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POSSESED. SYNOPSIS Early one morning, Myles; a lazy BMX’er was riding along Brighton beach until he sees an unusual storm coming towards him. The dark.

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2 SYNOPSIS Early one morning, Myles; a lazy BMX’er was riding along Brighton beach until he sees an unusual storm coming towards him. The dark clouds start circling around the area. It Starts to rain heavy with hail stones and high winds almost like tornadoes. However Myles carries on riding when all of a sudden an explosion and lighting sticks and hits Myles of his bike. As Myles comes around buildings are up in flames, car alarms are going off and people are screaming, he quickly runs to safety where he finds himself in a cold blacked out room. He starts to panic and uses his lighter to work out his surroundings where he sees a figure in the corner with his head down. Myles tries to get his attention but there is no response so he slowly walks up to him, not making a sound when the man suddenly looks up, he has black eyes which were looking straight through Myles. The man screams in Myles face, Myles starts to run but trips and the man was standing over him, but suddenly he gets saved by this women (Jazmin) by pulling him away from his near death experience. Jazmin explains to Myles that the man he saw was possessed by the storm. As Jazmin is trying to calm Myles down they hear heavy breathing in the back ground, they both slowly turn their heads were they see another possessed person. They scream and franticly run away holding hands. Its silent and all you can hear is Myles and Jazmin controlling their breathing. Jazmin looks around the room were she finds a radio, she turns it up and there is a news report about the storm saying it has effect the whole of the south of England and the safety is in Scotland… it cuts out sharply and there is silent. They both look at each other confused and scared but they realise the only way they will survive is if they travel to the quarantine zone. However on there travels they didn’t come alone as possessed beings followed them and have challenges along the way. They both have to fight and kill to survive.

3 3 ACT TREATMENT Storyline Trailer The narrative starts with the traditional equilibrium where we briefly follow the background life of the protagonist, as a way of introducing him. This would be done through showing the protagonist doing things that make him stand out, for example showing him riding his bike. We will portray this within the trailer through following the protagonist as he rides his bike along Brighton Beach. This will briefly hint to the trailer audience of what the protagonist is like. The disequilibrium is announced in the story through carnage within the city as the possessive epidemic takes over. The disequilibrium will take place through most of the film as the two survivors escape death through numerous encounters with possessed humans trying to kill them. An example of this is when possessed dog tries to attack them. The new equilibrium will come in at the end of the film where the survivors finally reach safety in Wales. They will come into the disinfected zone where they will be greeted by other survivors, although this is completely different to the original equilibrium, they are now safe. In the trailer we will introduce the disequilibrium with the distant destruction of the inner city. As well as this we will introduce the antagonists who are the possessed humans in the film through the protagonist almost being attacked by one in a dark room as he is working out what is happening. Also we will hint to other disruptions by showing the two main characters trying to dodge some possessed humans. Although we will not show the two characters in the new equilibrium as it will ruin the ending of the film. In the trailer we will hint to the new equilibrium by having a voice over saying that they are heading to Wales to find safety and the two characters heading towards a sign post with an arrow to Wales.


5 MISE EN SCENE Male Protagonist: Stereotypical teenage skater boy who is pushed into action. Shows vulnerability as he’s just a normal boy, nothing special. Antagonists: Normal looking people however eyes will be black (contact lenses) and pale skin to show audience they’re possessed. Helper: Stereotypical teenage girl. Lighter to light up dark room whilst he’s hiding. Also shows he’s a smoker which connotes vulnerability. Clothes will be dirty/ripped and some he will have some cuts to show he’s been knocked off bike in storm and also show the danger. Again, will have dirty clothes and scratches to show the struggle they’re going through

6 Setting Our trailer will start at the beach where the main character will be bmx’ing. We will create an eerie atmosphere as we will shoot early in the morning when only a few people are around, due to the weather recently it will be quite dull and grey, helping us to add to the unnatural feel. We will also be shooting around the North Laines, again, when no one is around. We will be shooting in a dark basement for when our characters are hiding. The only light they will have is a lighter. This will be unnerving to the audience as the darkness will make them wonder what’s there and if they’re there alone, creating suspense. Finally, another place we will be filming in a field which will show them travelling through cities and country to get to the safe zone. The field will have multiple possessed people in it which will show the vulnerability of our characters by there being no escape.

7 INFLUENCES Handheld Camera Introducing the disequilibrium through explosion Lots of distant dietetic noises highlighting danger Obvious 3 act structure within trailer Highlights very confused characters to the situation Postmodern Cowboy Use of important landmarks Cloverfield Emptiness of streets causing a sense of eeriness Use of important landmarks Fast paced music Quick editing of shots Postmodern Cowboy Introduction of helpers within then narrative 28 Days Later

8 How they make humans look possesed Use of big smiles, eyes and pale face Piercing eerie noise when titles are displayed We will used the black eyes of the child Insidious Intrdoucing hints to the narrative within the narrative Quick editing to make trailer more tense Background music Showing snippets of big action sequences to interest audience Bold, obvious title at the end so audience can remember Irobot

9 MARKETING Our film is a low budget independent film. It will mainly be advertised on the internet using social networking sights such as Facebook, twitter and MySpace. It will also be advertised on YouTube by having the trailer played before the users view the content of the video they searched. This will force the users to watch the trailer without deliberating wanting too. By advertising through Facebook it will mean that people will see the trailer on their news feed whenever someone their friends with likes or comments on the post. An example of this is Monsters where they used social networking sites to promote the films and therefore more of the target audience went to see the film. The reason why Monsters chose to promote there film in this way is because they were on a very low budget, similar to Possessed and using social networks is a quick way to advertise across a wide range of people and is also completely free.


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