Operation of 2Sorting & Material Recovery units in Fyli & Koropi Municipalities  Capacity: 100,000 & 75,000 tones / year respectively  Industrial & packaged waste treatment  Recovery of recyclable products (paper, cardboard, plastic, metals, RDF) WASTE MANAGEMENT - CORE PROJECTS (2/10)

15  Mechanical biological treatment plant in Osnabrueck, Germany  The plant is situated in the city centre in a site of just 2.5 acres approximately  Capacity: 105,000 tones / year  17 years concession  Commenced operation in February 2006 WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (3/10)

16 WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (4/10) Mechanical Biological treatment center in Trier, Germany Capacity: 220,000 tons / year Turnkey project (Construction cost ~ € 40 Mil.) In operation since mid 2007 Operation from the local association Mechanical Biological treatment center in Berlin, Germany Capacity : 150,000 tons / year Turnkey project (Construction cost ~ € 38 Mil.) In operation since mid 2007 Operation from the local association

17 First PPP project regarding waste management in Russia (Saint Petersburg) Capacity of incoming waste according to tender documents amounting to 350,000 tones p.a Concession life is agreed at 30 years including construction period (apprx 4 years) The plant is vertically designed so in order to Maximize recovery of recyclables Produce biomass fuel, rich in renewable material, to be utilized on site (thermal treatment) for the production of energy Produce high quality “stabilized cover material” either for daily cover in landfills or (mixed with earthen materials in suitable ratio) as a filling material in land reclamation activities Main targets: Minimization of inert residual to landfill Avoidance of hazardous residuals Minimization of CO 2 emissions Positive carbon footprint WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (5/10) Yanino Waste Processing Project in the City of St. Petersburg

18 WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (6/10) Waste Management Centre in Marišćina (Croatia) - Capacity: 100,000 tpa / Total budget: 29.8 Mil. Waste Management Centre in Kastijun (Croatia) - Capacity: 90,000 tpa / Total budget: 29.2 Mil.. Both projects are being funded by the IPA programme of the EU and the EIB Product types manufactured: Metals and SRF (Low/Medium – High Quality) Biodegradable fraction for use in active bioreactor landfill Scope of Activities:  Facilities & Infrastructure for Waste management  Mechanical Plant for Biological Treatment  Sanitary Landfill Residues  Trial runs Waste Treatment Units in Mariscina & Kastijun Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency

19 Waste Management Center - Novo Mesto, Slovenia Regional Center for the Waste Management of Dolenjska Region – Novo Mesto, Slovenia - Capacity: 41.000 tpa / Total budget: 26mn€ Tender Status: Awarded Project (Phase II) The project is financed through European Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and the Municipalities (~ 75%) Type of Product produced : Recyclables and SRF Inert Fraction for disposal to active bioreactor landfill Scope of Works :  Transportation station  MBT plant for the production of recyclables and SRF  Installation for the recovery of gas for the production of electrical energy  Trial operation WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (7/10)

20  Design, construction & operation of the hospital waste incinerator in Athens, Greece  12,000 tons/year capacity  9 years operations contract signed in 2007 WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (8/10)

21  Design and construction of landfills and leachate treatment facilities in Attica region  - Ano Liosia, 2 million tones per annum; Total capacity 8,5 million tones; Total budget €30 million  - Fyli, 2,5 million tones per annum; Total capacity 14 million tones; Total budget €90 million WASTE MANAGEMENT - CORE PROJECTS (9/10)

22 WASTE MANAGEMENT – CORE PROJECTS (10/10) O ne of the largest Biogas power plants worldwide with an installed capacity of 23,5 MWe, in operation since 2001 as well as the Tagaradon unit with a capacity of 5,2 MW and a generating capacity of 220 GWh of electrical energy. Sale of electricity generated to ADMIE SA. Recovery of thermal energy for use in wastewater treatment plant of the landfill. These two units by HELECTOR SA contribute substantially to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the country; especially if we consider that in 2011 alone, we avoided more than 1.000.000 tCO2eq GHG emissions,.

23 ΜΒΤ Technology (Recyclables, Compost, RDF) Maximize the quantity and quality of recyclable material Stabilization of organic fragments through aerobic means Complete elimination of processing odors through the use of LARA and/or Bio-filters Complete elimination of dust emissions via De-dusting Processing and re-use of waste water Minimization of materials in landfills Compliance with legal framework in regards to the management of waste Flexibility and compatibility with recycling practices in the long run

24 Main Conclusive Points

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