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ECS Interview Preparation Engineering Career Services University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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1 ECS Interview Preparation Engineering Career Services University of Wisconsin-Madison

2 ECS NOTE: ECS Interviews Two types of interviews through ECS – Career Connection interviews Employers create their own scheduled on students they meet at Career Connection – Campus interviews AFTER Career Connection Sign-up occurs through your myECS account

3 ECS NOTE: MyECS Sign-up All sign-ups begin promptly at 7 AM on your MyECS account Preplan your priority sign-up requests and sign-ups View interview listings from the Datebook (Recruiting Calendar) and Job Postings features daily

4 ECS Interviewing Preparation

5 ECS Be Proactive in your Approach Interviews don’t happen to you – you play an active role View it as a business meeting Be able to answer, “Why are you interviewing with us today?” – If you can’t, you shouldn’t be there!!!

6 ECS Prior to Each Interview Know the specific employer’s needs Assess your skills & qualifications Anticipate the topics & questions Develop 3-5 themes about which you will NOT leave the interview without discussing Practice responses – yes, out-loud! – Do not, however, memorize responses!!

7 ECS Know the Employer’s Needs Review MyECS job posting for the employer Research the employer website Highlight key words and phrases

8 ECS Anticipate Employer Perspective Can I do the job? – Am I a qualified candidate for this employer? Why? – Resumes, papers and documents support the “can’s” Will I do the job? – The interview itself provides evidence about the “will’s” Examples of motivation, ability to listen, present and persuade, integrity, maturity, team player, leader, ethics and values

9 ECS Anticipate Topics – Achievement-oriented – Analytical problem- solving – Flexibility – Communication – Leadership – Innovative/creative – Technical expertise – Organization – Ability to prioritize – Work standard – Ethical judgment – Integrity – Team player – Ability to motivate

10 ECS Anticipate Questions ECS Job Search Guide, pages 50 – 68 Proper interview attitude 25 worst interview mistakes Typical interview questions Questions for you to ask recruiters Behavioral interviews, Case interviews and Brainteaser interviews Telephone interviews

11 ECS Prepare Responses Think about the employer’s perspective Develop responses based on specific examples Use structured responses - STAR method Situation – Task – Action – Result Summarize response with “what I learned from this experience…”

12 ECS Anticipate Topics & Questions TIPS: – Make each response personal to you – An answer that is generic or hypothetical is NOT a good response – Use all of your resume when using examples Do not only use your internship or one work experience – Examples of things that did not go well, or were difficult are good to use, but stress what you learned

13 ECS Develop 3 -5 Themes Be determined that you not leave the interview without emphasizing your 3 – 5 themes or strengths – Help the employer clearly see what differentiates you – Use to form a good summary statement for the interview close

14 ECS Bring a Portfolio Resumes List of references Unofficial transcripts Lists of Publications/Presenta tions Notes Binder of Visuals

15 ECS Practice Responding to Questions It’s not… the best prepared student who gets the job, but the… student who is best prepared at getting the job.

16 ECS Practice Out loud! Become adept at telling the story behind your experiences and skill development Never provide a simple yes or no response Past behaviors are the best indicators of future behavior – Work related – Academic related – Community related

17 ECS Take responsibility Leave nothing for assumption – Explicitly make your qualifications and interests clear to the employer 30 - 60 minutes is a very short time to discuss all that is important about your qualifications Be present in the interview by listening carefully to the questions

18 ECS Successfully Close the Interview Ask questions Summarize your themes and strengths Thank the recruiter Ask what the next step will be Restate your interest in the job Obtain a business card

19 ECS More Tips: Appearance Body language, eye contact, posture, handshake, smile Welcoming Confident, not arrogant Aim between being frightened and overly confident

20 ECS More Tips: Vocal Vocal pitch, volume, speed, and tone Particularly for a phone interview

21 ECS General Tips: Communication For brief interactions, what is remembered: – 7%, is verbal (what you say) – 55% of communication is visual (body language, eye contact) – 38% is vocal (pitch, speed, volume, tone of voice) Business Week Feb 07

22 ECS Professional Dress Suit or jacket with pants or skirt Collared shirts Tie for men Dark socks and professional shoes

23 ECS Professional Dress & Grooming Fresh hair cut No facial hair, unless nicely trimmed Hair held back, away from face Minimal make-up and jewelry No cologne

24 ECS Professional Dress Jacket buttoned when standing, unbuttoned when seated Always leave bottom button unbuttoned Stilettos are not appropriate!

25 ECS Business Casual No suit jacket Perhaps no tie Otherwise, very similar to business dress Ironed khaki’s or pants or skirt Collared shirt What is NOT business casual: – Jeans – Flip flops – T-shirts – Wrinkled anything! – Tank tops and spaghetti straps

26 ECS Feedback from Recruiters Improve handshake Make eye contact when responding to questions Be confident, but not arrogant Know what my company does

27 ECS Feedback from Recruiters Don’t be too mechanical Be genuine; show me your personality Relax

28 ECS After each Interview Assess yourself Send a thank you email with 48-hours Prepare for your next interview Follow-up every 2 weeks until you receive an answer

29 ECS Questions?

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