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Free Stuff PowerPoint Central ValuPack Many top multimedia companies have contributed samples for you to use. You’ll learn more about them when you explore.

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2 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central ValuPack Many top multimedia companies have contributed samples for you to use. You’ll learn more about them when you explore further. Audio Clip Art Photographs Textures Video TemplatesMicrosoft Camcorder Internet Explorer Fonts PowerPoint QuickStart Building Applications with Access Custom Soundtracks RealAudio ® add-in ActiveMovie add-in The ValuPack has all kinds of useful content and functionality to explore. Click any button to find out what’s available. Wizards

3 PowerPoint Central

4 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Network Music has been a leader in music and sound resources for more than 15 years. We create music, sound effects, and production elements, fully orchestrated and professionally recorded. They are specially formatted for computer-based presentations. Audio Network Music Top Picks: Phone: (800) 435-8448 (011) 619-451-0883 Fax: (011) 619-451-6409 Network Music Home Page Preview Charge Drum roll Melorise PC Beep Busy Phone Copy to clipboard Preview Racecar Rooster Suspense Whistle Down Whistle Up Copy to clipboard

5 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central The Cambium Sound Choice CD-ROMs contain a hot collection of royalty-free music and extremely user-friendly and powerful software. Point. Click. Listen. Paste. It's that easy to use our award-winning music in your PowerPoint presentations. Cambium Top Picks: Phone: (800) 231-1779 (011) 212-721-6270 Fax: (011) 914-472-6729 Preview Beethoven’s 9th LA Cool Lazy Rain Rio Turning Point Sonata 8 Copy to clipboard Audio Cambium Sound Home Page

6 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Audio A variety of sound effects and music to use in presentations, Web pages, and more. \Clipart\MMedia Cambium Development, Inc. Network Music, Inc. Location: Partners in Media:

7 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Clip Art A Bit Better is the maker of Screen Beans clip art characters for both Macintosh and Windows computers. These fully editable, fun-filled images are designed to increase the impact of presentations, reports, and other documents, while being sensitive to people's gender and race concerns. A Bit Better Top Picks: A Bit Better Home Page Phone:(011) 415-948-4766 Fax: (011) 415-917-0151 Preview Hurry Love Miscommunication Motivate Rainy Day Copy to clipboard Preview Analyze Doubt Finish Frustration Copy to clipboard Gift Giving Winners High Five

8 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Clip Art There are just too many to show you here, but we’ve jammed an additional 3,000 clip art images into the ValuPack. Take a look at just a couple of the options. Microsoft Additional Clip Art Preview Mailbox Moon and Stars Mountains Poinsettia Tug of War Copy to clipboard Preview Airplane Aquarium Basketball Clown Copy to clipboard Computer Worried Mechanics

9 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Clip Art Centermark Top Picks: Centermark Software, Inc., creates Instant Icon collections for people that demand better clip art. Instead of offering thousands of simple, cartoon-like drawings, we create fine graphics that can be used in thousands of ways. These graphics deliver visual impact that can turn a generic presentation into a powerful selling tool. Preview Tiger Tops Vines Window World Yeah Copy to clipboard Preview Airmail Circus Love Palette Pops Splash Copy to clipboard Phone: (011) 972-306-2553 Fax: (011) 972-306-4665 CenterMark Home Page

10 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Clip Art There’s no such thing as too much clip art. We all just can’t get enough of it! Good thing we provide a healthy dose right here in the ValuPack. \Clipart A Bit Better Corp. Location: Partners in Media: Microsoft Additional Clip Art CenterMark Software

11 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central The highest rated producer of digital photography, PhotoDisc, Inc., has the keys to getting the image right every time. Chosen from the portfolios of award-winning photographers, the images are scanned with the highest quality scanning technology and then stored in full color for dazzling impact. PhotoDisc Top Picks: PhotoDisc Home Page Preview Computer Downtown Earth Fishing Football Winter Copy to clipboard Preview Meeting Ocean Pets Traffic Waterfall Copy to clipboard Machine Photos

12 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Photos Beautiful photographic images suitable for all your needs, saved in JPEG format for universal usability and maximum impact with minimum size. Don’t limit yourself to clip art…expand your horizons with the photographs we have on the ValuPack. Partners in Media: \Clipart\Photos PhotoDisc Inc. Location:

