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School Recycling Programs

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1 School Recycling Programs
Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow! School Recycling Programs Los Angeles Unified School District

2 Why Recycle at Schools? Students learn about and practice environmental stewardship Recycling programs help the District save money through avoided disposal costs Assembly Bill 341, passed in 2011, requires the state to increase the diversion rate from landfills to 75% by 2020 Previously, the City of Los Angeles and LAUSD had set a diversion rate goal of 70% by 2020

3 Waste Reduction Progress in LAUSD

4 LAUSD’S Rubbish and Recycling Contract
Republic Services typically collects rubbish material twice per week and recycled material once per week The district is charged $12.96 for every “tip” of a rubbish bin. There is no charge to the district for every “tip” of a recycle bin For every rubbish bin exchanged to a recycle bin, it saves the district $1,350 per year If all schools implemented a rigorous recycling program, the district could reduce reduce rubbish collection costs by up to 30% annually

5 Disposal of Rubbish All LAUSD rubbish is taken to the Sunshine Canyon Landfill in Sylmar

6 Recycling Process All recycled material is transferred to recovery facilities where it is sorted and baled, then used by industry as valuable raw material

7 Lunch Time Recycling Program
The Lunch Time Recycling Program can give schools the best opportunity to improve diversion rates Schools participating in the program can experience a 40-50% reduction in rubbish disposal Contact OEHS and request Lunch Time Recycling Program assistance. Republic Services will train students, staff and parents to help implement the program

8 Breakfast in the Classroom Recycling
Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) recycling can also be implemented to improve rubbish diversion rates Students place their trash into the black bag and the recycle materials into the yellow bag Yellow bags can be ordered from the Stores Warehouse or via the Cafeteria Manager

9 Recycle Program Support
OEHS and Republic Services are available to support the following recycling programs: Lunchtime Recycling Breakfast in the Classroom Recycling Cafeteria Recycling Recycling Incentives and Promotions Contact OEHS to coordinate a School Waste Audit provided by Republic Services

10 Waste Audit and Recycling Assessment

11 LAUSD’s Recycling Goals
Reduce 1 or more rubbish bins at each school Increase the number of recycle bins at each school All schools participate in the Lunch Time Recycling Program Meet or exceed District’s 70% diversion goal by 2020 Increase school partnerships with a LAUSD certified vendor to donate excess food

12 Common Safety Violations in School Classrooms

13 Administrator’s Mandatory Certification of Drinking Water Flushing

14 Support / Questions? LAUSD Waste Management Hotline (213-241-3955)
LAUSD Waste Management Website

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