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Photography & the Web Tupper 2007-08 Ms. Chow

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1 Photography & the Web Tupper 2007-08 Ms. Chow

2 Course materials zInternet connection zDigital camera; loaners zStorage device: USB flash drive, CD-R, … zJournal: 3-ring binder for yTraditional photography assignments yproject technical notes yreflection on your work and those of classmates

3 Our classrooms zRoom 300 - digital work zRoom 315 - darkroom work z yprivate space yMembership by invitation only yYou & I will be editing / sharing / uploading / discussing

4 What are these? zemail zWikipedia zBlogger zWordpress z Facebook or MySpace z Flickr z YouTube z websites Think - pair - share demonstration (TPS): Which of these is old-school and why?

5 ‘Old school’ zemail zwebsites

6 Online collaboration zUsing wiki technology zStudents, teachers, members of the community will work on photography

7 zCommon pages ycourse outline y‘the rules’ ycourse conduct yassignment instructions zpage(s) of your work zdiscussion of each other’s work

8 Evaluation

9 Creative production zAssignments – very open-ended allowing you to be creative zIndividual projects zGroup work in your binder and pages of the class wiki

10 Term portfolio zthematic online selection of your work showing growth zincludes reflection, the most important part in the class wiki on one personal portfolio page

11 Visual journal zComplete chronological collection of ynon-computer assignments yreflections & yTechnical notes in your 3-ring binder or notebook

12 Visual blog zComplete chronological online collection of computer-based assignments in a collection of class wiki pages

13 Participation online zcommon pages ysuggested online resources listed yorganized links to your work zpersonal pages ycreative production & portfolio zdiscussion pages yrespectful discussion & disagreement

14 in the classroom zAttendance zAbiding by ‘the rules’

15 Why use the Web ?

16 Potential benefits zLearning from each other zOpportunity for discussion, even shy ones zLearning at home possible zGiving students a voice zSkill valued in workplace Why ‘potential benefits’?

17 Doing my job zGive students a chance to use the tools zGet students to think about the power of media, including photography zGive students opportunities to use media responsibly

18 New literacy Besides the traditional: reading, ‘writing, ‘rithmetic zResearch skills zTechnical skills zCritical analysis skills Huh? Give examples for the last three.

19 By the 3 rd class zGo to zUse the account name assigned to you, or sign-up for your own account. You will need a valid email account zRead the hand-out online or print copy zGo to zAsk to be added

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