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PORT LINCOLN Landfill => Transfer Station Geoff R Dodd Director of Operations.

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1 PORT LINCOLN Landfill => Transfer Station Geoff R Dodd Director of Operations

2 History Site opened December 1991. Kerb side recycling commenced December 1992. Transfer station and recycling bays constructed 1996. Baler installed 1998. Two completed cells, one operating and one currently under construction. Room for two more cells but native Veg issues. Operation of site contracted out in 2003.

3 Site Operation – Theory

4 Site Operation - Actual Customers served at the baling shed Maximises to use of staff, ie baling in between serving customers Focus is on commercial recycling and education on separation of loads prior to arrival at site Installation of weigh bridge added complexity in part time manning of site office Recycling bays not used, too small & incorrect location

5 Recycling - Household Not sufficient quantity to have separate containers for different types. Mixed in with kerbside material & transported to Adelaide.

6 Recycling - Plastics

7 General Recycling - Cardboard Cardboard kept separate where possible. Commercial cardboard operators also deliver here. Most is re-baled prior to transport to Adelaide.

8 Baled Recycling Material

9 Recycling - Steel Steel placed on station Pushed into truck & taken to stockpile Complete loads taken direct to stockpile Baled every 6 months 200 ton/year

10 Recycling Steel - Stockpile

11 Industry Recycling – Rope/net Fishing industry encouraged to bring in rope/net in separate loads Sent direct to stockpile site Transported to Adelaide when sufficient qty in stockpile

12 Industry Recycling - Timber Construction timber/pallets kept separate. Sent direct to separate stockpile. Mulched once/twice per year. Mulch sold to public & used on council gardens.

13 Industry Recycling – One Offs

14 Plastic Oil Containers

15 Lessons Learned Layout not perfect Separation of kerbside recycleables not efficient, the process transferred for material dropped off Concentrate efforts on industrial and commercial products – bigger bang for the effort Recycling is not commercially viable if considered alone, ie exclusive of cost to landfill

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