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Alternative Energy and Waste Management A Sustainable Development Partnership Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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1 Alternative Energy and Waste Management A Sustainable Development Partnership Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

2 Introductions  Golder Associates Ltd.  Founded in Canada in 1960  Global Employee Owned Environmental Consultants  4,500 Employees, 130 Offices, 6 Continents  UN Global Compact Member  Projects in Mexico since mid 90’s  Michael Snow, Principal, Global Leader of Waste Management Services

3 Partnership  Sustainability a Core Corporate Value: Long Term Vision  Early Partner with SCI Program  Member of advisory board  Partnership Benefits  SCI Screening Process for Municipal Partners  Road Map Building Process: Missions  Government Sponsor Credibility  Seed Funds for Initial Project Development

4 Project Development  SCI sponsored missions in early 2004  Waste Management and Energy Amongst Key Roadmap Issues  Waste Tires a Major Concern Along Border  City Needed to Rehabilitate Old Dump and Site Modern Landfill  Electricity a Significant Municipal Expenditure: ~ US$4M/year

5 Project Context  Population of ~ 600,000  Rapid growth in population has stressed municipal infrastructure  Dump Impacts on Environment  Fires, air quality, LFG emissions  Groundwater quality impacts  Large scavenging community  Scrap Tire Dumps are Breeding Ground for Vectors/Disease  Gulf of Mexico Proximity Offers Good Wind Energy Potential

6 Renewable Energy as Sustainable Development  Three Pillars: Social, Environmental, Economic  “Do not leave our problems for future generations to manage”  Renewable Energy Sources  Do not leave “legacy” environmental impacts” Do not deplete existing resources Reduce greenhouse gases No environmental “footprint”  Are economically viable  Amenable to smaller distributed energy: rural poverty reduction agenda

7 Matamoros “Green Energy” Facility Comprised of Three Energy Components: World First Innovative “Green Energy Facility” 1.Pyrolysis Transformation of Tires, Wood, and Other Wastes Into Electricity  Technology Creates Syngas Fuel  Recyclable Non-Hazardous Residuals Generated  Landfill Diversion, Solution for Waste Tires Along Border 2.LFG Capture From Dump  Control of LFG Fires and Odours  Reduced GHG Emissions and Dependence on Fossil Fuels 3.Develop Wind Farm Along Drainage Canal  Flat Terrain, Good Wind > 8 m/s

8 Matamoros “Green Energy” Facility  Overall Energy Potential ~ 20 MW  Greenhouse Gas Reductions  Single Integrated Electrical Substation and Power Line Transmission Connection  City Could Save Over US$4M/Year in Electrical Bills  Facility to be Developed at Old Dump Site  Part of Overall Site Rehabilitation Plan  Reasonable Post-Closure Land Use  Opportunity for Local Job Creation at Plant  New Modern Landfill Site Constructed  Local Job Creation at New Landfill

9 Matamoros “Green Energy” Facility

10 Matamoros Old Dump Site

11 Wind Energy Facility 18 Wind Turbines Height = 70 Metres Diameter = 54 Metres Load Factor ~ 30% Annual Energy Production ~ 39,000 MW-hours Located along Existing ROW of Drainage Canals

12 LFG Generation Potential  Site Contains ~ 1.2 Million Tonnes of MSW  Estimated LFG Generation ~ 290 scfm of Methane  GHG Reduction ~ 60,000 tonne CO 2e /Year  No Existing LFG Management System  Landfill Fires and Air Quality a Major Concern: Dump Closed  Methane a Significant Greenhouse Gas

13 Scrap Tires as Solid Fuel  Tires Offer ~ 32,000 kJ/kg as Energy  Mexico Generates ~ 15 million Tires/Year  80% go to Dumps  15% in Cement Kilns  5% Recycled  Approx. 25 million Tires Already in Dumps  Illegal Importation of Tires from US a Concern

14 Additional Solid Waste Fuel Sources  Wood Waste  Generated from Manufacturing Industry Along Border  Other High BTU, Non-Organic Industrial Waste  Plastic, Rubber, Foam, Paper, Textiles, etc. 

