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24-Port VDSL2 IP DSLAM VDL-2420MR / VDL-2420MR48.

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1 24-Port VDSL2 IP DSLAM VDL-2420MR / VDL-2420MR48

2 2 / 32 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Benefits  Product Features  Application  Comparison VDL-2420MR / VDL-2420MR48

3 3 / 32 Product Overview  What is EoVDSL2 (Ethernet over VDSL2)? VDSL2 (Very-high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line 2) VDSL2 is the newest and more advanced standard of DSL VDSL2 has been standardized as ITU G VDSL2 (ITU G.993.2) is an enhancement to VDSL (G.993.1) DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) line coding

4 4 / 32 Product Overview  DSL Standard FamilyITUNameRatified Maximum Speed capabilities ADSLG.992.1G.dmt Mbps down 1 Mbps up ADSL2G.992.3G.dmt.bis Mb/s down 1 Mbps up ADSL2plusG.992.5ADSL2plus Mbps down 1 Mbps up ADSL2-REG.992.3Reach Extended Mbps down 1 Mbps up SHDSL (updated 2003) G.991.2G.SHDSL Mbps up/down VDSLG.993.1Very-high-data-rate DSL Mbps down 15 Mbps up VDSL2 -12 MHz long reach G.993.2Very-high-data-rate DSL Mbps down 30 Mbps up VDSL MHz Short reach G.993.2Very-high-data-rate DSL Mbps down 100 Mbps up

5 5 / 32 Product Overview  Front Panel - Interface VDSL2 1 Telco-50 interfaces (RJ-21) 24 subscriber ports POTS 1 Telco-50 interfaces (RJ-21) Gigabit Ethernet 2-Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 copper Base-SX/LX/WDM SFP Slots (Shared) 19” 2U

6 6 / 32 Product Overview  Front Panel – LED / Button 1 DB9 console port LEDs System and Power LEDs VDSL2 Port status LEDs 3 FAN alert LEDs Reset Button

7 7 / 32 Product Overview  Rear Panel of VDL-2420MR 100~240V AC, universal Power Supply One Power Switch 1 cooling FAN for 1 power supply module Hot Swappable FAN module / Reserve for optional AC/DC power

8 8 / 32 Product Overview  Rear Panel of VDL-2420MR-48 48V DC input One Power Switch 1 cooling FAN for 1 power supply module Hot Swappable FAN module / Reserve for optional AC/DC power

9 9 / 32 Product Overview  Strategy to VDL-2420MR Power Supply Module VDL-2420MR / VDL-2420MR48 support VC-RPS200(AC) and VC- RPS48(DC) power module AC and DC power supply module mixable support 2 AC 2 DC 1 AC, 1 DC VDL-2420MR VDL-2420MR48 AC DC ACDC

10 10 / 32 Product Overview – How to Connect ? RJ-21 / Telco-50 cable Phone Wire Optic Fiber Cable Patch Panel PBX VDSL2 CPE Analog Phone Voice POTS VDSL2 Uplink Data

11 11 / 32 Key Benefits  High-Performance of Ethernet over VDSL2 Solution Up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate within 300m Longer reach (> 100 meters) than Ethernet 100Base-TX cable reach Higher rates than ADSL2+/SHDSL in short loops Able to provide different service levels via rate limits  Implements with Existing Telephone Copper Wires  Built-in POTS Splitters Streamline installation and increase cost-effectiveness.  Delivers High-Demand Services Connectivity for ISP / Triple Play Devices VOD (Video on Demand), Voice over IP, Video phone, IPTV Distance education

12 12 / 32 Key Benefits  Advanced VDSL2 Configuration Supports multiple selective VDSL2 profiles and Band plan to each subscriber line.  Always on internet access service Configurable DPBO (Downstream Power Back-Off) and UPBO (Upstream Power Back-Off) to adjust the downstream / upstream transmit power levels for service provider to reduce the interference by nearby wires  Stable and reliable IP DSLAM solution Adjustable line performance to ensure the VDSL2 service not be impacted by other xDSL services in the same binder group and building

