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The Fall of Rome Pages Questions 1-6

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1 The Fall of Rome Pages 317-326 Questions 1-6
Chapter 9 Section 2 The Fall of Rome Pages Questions 1-6

2 1. What social problems helped cause the empire’s decline.
1. Dishonest Officials 2. Decline in respect for Roman values 3. Widespread slavery 4. People stopped serving in government and paying taxes 5. Fewer educated people.

3 2. Why did the Roman Government use Germanic warriors in its army?
They used these men as mercenaries in its army to protect their borders.

4 3. Summarizing Information
Rule of Law Languages derived from Latin Roman Legacies Roman Architectural Styles Christianity

5 4. How did inflation affect Rome?
1. Prices Rise Sharply 2. fewer taxes paid 3. government could not pay their soldiers and officials. 4. money lost value 5. people stopped using the money because it was worthless.

6 5. Who were the Visigoths, and how did they contribute to the fall of Rome?
They were a Germanic people who moved into Roman territory to escape the Huns. Also they defeated the Romans at Adrianople and sacked Rome.

7 6. Give examples of Roman ideas in language and architecture that exist today
Examples in language - Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French , and English; Architecture Capital building in Washington D.C. and other government buildings, Museums, and Libraries.

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