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The Aerochamber Technology. The Aerochamber technology is a purpose designed Aerobic Micro Climate chamber Specifically designed for the biodegradation.

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1 The Aerochamber Technology

2 The Aerochamber technology is a purpose designed Aerobic Micro Climate chamber Specifically designed for the biodegradation of putrescible organic Waste For Aerobic Micro flora and Micro fauna to rapidly multiply

3 The Aerochamber 612 litre and 300 litre prototypes

4 Large populations of Aerobic Microbial activity is essential in the first stage of the decomposition process for organic waste recycling To achieve a high Biodegradation rate of putrescible waste, and For Greenhouse Gas Abatement

5 Aerobic Microbial activity, require an adequate supply of oxygen on a continuous basis, and a regulated amount of moisture control maintained at approximately 60% throughout the composting cycle The Aerochamber Micro climate chamber supplies close to ambient levels of oxygen to the centre of the composting pile on a continuous basis, known as Aerobic decomposition Has a design methodology to evenly distribute condensation throughout the composting pile, to maintain a desired moisture level, and to reduce Leachate

6 Supplies a maximum amount of air flow to the composting pile, to facillate oxygen transport for oxygen diffusion Slumpage prevention is a means to assist with air flow, for oxygen transport and for oxygen diffusion Distribution of condensation, to prevent leachate production and for total moisture maintenance, throughout the composting pile

7 Sealed lid and body for insect and rodent protection Breathing and exhaust functions Hatchet doors at the base Makes for easy discharge of compost material The Aerochamber Micro Climate composter will be manufactured from heat retention material to maintain higher temperatures for increased Microbial activity

8 An Illustration (Working Drawing) of the Aerochamber Technology will be made available with the estimated cost, to be manufactured as soon as possible

9 A Twelve Month Test Evaluation was carried out in Brisbane Australia in 2009 to evaluate the Biodegradation rate of two different size updated designed Aerochambers, using putrescible waste From the MSW stream The 612 lt Aerochamber Biodegraded 1876 kg of putrescible waste, and produced 519 kg of compost material

10 The 300 lt Aerochamber Biodegraded 876 kg of putrescible waste, and produced 206 kg of compost material Due to a smaller surface to volume ratio, the 612 lt Aerochamber was more efficient Both Aerochambers biodegraded approximately seven times their volume capacity of putrescible waste in a twelve month period in Australia

11 The Aerochamber is a carbon abatement technology with the potential to divert all green and putrescible waste from landfill, reducing landfill up to 35% The Aerochamber design technologies reduce landfill and transport carbon emissions associated with all organic waste management and additionally achieve Carbon Sequestration

12 Landfilling 1 tonne of food Waste has a global warning potential that creates +743 kg of Co2-e Reference The Landfill and Transport Co2-e savings spreadsheets can be accessed on the website

13 Diverting organic waste from landfill has large economic savings for Waste Authorities and for Ratepayers A spread sheet calculation shows that a return on investment for Waste Authorities subsidising the Aerochamber technology to their ratepayers, will get a return on investment within a two year period, and a non expense credit thereafter Refer to the Landfill and Transport Economic savings spreadsheets can be accessed on the website

14 The Low C-N Carbon/ Nitrogen ratio of the organic compost material produced from the Aerochamber is a vital component in the compost mix, supplying a valuable Nitrogen base for plant growth, for future sustainability and for Carbon Sequestration The Aerochamber compost material is a high quality organic growing medium with a balanced nutrient base

15 The Aerochamber mature compost material yields a high production of produce to compost volume enhancing the potential for a sustainable future for food production and for Carbon Sequestration


17 The high quality plant growth from the Aerochamber compost material produced strong healthy vegetables

18 No fungicides, pesticides or fertilisers were used in the plant growth

19 To achieve high quality Aerochamber compost material as shown, a low carbon/nitrogen ratio material is used such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit waste etc, known as putrescible waste, incorporated with garden waste, (grass and hedge clippings etc), which makes high quality Aerochamber compost material

20 Earthworms from the garden are attracted to the Aerochamber low carbon /nitrogen ratio rich compost material and infiltrate the Aerochamber compost in large numbers soon after the compost material is removed from the Aerochambers and when the compost material is associated with the garden soil which instantly comes into equilibrium with the soil

21  Place the Aerochamber in the sunniest part of your garden, dig the rodent proof parameter rim, at the bottom of the bin, into the ground  Wrap all meat, poultry and fish, in moist paper before depositing  Kitchen waste should be well drained before depositing  Grass clippings should be moist before depositing

22  There are no operating functions required to use the Aerochamber  Simply lift the lid, deposit the waste and close the lid  The design functions of the Aerochamber does all your work for you

23  European Region  Headquarters to Be Established in UK  Contact : Les Iggulden Technical Founder Email:

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