13 13 / 32 Product Features - Hardware VDSL Interface 24 Full-Duplex VDSL links via RJ-21(Telco-50) connector 24 corresponding POTS lines via RJ-21(Telco-50) connector Built-in POTS splitter for each VDSL port Link to VC-231 / VC-234 / VC-230N CPE Bridge Auto-speed function for VDSL2 link Ethernet Interface 2 10/100/1000Mbps TP and SFP shared combo interfaces Auto-MDI /MDI-X detection on Gigabit RJ-45 port Redundant Power System 100~240V AC / 48V DC Dual power redundant (Optional) Active-active redundant power failure protection Backup of catastrophic power failure on one supply

14 14 / 32 Product Features – VDSL2 VDSL2 Features Cost-effective VDSL2 link and central management solution Compliant with VDSL2 standard - ITU-T G ITU-T G ITU-T G ITU-T G Profiles : - 8a / 8b / 8c / 8d - 12a / 12b - 17a - 30a Configurable Line Template and Alarm Template DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) line coding VDSL Up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate

15 15 / 32 Product Features – VDSL2 VDSL2 Features Configurable: - UPBO / DPBO - US0 Allow - Virtual Noise PSD - Bitswarp - G.hs carrier set - RFI Band Manual / RaInit / Dynamic Rate Adaption Selectable target data rate and target SNR margin Built-in surge protection to against surge damage from high energy spike Supports Downstream / Upstream rate control on each port

16 16 / 32 Product Features - Hardware Management Console / Telnet Command Line interface HTTP remote Web management Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secure remote Web management  Which encrypts the packet content at each session. SNMP v1, v2c and V3 management  Four RMON groups 1, 2, 3, 9 (history, statistics, alarms, and events)  SNMP trap for interface Link Up, Link Down and PoE port fail notification Configuration upload/download via TFTP or HTTP LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)

17 17 / 32 Product Features - Software VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tag-based VLAN Port-Based VLAN Q-in-Q tunneling Up to 255 VLANs groups, out of 4041 VLAN IDs GVRP Private VLAN Spanning Tree STP, IEEE 802.1D (Classic Spanning Tree Protocol) MSTP, IEEE 802.1s (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol) Link Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) Cisco ether-channel (Static Trunk)

18 18 / 32 Product Features - Software QoS 4 priority queues Traffic classification:  IEEE 802.1p CoS  IP TOS / DSCP to 802.1p priority mapping  Port-Based priority QoS policies  Strict priority  Weighted Round Robin (WRR) Voice QoS by application source / destination protocol no. Broadcast / Multicast Storm Control Multicast Supports IGMP Snooping v1 and v2 IGMP Snooping v2 fast leave Querier mode support

19 19 / 32 Product Features Security DHCP Relay and DHCP Option 82 Network Access Control  802.1X Port-Based network access control protocol  RADIUS users access authentication Access Control List  Layer 3 IP-Based ACL  Layer 4 Port NO. ACL MAC Address Control  Port Security for source MAC address entries filtering  Static MAC  MAC Filter  IP / MAC Binding

20 20 / 32  Perfect solution for Network Service Provider to offer broadband services –Co-work with various PLANET VDSL2 CPE product line, the VDL-2420MR series provides up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate within 300m and in long range connections. –It offers the benefit of high performance to central office co-location and MTU (Multi- Tenant Unit) / MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) markets. It provides service of broadband data over existing copper wires without affecting the conventional voice service by 24 subscriber ports with built-in POTS splitter and long distance support through the two fiber optic uplink interfaces. –The various distances of SFP (Small-Form factor) and Bidi (WDM) transceivers are optional for customers. The VDL-2420MR VDSL2 IP DSLAM is a great and ideal solution for FTTx (Fiber to the Building, Fiber to the Campus or Fiber to the Home) applications. –It supports high bandwidth VDSL2 over existing telephone wires in the “ last mile ” from the ISP / Telecom / Service provider’s fiber node to the buildings and customers’ home with cost-effective and high-value central management capability. Applications

