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Update November 27, 2009 Professional Municipal Administrators Edward Evans Executive Director.

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1 Update November 27, 2009 Professional Municipal Administrators Edward Evans Executive Director

2 Government of Newfoundland & Labrador Waste Management Strategy – May 2007  Divert 50% of materials going to disposal by 2015;  Reduce number of waste disposal site by 80% by 2020;  Phase out use of unlined landfill site by 2020;  Full province wide modern waste management by 2020.  Central Newfoundland waste management system operational by 2011

3 Key Components of Waste Management  Source separation  Collection  Local waste management facilities (LWMF)  Material Recovery Facility (MRF)  Compost facility  Construction & Demolition Debris facility  Household Hazardous Waste facility  Second generation Landfill (lined landfill)

4 Study Area Boundary 50 – Towns, 38 – LSD’s, 19 – Unincorporated Areas

5 Source Separation – Two Bag (wet/dry) Advantages  efficient single-pass collection (lower collection costs)  the production of compost;  the stabilization of Wet waste residue;  the inability to hide unacceptable wastes (e.g. HHW, yard waste) in transparent bags.  compost carts not required  less education of the public required (sorting is simpler )  control of recovery rates occurs at the facility instead of in the home or curb, providing the flexibility to respond to market demands

6 Wet Bag (green transparent)  Baby wipes, bandages, cotton swabs, diapers  Grass clippings, leaves  All food scraps, meats, tea bags  Paper plates (dirty)  Anything that could contaminate recycles in the Dry bag belongs in the Wet bag

7 Dry Bag (blue transparent)  Aluminum cans, juice cans  All types of cardboard and paper products  Fabrics, clothes  All types of plastics

8 Transportation Analysis Centroid

9 Regional Landfill Site Selection – Constraint Criteria  Land Slope - < 12%  Public Roads – 300 m  Water bodies & Stream – 150 m  Residential Dwellings – 1.6 km  Parks – 1 km  Water Supplies & Water Shed Area – Avoidance  Minimum Soil Cover of 2 m  Airport – 2 km.  Potable wells – 1 km.  Electrical service - Opportunity

10 Preferred Regional Site

11 RWMF Concept Plan

12 Administration Building

13 Weight Scales

14 Public Drop Off

15 C&D Storage

16 Typical MRF

17 MRF Concept Plan

18 Semi-automatic MRF

19 MRF Products

20 Major Components of Compost Facility  Pre-processing  First stage composting  Second stage curing  post-processing

21 Compost Facility Concept Plan

22 First Stage Composting in-vessel

23 Second Stage Curing

24 Post Processing

25 Typical Compost Facility

26 Selected HHW System  One central HHW depot and a HHW depot at each LWMF

27 HHW Typical Facility

28 Update Regional Site RS01 Clearing and Grubbing Tender: (Woodco) - Completed RS02 Site Roads (Marine Contractors) - Final contract payment to be made RS03 Well Drilling (Pius Sullivan & Sons Ltd.) - 4 th borehole being drilled for administration building - Water wells to be drilled over the next two weeks RS04 Landfill: - Landfill design on hold pending approvals from DOE - Alternate liner design submitted to Environment for approval July 31, 2009 - Stream buffers from landfill sent to environment for approval July 13, 2009

29 RS08 Power Received preliminary contribution in aid (127,000) amount. NF Power continuing to get CIA amount approved internally. Poles installation completed on site Wires stringing to start next week Expecting power to be available before Christmas RS09 Telephone & Data Communications Expressions of interest to be called Aliant working on advising what services are available RS10 Site Buildings : (Bluebird Investments) Administration Building - Foundations complete - Erection of walls ongoing Scale House - Foundations complete - Erection of walls ongoing Maintenance Garage - Foundations poured

