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An Integrated English Course Book 2 Unit 1 We’ve Been Hit!

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1 An Integrated English Course Book 2 Unit 1 We’ve Been Hit!


3 1. When did the Spring Festival Gala begin? 2. How many of you watched the Gala? 3. What’s the theme of the 2012’s Gala? 4. How many parts is it divided into? 5. Which program do you like best? Go back home to celebrate the Festival the year of dragon homethe show’s 30th anniversary one world and one family

4 2. What do you think of the Spring Festival Gala this year? 1. Say something about your winter holiday. Warming up

5 Pre-reading Questions Background Information Structural Analysis Language Points Quiz on UNIT 1 Teaching Points

6 Pre-reading Questions 1.Tell what you know about the 9.11 Attack. 3. Describe a disaster you have experienced or have heard of? 2. Name some other natural disasters. 4. How would you face disasters? 5. How would you react if you caught in a moral dilemma: save yourself or save another? 6. What do you know about the WTC in USA?

7 natural disaster geological ~ hydrological ~ meteorological ~ health ~ space ~ fire avalancheearthquakevolcano limnicflood tsunami tornadoheatwave blizzard droughthailstorm epidemicfamine hurricane landslidemudslide solar flareimpact event

8 1. 9.11 attack On Tuesday, September 11,2001, at 8:45 am New York local time, World Trade Center One(WTC1), the north tower, was hit by a hijacked 767 commercial jet plane, loaded with fuel for a transcontinental flight. WTC2, the south tower, was hit by a similar hijacked jet 18 minutes later at 9:03 am. On separate but related attacks, the Pentagon building near Washington D.C. was hit by a hijacked 757 at 9:43 am, and at 10:10 am, a fourth hijacked jetliner crashed in Pennsylvania. Background Information

9 The south tower, WTC 2, which had been hit second, was the first to suffer a complete structural collapse at 10:05 am, 62 minutes after being hit. The north tower, WTC 1, then also collapsed at 10:29am, 104 minutes after being hit. WTC 7, a substantial 47 storey building in its own right, built in 1987, was damaged by the collapsing towers, caught fire, and later in the afternoon also totally collapsed. 1. 9.11 attack

10 2. The World Trade Center The WTC is more than its signature twin towers: it is a complex of 7 buildings(4 office building and 1 hotel) on 17 acres of land, constructed and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The towers rise at the heart of the complex, each climbing more than 100 feet higher than the silver mast of the Empire State Building.

11 Time: Tuesday, Sept, 11,2001 WTC1: 8:45, 767 commercial jet plane WTC2: 9:03, a similar jet plane Pentagon: 9:43, 757 plane Pennsylvania: 10:10, a 4th plane 9.11 attack collapse 10:05 62min. 10:29 collapse 104min. WTC7 47 storey, built in 1987 in the afternoon collapse a complex of 7 buildings(16 acres )





16 Before Attack

17 After Attack



20 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 1.Rice is the United States’ __________. permanent representative to the United Nations 3. The ceremony concluded with religious leaders ________, a symbol of the world that______. lighting a candle gathers together in the morning, but also stands united and in pursuit of peace. 2.Both the general assembly and Security Council declared _______________. their solidarity with big tense pledging their support in bringing the attackers to justice.

21 Ⅰ. Main idea The passage describes a particular episode in the disaster that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York in praise of the courage and compassion of man. Unit 1 We’ve Been Hit!

22 II. Structural analysis Paras. 2 – 9 to describe the initial reaction of people inside the WTC when the building was hit Para. 1 to tell the common people’s perception about the WTC Paras. 10 – 30 to describe how the three people (Mayblum, Ramos and Hong) endeavored to save a heavyset man with their joint efforts Paras. 31 – 34 to describe the gathering of some of the survivors and the victims’ wives → → → →

23 Para.1 In this paragraph two images are used to emphasize the power (steadiness) of the WTC. They are storms and drawstrings. Storms were nothing compared with the giant building, and even the swaying of the drawstrings was only an illusion. Q: What did Mayblum think of the WTC before the building was hit?