21 21 / 32 Application – VDL-2420MR Series Distance up to 1.4Km Speed up to 100/100Mbps FTTH FTTB

22 22 / 32  MTU / MDU / Hospitality Solution –IPTV, VOD and digital message broadcasting services are the worldwide hot trends, and more and more service providers have gradually upgraded the client side devices from analog system to digital system. –The PLANET VDL-2420MR series VDSL2 CO Switch and VC-23x VDSL2 CPEs are the best solution to quickly provide cost-effective and high speed network services by utilizing the existing telephone wire infrastructure. IP network installation is straightforward and requires no extra wiring. –With enough bandwidth, the 100/100Mbps symmetric capability of VDL- 2420MR series enables many Multi-Media services on local Internet to come true, such as VOD (Video on Demand), Video phone, IPTV, distance education, and so on. –The VDL-2420MR series provides excellent bandwidth to satisfy the triple play devices for entertainment and communication. Meanwhile, this kind of infrastructure will minimize the burden on the Internet. Applications

23 23 / 32 Application 100Mbps 1000SX/LX Fiber, up to 120km Voice Data

24 24 / 32  Target Markets Telecom Provider ISP (Internet Service Provider) NSP (Network Service Provider) System Integrator Enterprise for branch office and department Media Stream Service Provider  Target Customers –Who buy VDSL2 Media Converter, VDSL2 Bridge or VDSL2 Router VC-231, VC-234, VC-230, VC-230N VC-201, VC-201A, VC-204 VC-200M/S, VC-301 –Who once carry VDSL Switch or VDSL IP DSLAM VC-820M, VC-2400MR, VC-2400MR48 VC-2402, VC Appendix Sales Target

25 25 / 32 Product Comparison - Hardware VendorPLANETVERSAZyXELZHONE Model name VDL-2420MR VDL-2420MR48 VX-MD3024VES-1624FT-55ABitstorm-HP-160 Outloook FeatureVDSL2 IP DSLAMIP DSLAMVDSL2 SwitchIP DSLAM Interface VDSL2 Interface 24 x Port VDSL2 Line via 1 x RJ-21 POST Interface 24 x Port POST/Telephone via 1 x RJ x Port POST via 1 x RJ- 21 ‘-‘- 10/100/1000Mbps RJ SFP / mini-GBIC 2 (Combo)Optional2 (Combo) Console DB9 / RS-232 Mini RJ-11DB9 / RS-232 Hardware Specification Built-in Splitter ■■■ By model Surge Protect 3KV DCN/A Temperature Detect ■ N/A Redundant Power System Hot Swappable Redundant Power --By model AC Power Input VDL-2420MR: 100~240V AC90 VAC~220 VACN/ABy model: 100~240V AC DC Power Input VDL-2420MR48:r -48V DC (Range: -40V~-60V) --By Model: -42V~-56V Dimension 440(W)x88(H)x300(D) mm 19", 2U height 450(W)x66(H)x300(D) mm 1.5U height 440(W)x66(H)x251(D) mm 1.5RU height 19", 1U height Standard Accessory - 2-Meter Telco-50 Cable x 2 - FAN Module x ” rack mount kit N/A

26 26 / 32 Product Comparison – VDSL2 Vendor PLANETVERSAZyXELZHONE Model name VDL-2420MR VDL-2420MR48 VX-MD3024VES-1624FT-55ABitstorm-HP-160 Outloook VDSL2 Feature VDSL2 Profile 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a VDSL2 Rate 100 ↓ /100 Mbps100 ↓ /100 ↑ Mbps100 ↓ /45 ↑ Mbps100 ↓ /100 ↑ Mbps Band profile ■■■■ Status Report ■■■■ Line profile ■■■■ INP ■■■■ Channel Profile ■■■■ Line Alarm Profile ■■■■ Channel Alarm Profile ■■■■ G.hs Carrier SetA43, B43, V43 -- ■ US0 Allow ■ - ■ - UPBO / DPBO ■ / ■■ / / ■ Virtual Noise PSD ■ --- SNR Support ■■■ - RFI Band ■■■■ Custom PSD Mask ■ --- Custom DPBO PSD ■ --- Bitswarp Support ■ --- Rate Adaptation Mode ■ --- manual mode ■■ -- Rate Limited ■■■■ SRA ■ ---