30 RS11 Leachate Treatment Final Pre-design report on leachate treatment option issued and sent to Environment for approval Sept 09, 2009 RS12 Compost: Pre-design report completed and issued this week RS14 Access Road and Site Work (Marine Contractors) Rock on slopes. Rock for sedimentation pond to be placed Deficiencies remaining Site Office Site office set up on Maintenance Garage parking lot

31 Local Waste Management Facilities

32 LWMF Concept Plan

33 Typical LWMF


35 Local Waste Management Facilities Clearing & Grubbing TS01: (Professional Grading Ltd) Release of holdback to be made Site Buildings TS02 (Bluebird Investments) Fogo: concrete work 100% complete Gander Bay: concrete work 100% NWI: Starting concrete work this week Civil Works TS05 (Cougar Engineering & Const) Fogo: completed Gander Bay: completed NWI: completed Indian Bay: 75% complete Terra Nova: completed Point Leamington: completed Buchans Junction: May be started in two weeks

36 Replace Septic tanks and disposal fields with Mini-bio STP. GSC has issued certificates of approval. Waiting on acceptance of draft agreement from STP contractor. Draft Certificate of Approval Comments of draft regulations submitted to DOE Project Master Schedule Land fill should be completed by fall of 2010. Transfer Stations should be completed by end of 2010

37 Staffing Requirements Regional Waste Management Facility Manager Administration (2) Equipment Forman Scale House Operators (2) Site Supervisors – Landfill (2) Process Supervisor – Compost Process Supervisor – Dry recyclables Equipment Operators (4) Laborers (30 full time, 20 part-time) Security (2) LWMF One Part Time Employee at Each Facility

38 Tipping Fee

39 Existing Disposal Sites Closeout Costs  42 Existing Sites  $215,000 Average Closeout Cost Per Site  Gander is Largest Site at a Cost of $1,990,000  $9,000,00 Total Closeout Costs

40 Governance Model The Central Newfoundland Waste Management Authority will finance with capital funding from government sources or through public/private partnerships, manage, and operate the waste management system for the Greater Central Newfoundland region which includes the area from Terra Nova National Park in the east, Buchans in the west, north to and including Fogo Island. The Board of Directors of the Authority will make decisions pertaining to: - The construction and operation of regional solid waste disposal sites including a facility designated in the regulations as a regional facility; and, - The charging of user fees on Municipal Authorities, areas under development control or unincorporated areas benefited by a regional facility. Board members will operate in accordance with the expectations of the Regional Services Board Act.

41 The initial Board of Directors will have the added responsibility of guiding the construction of the waste management facilities, establishing costs for users, initiating stakeholder communication and involvement, developing the Board operating policies, approving the By-laws and essentially building the Authority. It is expected that the nature of the Board will evolve as the waste management system becomes more firmly established. The Board at the outset will play a larger management role, but over the first term a shift towards a predominantly policy making Board of Directors should be anticipated. During the start-up period, the Authority Board will have engaged professional staff to manage and operate the facilities. In order to most adequately represent all parties, and to maintain a manageable size board, the board would then be comprised of seventeen (17) directors, twelve (12) voting members, the Chairperson and four (4) non-voting members. Every town, community or local service district within the central region will have a representative on the Board of Directors, nominated directly or through a regional representation. The Minister of Municipal Affairs will appoint board members.

42 Voting Members – 13 One (1) member from each of the regional waste management zones 7 One (1) member from the large towns; Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor 2 One (1) member from town’s with no transfer stations 1 One (1) member from Norris Arm & Norris Arm North 1 One (1) member for the three (3) towns over 3000 population 1 The Lieutenant-Governor in Council shall appoint a chairperson. 1 (Chairperson will only vote to break a tie) Other officials such as Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, will be appointed from the elected board but these officers will still represent their communities or regions. - All voting Board members would be selected from elected municipal councilors or an appointed representative of the Local Service District - Each transfer station region will have a committee made up of elected officials and the chair of that committee will serve on the Central Regional Service Board.