24 1. sway : to move or swing from side to side The dancer swayed his hips to the music. The branches of the trees were swaying in the wind. His power sways the world. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by his promise. Language work influence

25 2.illusion sth that is not true or real delusion misconception trick deception I though I saw a ghost but it was just a optical illusion. I was under the illusion that he was honest until he was caught cheating. He cherished the illusion that she loved him, but he was wrong. synonym

26 3.lash v. beat, strike, hit sth. violently He lashed at his rival for dishonesty. The waves lashed against the rocks. 4.scoff v. laugh at I told them my ideas but they scoffed at them. criticize Who has scoffed all the pastries down? eat up

27 Para. 2-5 These sentences are used to emphasize the fact that the people in the building were in great danger and they would have to try to find their way out according to where they happened to be. Q:What is the implication of the parallel sentences “For some …a matter of…” and “For some…as basic as…”?

28 4.devastating: completely destructive The area is subjective to devastating seasonal winds. to look quickly or briefly at 5.glance at: I saw them glance at each other as if they knew something I didn’t. derivation devastatinglydevastation glare atstare at peer at gaze at

29 to go forward quickly while moving from one side to another 6.careen v. to cause to move in a sloping positiontilt v. The driver lost control of his car and it went careening down the hill. He tilted his chair backward and put his feet up on the desk. Comparison: Para2 They were swaying up to 3 feet high from side to side

30 7.throw/cast/hurl/fling into throw is the least specific. cast usually refers to throwing sth light. hurl and fling mean to throw with great force. Comparison: 4) He crumpled the letter and ____it into the fire. 1) Please ____the life preserver to the struggling swimmer. 2) The angler ____her line into the stream. 3) In a fit of temper, he ____the book across the room. throw cast hurled flung

31 8.purgatory n. be of great suffering purgatorial adj. derivation I’ve been on a diet for two weeks now, and it’s purgatory ! Para3 Thousands of people were thrown all of a sudden into a condition of an extremely terrible suffering that morning and Mayblum was one of them

32 This is the industrialist's dilemma: invest, and risk going bankrupt, or not invest and risk losing your share of the market. 9.dilemma:hard to make a choice collocation be in a dilemma put sb into a dilemma derivation dilemmatic adj.

33 10.moral; ethical; virtuous; righteous 道德原则 伦理教育 贞洁的女子 公正的判决 moral principles education of ethics a righteous judgment a virtuous woman Comparison: derivation morally morality immoral antonym

34 1.For some, it was a matter of geography (Para 4): Paraphrase 2.Mayblum would be one of thousands cast into an extraordinary purgatory that morning. (Para 3) 1.For some whether they could survive depended on where they were 2.Thousands of people in the WTC were thrown all of sudden into a condition of extremely terrible suffering that morning and Mayblum was one of them.

35 Para 6-9 Q: What does “burning jet fuel” mean? It refers to the fuel from the airplane. It is reported that the airplane struck into the WTC only a few minutes after it took off with its tanks full of fuel, which are said to be the cause of the explosion that led to the collapse of the building.

36 It means that “he had walked into the wild chaos with great difficulty…” Q: what does the sentence “…Ramos had waded into the pandemonium to …”mean? After a few seconds of initial confusion, people began to try to find their way out. Such attempts are epitomized( vt. 概括 )by the effort of the employees in May Davis.

