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TCAP Test Review Benchmark Test 7 Exploration Questions 1-30.

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1 TCAP Test Review Benchmark Test 7 Exploration Questions 1-30

2 1 Ferdinand Magellan was the only explorer to have a crew successfully –A. circle the globe. –B. reach North America. –C. travel past the Cape of Good Hope. –D. reach India.

3 2 Europeans had difficulty trading with China because each culture –A. thought little of the other’s goods. –B. was very respectful toward the other. –C. was too religious. –D. thought it was superior.

4 3 Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas when he was actually trying to reach the more distant land of –A. Italy. –B. India. –C. Africa. –D. Constantinople.

5 4 One reason Spanish explorers sailed around the world and claimed new lands was to –A. make war on Muslims. –B. spread Christianity. –C. perform scientific experiments. –D. escaped from feudal duties at home.

6 5 After the arrival of Europeans, the population of native groups in Central or Latin America –A. increased sharply. –B. decreased sharply. –C. stayed the same. –D. decreased slightly.

7 6 From studying Portuguese maps from the 1400s, a reader could tell that Portugal began exploring –A. northern Europe. –B. the Middle East. –C. Asia Minor. –D. the western coast of Africa.

8 7 One reason the Spanish conquistadors defeated Native Americans was because the –A. Native Americans’ horses were not good in battle. –B. Spaniards had superior weapons. –C. Native Americans were afraid of fighting. –D. Native Americans had never been at war before.

9 8 A drawing of a Caribbean plantation in the 1500s would likely show many –A. factories. –B. churches. –C. enslaved persons. –D. Pilgrim workers.

10 9 One effect of European exploration was –A. the growth of the slave trade. –B. the decline in European manors. –C. ships made of iron and steel. –D. the discovery of an eighth continent.

11 10 Which country was the first to find a trade route to the East by sailing around Africa? –A. Spain –B. England –C. Italy –D. Portugal

12 11 The Triangular Trade Route was an ocean trading route connecting Europe, Africa, and the Americas by way of the –A. Indian Ocean –B. Atlantic Ocean –C. Pacific Ocean –D. Arctic Ocean

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