43 - Larger towns will appoint one from elected officials. - Three (3) towns over 3000 population will jointly appoint a board member but this member must alternate between the three towns. - Norris Arm and Norris Arm North will appoint one member which will alternate between the two communities. (For the Interim, one representative will sit with the board and the other with the Technical Committee. The person sitting with the board will carry the vote.) The Authority will recognize the Technical committee. The Chairperson of the Technical Committee will be asked to sit as a non-voting board member. Terms of Members With the exception of the chairperson, a member appointed to a board shall serve a term of 2 years with the right to be re-appointed for a further term of 2 years and shall be ineligible for a further re-appointment until at least 2 years after the expiration of his or her last term as a member of the board.

44 Central Newfoundland Waste Management Authority Representation by Directors 1 DirectorGander 1 DirectorGrand Falls - Windsor 1 DirectorBishop Falls - Botwood - Lewisporte 1 DirectorNorris Arm - Norris Arm North 1 DirectorAppleton - Comfort Cove - Newstead – Peterview- (Centroid Zone) Badger - Embree - Porterville – Baytona – Glenwood - Sandy Point - Benton - Laurenceton - Stanhope - Birchy Bay - Little Burnt Bay -Wooddale - Brown’s Arm - Loon Bay-Campbellton - Michael’s Harbour 1 DirectorBuchans - Buchans Junction - Millertown (Zone 1)

45 1 DirectorCottrell’s Cove - Northern Arm - Fortune Harbour -Phillip’s (Zone 2) Head -Glover’s Harbour – Pleasantview -Leading Tickles - Point Leamington Moore’s Cove - Point Of Bay 1 Director (Zone 3)Boyd’s Cove - Horwood - Ragged Harbour – Bridgeport – Indian Cove - Salt Harbour – Chanceport - Kettle Cove - Shoal Harbour Change Islands - Little Harbour – Stoneville - Cobb’s Arm - Merritt’s Harbour–Summerford - Cottlesville - Moreton’s Harbour -Sunnyside - Crow Head – Newville -Tizzard’s Harbour - Fairbanks-Hillgrade - Paradise - Too Good Arm - Green Cove - Pike’s Arm – Twillingate- Hatchett Harbour - Port Albert - Valley Pond - Herring Neck - Purcell’s Harbour - Virgin Arm-Carter’s Cove 1 Director (Zone 4)Fogo -Fogo Island Region - Joe Batt’s Arm - Barr’d Islands - Shoal Bay - Seldom - Little Seldom - Stag Harbour – Tilting

46 1 Director (Zone 5)Aspen Cove - Gander Bay South - Carmanville - Musgrave Harbour - Deadman’s Bay - Main Point – Davidsville – Frederickton – Ladle Cove - Gander Bay North - Noggin Cove 1 Director (Zone 6)Cape Freels North -Hare Bay - Centreville - Wareham - Trinity - Indian Bay – Dover – Lumsden - Greenspond - New - Wes - Valley 1 Director (Zone 7)Burnside - St. Chad’s -Glovertown - St. Brendan’s - Cull’s Harbour-Happy Adventure - Terra Nova – Charlottetown - Salvage – Traytown- Eastport - Sandy Cove – Gambo - Sandringham

47 Construction Schedule 2009 Road Networks 2010 Administration Building Scale Houses Transfer Stations Household Hazard Waste Facilities C & D Site Landfill Site Leachate Treatment Area Maintenance Building 2011 Compost Facility 2012 Material Recovery Facility 2013 Full Operation Construction Schedule

48 Contact Information Edward Evans Executive Director Central Newfoundland Waste Management 126 Roe Avenue, PO Box 149 Gander, NL A1V 1W5 Ph: 256 – 2299 Fax: 256 - 4206 Email: Web Site:

49 Central Newfoundland Solid Waste Management Study BAE Newplan Group Ltd. Wayne Manuel P.Eng

50 Questions

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