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Classroom 2.0 Teresa Toliver State Technology Chair Kappa.

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1 Classroom 2.0 Teresa Toliver State Technology Chair Kappa

2 Please Load the following on phone or iPad Aurasma Anatomy 4D Spacecraft 3D

3 Poll Everywhere Who’s here? Name and Chapter Text to 37607 204984 and your message

4 Google Drive

5 Ways to use Collaborative Lesson Plans Take Notes to share Improve writing process Gmail: – Contact parents – Students Calendar: – Pacing Calendar: – Class Calendar

6 Forms Create quizzes: Exit Tickets Student Interest Forms– Beginning of year Reading records Track Discipline Membership profile:

7 Quiz

8 QR codes Add to quiz or work for students to check work Use as link to classroom webpage or blog Gallery walk Timelines Bulletin boards Add to your newsletter Pinterest Board

9 Augmented Reality Campaigns: to see examples Anatomy 4D Spacecraft 3D Other AR apps: The layering of digital information on top of the physical world. Aurasma AR allows users to unlock digital content from the world around them through the use of a phone or tablet Pinterest Board

10 Livebinder Teacher – Professional portfolio – Collaborate with other teachers to create common resources – Social bookmarking tools Student – Collaborate with other students on project – Submit complete project (notes, rough draft, work cited) – Portfolio

11 Livebinder Create a binder: Livebinder Apps: Career Clusters:

12 Management Tools Class Dojo: – Random – Behavior – Group work Edmodo (Learning Management System) Remind 101

13 Class Dojo

14 Edmodo

15 Remind

16 Presentations Tools Animoto: Prezi SlideShare: Picsviewer: (for flickr photos) Haiku Deck: – A Teacher’s Eyes

17 Book marking

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