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1 An Integrated, Collaborative, Sustainable GREEN RESOURCES COMMUNITY January 2013 Update.

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1 1 An Integrated, Collaborative, Sustainable GREEN RESOURCES COMMUNITY January 2013 Update

2 One Year Later Waste-to-Resource Community to Green Resources Community Enabled through collaboration and collective thinking 3 Phases of Waste-to-Resource have meshed – some aspects in phases have accelerated

3 3 Phase 1 Regulatory Approval – 10 T/d Solid Waste, 4000 L/d Waste Cooking Oil Bio Diesel plant onsite at landfill Gasifier/Generator - 80-90% of equipment required is sourced or procured by vendor Green House - Awarded in Fall Startup Spring 2013 Waste-to-Resource Update

4 4 Waste-to-Resource Economics

5 Waste-to-Resource Relativity April 2011 Bloomberg Article: Waste Management Inc. landfilled 92 million tons of trash in 2011 This tonnage was worth $12.3 billion to landfill it. This same tonnage is worth $40 billion if converted to energy “We don’t think the future, long term, is going to be continuing to put everything in the landfill. Its going to be recovering more value from this material. The customers will demand it, the struggle for resources will demand it, and quite honestly, economically, it’s the thing we should be doing.” Carl Rush, Sr. VP, Waste Management Inc.

6 6 New Eco-industrial Park ~120 ha of land Capture value in region Educational Center Initiating Development Plan

7 7 Old Landfill Closure First Aerobic Landfill in Canada Grant from CCEMC/Minister of Environment Largest Landfill Carbon Offset Program in The World Potentially largest carbon offset program in Canada to-date Once complete, mine and process in Waste-to- Resource and re-develop land (~ 50 ha)

8 Emergent Ecosystem

9 Collaborative Ecosystem

10 10

11 11 Collaborative Ecosystem Environmental Benefits

12 12 Collaborative Ecosystem Social Benefits

13 13 District Energy planned in Phase IB and subsequent phases of Parson’s Creek Finalizing funding contributions for phase 1B with other potential partners to facilitate 2013 design District energy planned as part of City Center Action Plan, Southlands and Saline Creek District Energy

14 14 New water source is required for Fort McKay Low grade waste heat supply to District Energy Potable water/Non-Potable water/ sewage services for industry Non-bitumen / Non-synthetic oil commodities movement Conceptual Northern Utility Corridor

15 15 Conceptual Southern Utility Corridor Joint design underway on south wastewater treatment plant and southern SAGD project to utilize a portion of treated effluent produced via pipeline. Balance of treated effluent available from both North and South WWTPs for reuse and purple water systems AB ENV Water Sourcing Net Environmental Effects analysis – best solution with integration

16 Municipal Corporation Regional Council approved formation of Municipal Corporation on June 26 th. Application for approval submitted to Province Enables responsiveness and flexibility to oilsands’ and commercial devlopers’ project needs and timelines for integration

17 New Environmental Services Infrastructure Supports municipal growth and integration Fort McMurray WWTP – 2010 Fort McMurray WTP expansion – 2013 Anzac Truck Fill – 2012 (end) Anzac WWTP – 2013 (end) Conklin WTP – 2013 (spring) Conklin WWTP – 2014 (fast track)

18 Questions? Contact: Kevin Scoble, Director Environmental Services Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (780) 788-1456, ext 5896

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