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Board Books Software Keith Butler Director of Technology, N Santiam School District.

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2 Board Books Software Keith Butler Director of Technology, N Santiam School District

3 Today’s Paper Board Packet Weighs 10.5 oz 62 pages total Cost $178.41 +/- to produce Where does it go after the Board Meeting? Binder On the desk Dashboard of the car Recycle bin

4 Today’s Paper Board Packet (con’t) Good information for the moment, but what about history? Find the following from past Board Meetings:  When did the Board approve the SES Play Shed project?  When was the last busing contract approved and what did the contract look like?  Who seconded the SHS Baseball Field project? Board Policy – you want to look up a Board Policy during the meeting, how can you accomplish this?

5 “Paperless” “Paperless” is one of those words we’ve been hearing for 20 years now, and like the promise of flying cars and four-day workweeks, it hasn’t delivered. Every time we get a new “paperless” system, we find new ways to print paper on it.

6 BoardBook Software With BoardBook, many tasks associated with agenda packet preparation are made easier. For administrators, contributing a report to the agenda packet is as easy as sending an e- mail attachment. For the assistant, adding a last-minute report and reorganizing a packet is a click of a button. And publishing information for your community is a few seconds’ worth of effort.

7 And There’s More… And that’s just the beginning. BoardBook saves district staff time, helps ensure compliance with sunshine laws, and provides archives at your fingertips—no more long, dusty searches through old meeting agendas.

8 Compiler - Time How long does it take to put together an average board meeting agenda packet. Days? Weeks? Figure in the time for inevitable last-minute changes and repagination, for printing and distributing, all the while running up against tight deadlines… Now, think about what other work could be done if you had that time back—if it were easier to create the agenda packet, and easier for others to use it.

9 BoardBook can save time BoardBook makes everything easier: creating meeting notices and building agenda packets, replacing supporting documents, reformatting and repaginating as needed. You can do it all on your computer, quickly and reliably. All of these tasks are a few quick clicks. Board Policies and Board Goals available at your finger tips, anytime.

10 Quick archive searching A searchable archive keeps past meetings and materials at your fingertips. You can pull recurring agenda items into new meetings, so you’re not duplicating the same effort month after month. BoardBook makes creating neat, comprehensive agenda packets simple, so you can do the same great job with less effort.

11 Current Costs $2,141. spent annually for Board Packet compiling, printing, & mailing. (1 production run)

12 BoardBook Costs $2,500. annual license cost through OSBA $4,200. one time cost for Apple iPads and software. (paid from eRate funds that can only be used for Technology purchases)

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