27 27 / 32 Product Comparison - Software VendorPLANETVERSAZyXELZHONE Model nameVDL-2420MRVX-MD3024VES-1624FT-55ABitstorm-HP-160 Outlook Layer 2 Features Switch Fabric8.8Gbps Bandwidth ControlIn / Out--- Link Aggregation Static ■ --- LACP ■■■■ VLAN 802.1Q ■■■■ Port- Based ■■■■ Q-in-Q ■ - ■■ GVRP ■ --- Private VLAN ■ --- Spanning Tree802.1D / 1s 802.1w802.1D / 1w IGMP Snoopingv1,v2 v1,v2, v3v1,v2 IGMP Query mode ■■■■ QoS 802.1p ■ / 4 queue ■ / ? queue Strict / WRR ■ / ■ - ■ IP TOS/DSCPTOS / DSCP N/A L4 Port NumberTCP / UDP N/A

28 28 / 32 Product Comparison - Software VendorPLANETVERSAZyXELZHONE Model nameVDL-2420MRVX-MD3024VES-1624FT-55ABitstorm-HP-160 Outlook Security 802.1XPort Based ■ - - ■ ACL L3 / L4 - Port Security ■■■ - IP / MAC Security Static MAC / Binding / IP Filter Static MAC / DHCP / IP Filter ARP/DHCP broadcast filtering Static MAC / Binding / IP Filter SSH / SSL - / ■ N/A ■ / - RADIUS ■■■ - DHCP Relay & Option 82 ■■■ DHCP Option 82 only Management Management & Configuration WEB, Telnet, Console, SSL, SNMP EMS, Telnet, Console, SSL, SNMP WEB, Telnet, Console, SSL, SNMP WEB, Telnet, Console, SSH, SNMP SNMP V1, V2c ■■■■ V3 ■ - ■ - Trap ■■■ - RMON 4 Groups Log Remote Syslog System Log Other Management LLDP, SNTP--LLDP

29 29 / 32 Product Comparison – VDSL2 Switch vs. IP DSLAM Model nameVC-2400MRVDL-2420MR Outloook FeatureVDSL2 SwitchVDSL2 IP DSLAM VDSL2 Feature VDSL2 Profile8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a VDSL2 Rate100 ↓ /100 ↑ Mbps Band profile ■■ Status Report ■■ Line profile ■■ INP ■■ Channel Profile- ■ Line Alarm Profile- ■ Channel Alarm Profile- ■ G.hs Carrier Set-A43, B43, V43 US0 Allow- ■ UPBO / DPBO- ■ Virtual Noise PSD- ■ SNR Support ■■ RFI Band- ■ Custom PSD Mask- ■ Custom DPBO PSD- ■ Bitswarp Support- ■ Rate Adaptation Mode- ■ manual mode- ■ SRA- ■ CPE CompatibilityVC-230 / 230N / 231 / 234

30 30 / 32  VDSL2 CPE Device Support Appendix CO VDSL2 CPE VDL-2420MR / VDL-2420MR48 VC-231VDSL2 Converter / 30a VC-234VDSL2 Bridge / 30a / 4 LAN VC-230VDSL2 Router / 30a VC-230NVDSL2 Router /30a / 11n VC-201AVDSL2 Converter / 17a VC-204VDSL2 Bridge / 17a VC-301VDSL2 Modem / 30a

31 31 / 32 Appendix  Available Fiber Optic SFP Modules: MGB-GT SFP-Port 1000Base-T Module MGB-SX SFP-Port 1000Base-SX mini-GBIC module MGB-LX SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module MGB-L50 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module-50km MGB-L70 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module-70km MGB-L120 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module-120km MGB-LA10 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-10km MGB-LB10 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-10km MGB-LA20 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-20km MGB-LB20 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-20km MGB-LA40 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-40km MGB-LB40 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX (WDM,TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-40km

32 32 / 32

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