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Welcome to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is Serious! This is the foundation of your child’s education. In order for your child to be successful this year,

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten

2 Kindergarten is Serious! This is the foundation of your child’s education. In order for your child to be successful this year, you must work with him or her at home. They need to read every night, practice sight words, letters, number recognition, and counting.

3 People you may want to know: Mr. Ehmann Principal Mrs. Castle Asst. Principal Our Enrichment Team: Music- Mrs. Butler Art- Mrs. Armstrong P.E.- Mr. Tyler Media-Mrs. Brown Guidance- Mrs. Jones Computers- Mr. Adams

4 Things to know about Enrichment: Enrichment is every day for 45 minutes. Dress appropriately!!! Your child must wear proper shoes for P.E. or they will not be able to participate (for their own safety!) Library books are due on the day of your child’s assigned library day!

5 Notes from the nurse….. Please make sure your child is up to date on their immunizations! Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep every night… there is a lot to learn every day! Please keep your child home when they are sick. When your child returns to school please send in a note to explain their absence. Be sure your child knows proper hygiene. They must be able to go to the bathroom unassisted and know how to wash hands correctly!

6 breakfast It is very important your child eats a good breakfast!! Breakfast at school costs: 1.25 Please make sure any money you send to school is clearly labeled and placed in zip lock bag in the zipper pouch and placed inside your child’s binder. We cannot be responsible for money carried in a child’s hand or pocket.

7 Lunch You may pack your child’s lunch or deposit any amount of money in your child’s account to pay for lunch. (you may want to pay weekly/monthly instead of daily!) You may also put money on your child’s account by going to the Onslow County School Website. Lunch costs $2.00 Each child will have their own personal lunch number. This number will be given to them on a laminated pass to take to lunch everyday.

8 Snacks We will have a class snack each afternoon. Please send in a snack that is enough for the whole class. You will be assigned about one day a month to provide a snack. If you forget to send a snack in on your assigned day. Please send it in as soon as possible. This way we can replace our emergency snack.

9 Arrival It is very important your child is on time! There are many things going on that your child needs to be a part of! The doors open at 6:55. Please say your good- byes at the school door, your child will be guided to their classroom by school staff. The tardy bell rings at 7:15 at that time attendance will be taken.

10 Dismissal The dismissal bell is at 2:15 If your child is a car rider, they will be waiting at the multi- purpose room parking lot. Please remain in your car, your child will be called and walked to your car. If your child rides the bus, they will load by 2:15. You will need to verify which bus your child will ride and then provide me with that information before you leave today! IMPORTANT- Please write a note for any transportation changes!!!

11 Volunteers We welcome any help into our classroom! In order to help out in the classroom or assist in field trips you must be fingerprinted at the County Office. Fingerprinting sessions are not held frequently, call 455- 2211 to sign up.

12 Homework Yes, there will be homework! Homework will begin in September. We will assign homework that reviews what students are learning in the classroom. This is not the Kindergarten you remember, children are learning and doing a lot! It is so exciting! Read with your child every night for at least 20 minutes….this impacts them more than you know!

13 Homework……. You will need to check your child’s calendar daily to see how their day went as well as initial it. I will also ask that you sign off that you read with your child for 15-20 minutes.

14 More on homework….. In their binder you will find a communication log, this is the best way for us to communicate on a daily basis. If you have questions or concerns please note it on the log. The zipper pouch on the supply list will be put in the binder with a note card. If you need to send in money it must be placed in the pouch and written on the card, if I don’t know what it’s for I will send it back!

15 First Quarter Expectations for the students … Know all their letters and letter sounds. Name shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle) as well as draw them. Count to ten, recognize and write numbers to 20. Tell how two objects are alike and different. Know positional words. (behind, above, etc)

16 Staggered Enrollment On Thursday and Friday of the first week your child will attend only one of these days as indicated on your information folder. This helps your child get familiar with the classroom and their classmates without feeling overwhelmed. ALL students will attend on Tuesday September 2 nd and every school day to follow!

17 Paperwork and Fees Please fill out the paperwork that is in the folder at your child’s assigned seat. These forms will need to be turned into me before you leave! It would be wonderful if you would pay your school fees today! Be sure your child has all their supplies on the first day!

18 Junk Needed We have many arts and crafts activities which will enhance our learning this year. However, we cannot complete these activities without right materials. Each month you will be assigned to bring in one $5 or less item, this will help to enhance student learning.

19 Junk Needed Other items that are always needed include: – Toilet paper and paper towel rolls. – Buttons, keys, ribbon – Googly eyes – Paint brushes, paints – Glitter – Stickers – Cups and plates – Clothes pins – Magnets – Clorox wipes – Empty Plastic jars (peanut butter, mayo, jelly, parmesan cheese) – Ziploc bags

20 Bring in BOXTOPS!!!!!! The box tops you bring in turns into cash that goes directly to our school! Please bring them in! Tell grandparents, friends, and all your family to save them for your child’s class!

21 Thank You! This is such an exciting time for your child and for me! We are going to have a great year. Please know that we have to work together and communicate to make this year a positive experience for your child. Let me know what I can do, never hesitate to ask questions! Thank you!!!

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