37 Language work A scene of indescribable confusion followed the explosion. 11.confusion:the state of great disorder confuse v. confused adj. confusing adj. confusedly adv. confusingly adv derivation:

38 12.bolt v. to move very fast, esp. as a result of being frightened. She bolted to the phone to ring for an ambulance. She bolted the door. make a bolt of it make a bolt for 急忙向... 逃去 [ 俗 ] 急逃, 奔去

39 13.flight 1.She photographed the birds in flight. 2.He took the two o’clock flight to Chicago. 3.I saw a flight of geese headed south for the winter. 4.How I wish I could stop the flight of time! 5.She's in the top flight of journalists. 6.The old woman fell down a flight of stairs. 7.The enemy are in flight. 逃跑 一段楼梯 (思想)昂扬,飞跃 (时间的)快速流逝 (飞鸟的)群 班次 飞,飞行

40 14.reassuring a. making someone feel less worried or frightened. I found her speech highly reassuring. It is reassuring( for sb.)to do sth. It’s reassuring to know that problems are rare. reassure sb.(that) He tried to reassure me that my mother would be okay. give/offer/provide reassurance collocation

41 15.wade into: be involved in a difficult situation; plunge into I waded into a purgatory. 趟水过河 啃完一本枯燥无味的书 不知不觉地闯进了一个混乱的大厅 wade across a river wade through a dull book wade into a noisy lobby translation

42 16.panic v. to be frightened by sth (-icked, icking) He started to panic when he saw the gun. panic sb.into doing sth. The protests became more violent and many people were panicked into leaving the country. panicky (adj.) The crowd was in a panic. (n.) be at panic stations 手忙脚乱 get into/in a panic derivation collocation panic-stricken

43 17.convinceconvince sb. of sth. convince sb. that convince sb. to do convinced (adj.) convincing (adj.) I tried to convince them of his innocence. Her smile convinced him that she was happy. We convinced him to go by car. I’m convinced of his guilt (that he is guilty). collocation derivation

44 3.He saw a scene which made him less worried: Ramos had walked with great difficulty into the chaotic office to lead the shocked workers into a stairway. 3.He saw a reassuring sight: Ramos had waded into the pandemonium to help panicked workers onto a stairway. (Para 9) Paraphrase

45 Para 10-14 Can you find various words the author used to present the horrible situation inside the WTC? These paragraphs depict the scene of Mayblum’s encounter with heavyset man on the 53rd floor where Ramos and Hong offered timely help.

46 15.descent n.the act of going down 1.The passengers must fasten their seat belts prior to descent. 2.They are Irish by descent. 3.The Danes made numerous descents upon the English coast during the 10th century. 丹麦人在十世纪曾对英国海岸发动过无数次袭击。 family origins sudden or unwanted attack or visit ascentantonym

47 descend v.ascendantonym 1.The elevator descended slowly. The path descends sharply. 2.I descended the staircase. 3.This sword descends from our ancestor. ~ from father to son 5.He descended to begging. 6.Uncle’s whole family descended on us on sunday morning. descended from… 成为 … 的后裔 descendant (n.) 子孙,后裔

48 Para 15-22 The paragraphs describes how the three person (Ramos, Hong and the heavyset man) managed to get down to the 36th floor. How did they mange to get down to the 44th floor in the elevator which, fortunately, was still working. Then Ramos and Hong helped the man down to the 36th floor, which took them one hour and five minutes (“one step at a time”)

49 I found a tin of beans in the cupboard. So far so good, but where is the opener? 16.guinea pig n. a person used in a scientific test, usually to discover the effect of a drug on humans He was used as guinea pig to test a new cure for AIDS. far so good:up to now, everything was OK

50 4.If someone is used as a guinea pig in an experiment, something is tested on him that has not been tested on other people before. For example, Dr. Roger used himself as a human guinea pig for perfect a treatment which has since saved the lives of countless people. 4.So Hong decided that he would be the guinea pig instead (Para 16): Paraphrase

51 Para 23-30 This is probably the most moving part of the story. It tells us how, in the most dangerous moment when the heavyset man was completely exhausted, Ramos and Hong still insisted on helping him out of the building, how the fireman ordered Hong to leave, how Ramos decided to stay behind with the heavyset man.

