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East/southeast Asia project Cleyton da Silva And Sam og.

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1 East/southeast Asia project Cleyton da Silva And Sam og

2 Physical geography of east/southeast Asia Identify the physical features the contributed to china's isolation. Oceans, mountains, and deserts. Describe the benefits of terraced farming? Farming on the side of mountains How does Japan adapt to living in the ring of fire They make huge walls to stop tsunami They have huge springs to make buildings flexible.

3 Human-environment interaction in e/se Asia Give an example of a modification used to adapt to each problem Lack of arable land-they don’t have farming land Tectonic activity-use side of mountains to farm on Describe whether your modification would work in developed or developing area and why. The modification would work in a developing land if you don’t have land.

4 Population in east/southeast asia Name of country: Japan Describe the main population problem in your country Graying population has sharply declined Describe at least one solution the country has tried and why the plan will or will not work Angel plan

5 Religions in east /southeast asia Identify the 3 major religions in east/southeast Asia Buddhism, confusions, Shinto Identify the country where each religion is practiced Buddhism-china Shinto-Japan Confucianism- China Buddhism they believe in the enlightenment of peace Shinto- worships sprits and demons Confucianism-Political Religion T:\Student\WORLD GEOGRAPHY VIDEOS\Videos\Reli gions\Buddhism.asf

6 Communism in E/SE Asia 1917- The Russian Revoulution and communist leader creates soviet union 1953-Korea peninsula splits into two countreis North Korea communist South Korea Demo

7 Economic Development In E/Se Asia Identify Two barriers to economic development and describe how a country can overcome these barriers. The communist government Command economy Two factors that aid economic development Trade alliance Market economy T\Student\WORLD GEOGRAPHY VIDEOS\Videos\H- E-I\TRADITIONAL FARMING.asf

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