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Landfills Incineration Hazardous Waste Hazardous Waste Management.

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1 Landfills Incineration Hazardous Waste Hazardous Waste Management

2 Slag- by product that is left when the mineral part is separated from unwanted material and can be used for concrete

3 Land fills in Saint Louis Location – Far enough away from population centers but not too far (transportation cost) – Dependent on geology and climate(drainage, rainfall, flooding)

4 Landfill in Maryland Heights MO

5 Liner- prevents leachate from entering groundwater Collection Pipes- channel leachate for treatment Clay cover- Seals solid waste in

6 Methane gas – Produced by microorganisms that break down waste – Flammable and explosive – can be used for energy Contamination of surface and groundwater – Seeping through unlined or cracks in the lining of landfills

7 Methane from a landfill collected and burning

8 What is hazardous waste? – Dangerously reactive, corrosive, explosive, or toxic chemicals – Can be in all states of matter: solid, liquid, gas How much of solid waste is hazardous? – About 1%

9 Dioxins – By-products of combustion of chlorine compounds – Source include: waste incinerators, iron ore mills, coal combustion, – Why are they harmful Accumulate in tissue Cause cancer, reproductive, neurological, immune system affected

10 Dioxin mixed with oil and sprayed on dirt roads to control dust Region flooded Dangerous levels of Dioxin found Evacuated 1982 Dioxin cleaned up and park opens 1999

11 PCBs – Group of industrial chemicals used in electrical transformers, vacuum pumps, adhesives, etc. – Can damage multiple organs especially interfere with thyroid function – Why are they dangerous? Resist break-down (chemical or biological) Ocean life lives in PCB contaminated sediment and pass the PCBs up the food chain


13 Long term storage in specialized landfills Reduce the amount produced Incineration Biologically – Microorganisms break down waste into harmless substance like water – Plants take the waste into their tissues and then are disposed of in hazardous waste landfills

14 Find an article from a news source (newspaper, magazine, text from newscast) can be print or digital about solid waste, hazardous waste, waste management, or the environmental impact of waste 1 paragraph summary 1 paragraph your opinion (must include what you learned) Copy of your article Due 1/14 Friday

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