52 5.The rumbles of the collapsing tower next door seemed to sap the heavyset man of his last gasp of energy. (Para 24): 5. It seemed that the tremendous sound of the collapse of the south tower destroyed the man’s last hope of climbing down the remaining stairs of the building and so took away the last bit of his remaining energy. Paraphrase

53 Possibly because he wanted to save at least one more person. After Hong left he might have helped the heavy man with Ramos himself. Q: Why did the fireman shout at Hong? What did he possibly do after Hong left?

54 Language Work weaken slowly They were traveling very slowly, and the heavy load they were carrying sapped their strength. Constant criticism sapped you of your confidence. He was sapped by disease.

55 18.persuade vt. persuasion persuasive persuade sb. to do sth. = persuade sb. into doing sth persuade sb. not to do sth. = persuade sb. out of doing sth. persuade sb. of sth. persuade sb. that He persuades (vi.) easily.

56 Para 31-34 The last paragraph is a condensed account of Ramos’s heroic deed. It echoes that sentence with a very moving picture. Notice the word “fade”, which literally means “to become unclear”, suggests that Harry Ramos probably died in his attempt to save the heavy man. What is the significance of the last paragraph? And what is its relation to the sentence “With the building in flames, one man needed help. Another man refused to leave him”?

57 Language work Harry decided to call in at the bar to meet up with his pals, and have a few beers. up (with) : come across/ run into synonymous phrases

58 With hope of finding more survivors of Turkey’s devastating earthquake now all but gone, the Turkish authorities are turning their attention to caring for those who have survived. A full-scale relief effort in the area hit by the earthquake is finally after days of confusion. Turkish and foreign volunteers have been joined by soldiers and the police, and heavy equipment sent by nearby cities and by private companies has been moved to almost every victimized town. The Minister of Housing estimated that 60,000 buildings had been either destroyed or seriously damaged in the quake. It is hoped that within a few days, many of the homeless will be moved out of the fields and tents where they are now living. Forty-two countries and 38 international organizations have sent aid to Turkey. The World Bank had sent $200 million for housing construction.


60 I . Suppose you have experienced an earthquake that occurred in a city, and you were trapped in the ruins for two days with your friend. You tried to comfort him because, suffering from fear and hunger, he felt depressed. First your partner will play the role of your friend. Then you switch roles.

61 Words and expressions for reference: great damage caused by this earthquake a devastating earthquake trapped in the ruins for two days don’t be depressed cheer up It’s not that bad! rely on ourselves be surely rescued Suggestions

62 II. Occasionally we read in the newspaper that some people stand watching indifferently a woman drowning in a river and no one makes any effort to save her. Organize yourselves into groups of five or six and discuss what is wrong with such people and what we should do about it.

63 The discussion can be based on the following aspects: 1)List the possible reasons for people’s indifference to a drowning woman. 2) To help those who are in trouble, in some sense, is to help ourselves. Suggestions

64 Write a 250-word composition on the September 11 tragedy. In the first part, describe what you have read or heard about it. In the second part, discuss how we should learn from the heroic spirit of the American people displayed in the event. In the last part, make a general statement that best summarizes your feelings. Writing practice

65 The September 11 attack had been in the international headlines: On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, at 8:45 a.m. New York local time, World Trade Center One was hit by a hijacked 767 commercial jet plane, loaded with fuel for a transcontinental flight. World Trade Center Two was hit by a similar hijacked jet 18 minutes later. WTC 2 was the first to suffer a complete structural collapse 62 minutes later. 104 minutes after being hit, WTC 1 also collapsed. The September 11 Tragedy

66 During the precious life-saving time, it was an instinct that people save themselves. However, three people (Harry Ramos, Adam Maybug and Hong Zhu) stopped to try to get a heavyset man out of the WTC. Especially on the last moment, Harry Ramos chose to stay with the heavyset man instead of escaping alone. I was deeply moved by the heroic spirit displayed in the event. It was really an ultimate moral dilemma: save yourself, or save others. Harry Ramos gave us his choice.


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