15 Pyrolysis Plant Components 1.Pre-Processing Shredder for Size Reduction  Achieve < 50 mm Size, Remove Steel 2.Retort Chamber to Gasify Solid Organic Fuel  Creates Syngas at ~750 to 850 o C in a Vacuum  Residual Carbon Char Removed/Recycled 3.Thermal Oxidizer for Combustion of Syngas and Destruction of HAPs  Operates at ~600 to 750 o C 4.Heat Transfer from Exhaust Gases to Steam Boiler/Turbine Power Generation  Combined with Gas Turbine Pre-Heater for Air Supply to Thermal Oxidizer 5.Air Emissions Control Technology  Wet Scrubber Using NaOH to Remove SOx and Particulates

16 Feasibility Study  CIDA Inc and Golder Financial Contributions: 70/30  Funding Application Supported by SCI  Technical Studies Undertaken  Detailed Implementation Plan  Financial Model  Training Plan  Implementation Schedule

17 Feasibility Study (cont’d)  Social and Gender Equality Assessment  Interviews with Local «Scavenging Community »  Environmental Impact Assessment  Project Presented to Local Community  Improves Air Quality  Wind Turbines Positioned to Not Impact Local Land Use  No residuals requiring management  Reasonable post-closure land use

18 Waste to Energy Facility MATAMOROS TRIAL DEMONSTRATION Completed in 2005 for Tires and Wood Waste Detailed Emissions Testing Quality of Carbon Char Residuals Tested Part of Technical Assesssment

19 Short-Term Action Plan  Developed in Conjunction with Canada – Mexico Partnership  Secured Land Rights to Install Pyrolysis Plant and Wind Turbines  Sited and Constructed New Landfill Site  Assess Capacity of Electrical Transmission Grid Initial meeting with CFE positive  Complete CDM Application to Mexican DNA

20 Medium-Term Action Plan  Undertake Rehabilitation Plan to Close Old Dump  Cover application to control fires  Complete LFG System Design  Complete LFG pump tests  Complete Wind Measurements  Complete Pyrolysis Plant Design  Complete Contracts and Financing  Tire fuel supply  Power purchase agreement  Tender and Construction  Start Up and Training Staff

21 Initial Financing Plan  Total Capital Cost ~ US$41M  Net Present Value ~ US$32M  Depends on Tire Fuel Costs and Electricity Contract Rate  Internal Rate of Return ~ 24.5%  Debt Service Ratio ~ 2.48  Financed 85% from NADBank and 15% from Private Investors  SCI Role in Bringing NADBank as project partner

22 Engineering Earth’s Development. Preserving Earth’s Integrity.

23 Air Emissions Results ParameterUnitsWood ValueTire ValueMax. Limit Sulphur Dioxidemg/m 3 <35.312.580 Carbon Monoxide mg/m 3 7.127.563 Nitrous Oxidesmg/m 3 77.30.238300 Particulatesmg/m 3 19.70.085550 Hydrogen Chloride mg/m 3 7.1ND15 Metals: As, Se, Co, Ni, Mn, Sn mg/m 3 <0.04370.6290.7 Metals: Pb, Cr, Cu, Zn mg/m 3 0.001440.0180.7 Cadmiummg/m 3 0.2500.0001830.07 Mercurymg/m 3 <0.000070.00007750.07 Dioxins and Furans ng EQT/m 3 0.0430.13280.5

24 Carbon Char Results ParameterWood ValueTire Value Carbon Char97.6%67.1 Total Ash2.4%32.9 Aluminum OxideND0.95 Silicon OxideND21.0 Zinc Oxide0.0064%11.3 Calcium Carbonate1.97%0.15 Magnesium Carbonate0.33%0.51 CTC Activity3.1%1.9

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