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Investing in Technological Innovations, Dec 2014.

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1 Investing in Technological Innovations, Dec 2014

2 Trending… Video & Television (visuals) Apps NFC Tap Card Vouchers (values) Agric Call Centres (voice) Climate Data Nutrition Data Personalized Data Advertising Business Models

3 10 years 10 countries 10 apps

4 Prices Weather Offers Agric Tips Army work is rampant in the Lower Shire this season. If you notice leaf blades of Maize Crop being eaten by Army Worm call 099572992 or buy insecticides at nearest Agrodealer 12 %

5 Do not fetch fertilizer and dump under the maize plants, bury it 5cm-10cm away from plants to avoid evaporating and wash away by rain. We expect rain volume to sharply drop to about 75mm for the entire October. Farmers with younger crops that still require a lot of water should mulch their farms to conserve moisture. We expect heavy rains in the coming days. You can create drainage channels in your maize fields which are in low lands to avoid floods. Do not use herbicides to control weeds in flooded Rice fields. Wait for water to drain or use hand pulling. Call Esoko on 1900 for more info. Climate tips…

6 Extra 3 containers/year Each one $168,000


8 Challenges Financing Distribution (proof points & impact)

9 Investment considerations… 1.What type of entity are they (private company) ? 2.Have they validated the idea with beneficiaries? 3.Do they have agricultural experience/expertise? 4.Are they displacing or strengthening local providers? 5.Are they buying or building? (have they built before?) 6.Have they addressed legal, privacy, security issues? 7.Have they suggested results-based financing? (or 50%) 8.Do they have business experience for sustainability?

10 Thank you!

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