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Michael Andrews SooHyun Jang David Jia Nat Storer.

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1 Michael Andrews SooHyun Jang David Jia Nat Storer

2  Camera and touchscreen arrived!  Functional code for streaming video from camera onto Pandaboard  5 second rolling buffer  Key press trigger for center point of interpolation  Touchscreen semi-functional  Interpolation code is not aesthetically pleasing (blurred artifacts)  Need code for a GUI for touchscreen interface

3  Processing Speed  Desirability of product sharply decreases if processing takes too long (approx. >1min)  Measure average interpolation speed against total number of frames to interpolate  Accuracy of Interpolation  Current algorithm runs in real-time but far from ideal quality  Diff pixels between interpolated video frames and original slow motion video frames

4  Determine stability of camera SDK and performance of streaming video to Pandaboard  Tests can be automated with a script TestMetrics Run code with camera SDK to record videosWhether code crashes or not Vary length of videos and length of rolling buffer Time it takes to transfer video to Pandaboard

5  Make sure GUI does not get into unexpected states  Determine fidelity of actual touchscreen interface  Tests must be performed manually TestMetrics Manually test all possible aspects of GUIWhether code crashes or not Disconnect and reconnect touchscreen from device Whether code functions after reconnecting or not

6  Determine degree of success of interpolation algorithm  There will always be some subjectivity in this  This test will help improve interpolation code  Test can be automated with a script TestMetrics Find varying lengths of slow motion stock footage, and remove every X frames to produce choppy “normal speed” videos, and interpolate frames back into the video Differences in pixels between interpolated frames and original removed frames

7  Ensure reliability of Wi-Fi connection and the user’s ability to upload videos to Youtube (stretch goal)  Tests can be automated with a script TestMetrics Repeatedly record and interpolate videos and upload them to Youtube Whether or not Youtube API breaks or Wi-Fi connection problems occur

8  Find maximum video length for which processing time is acceptable  Determine what types of videos can be slowed down using this product  Balloon popping may be too fast for 120fps to capture enough original frames  Spinning propeller cannot be sampled fast enough to determine direction of rotation (Nyquist Sampling Theorem)

9  Stress test – write script to repeatedly run interpolation code for long periods of time  Ensure users are always notified when errors do occur (i.e. – camera SDK breaks or Wi-Fi becomes unavailable)

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