13 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Artbeats TM, headquartered in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, was founded in 1989 to develop and publish professional digitized art (background images and textures) for use on the Macintosh, and on IBM-compatible personal computers for desktop publishing, TV broadcasting, and video productions. Artbeats Top Picks: Artbeats Home Page Phone:(011) 541-863-4429 Fax: (011) 541-863-4547 Preview Cotton Candy Green Stone Pink Granite Scale Soapstone Copy to clipboard Textures

14 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Three D Graphics, Inc. are the producers and distributors of Compadre, the intelligent content CD-ROM for PowerPoint for Windows 95 and PowerPoint 97. Compadre includes presentation templates, video clips, music clips, sound effects, multimedia buttons, tiling textures, sample presentations, multimedia help files, and much more. Three D Graphics Top Picks: Three D Graphics Home Page Preview Bluish Marble (dark) Bluish Marble (light) Clouds (dark) Clouds (light) Liquid Metal (dark) Copy to clipboard Preview Liquid Metal (light) Parchment (dark) Parchment (light) Sandstone (dark) Sandstone (light) Copy to clipboard Phone: (310) 553-3313 (800) 913-0008 Fax: (310) 788-8975 Textures

15 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Partners in Media: Just how did your competitor get that great-looking texture on the background of their Web page? Chances are, from here! Take a look at some of the cool new ones you can use. Go crazy. Textures \ValuPack\Textures Three D Graphics, Inc. Artbeats TM Location:

16 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central InFocus Systems, Inc. is the leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing multimedia projection products and services to present video, audio, graphics, and data from personal computers, workstations, VCRs, and laser-disc players. InFocus Top Picks: InFocus Home Page S Y S T E M S  Phone: (800) 294-6400 (011) 503-685-8888 Fax: (011) 685-8887 Preview Fist Slamming Globe Handshake Many Hats Puzzle Winner Copy to clipboard Client Services Preview Arrow Hitting Arrow Missing Computer Blowup Clearing Up Clock Copy to clipboard Cost Cutting Video

17 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Four Palms, Inc. is the leading provider of full-motion, royalty-free, video clips. CD-ROM titles include: Aviation, Bridges, European Scenes, Highways, Marine, Occupations, Professions, Rail, Recreation, Relationships, Sports and U.S. Scenes. A navigation system provides access to thousands of clips. Four Palms Home Page Phone: (800) 747-2567 (011) 703-834-0200 Fax: (011) 703-834-0219 Preview Basket Handshake Copy to clipboard Video Four Palms Top Picks:

18 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central TC Visual, based in the United Kingdom, has been an established graphics company for more than 16 years. We specialize in all areas of design from the creation of corporate literature to multimedia programs. Using the latest technology, TC Visual can model and animate your products and logos, for use in all types of medium, print, slides, screen shows or multimedia. Whatever your budget, we can add an extra dimension to your next presentation. Preview Cogs Countdown Fireworks Copy to clipboard Phone: (011) 89 834310 Fax: (011) 89 834155 TC Visual Top Picks: Video TC Visual TC Visual Home Page

19 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Digital video and animations can add a professional look to your presentations and Web pages. Take a look at the video content provided by our vendors. \Clipart\MMedia InFocus Systems, Inc. Location: Partners in Media: Video TC Visual Four Palms, Inc.

20 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central RealAudio is a solution for real-time audio on the Internet and intranets. With RealAudio, PC users can post narrated PowerPoint presentations to the Web. PowerPoint presentations will play quickly because RealAudio files play immediately. Millions of people already use RealAudio. And now using it with PowerPoint is easy... RealAudio Home Page Streaming Audio with RealAudio® Install the RealAudio add-in for PowerPoint Note : You will need to restart PowerPoint after installing.

21 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central 3 Now, RealAudio works with PowerPoint so that presentations with audio narration and other sounds can be viewed and heard over the Internet and intranets. Easy Steps: 1.Install the RealAudio add-in for PowerPoint. 2. Create your PowerPoint presentation using Record Narration.. 3. On the Tools menu, click “Publish to RealAudio”. Streaming Audio with RealAudio® RealAudio Home Page

22 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Features: Converts PowerPoint narration to RealAudio Synchronizes RealAudio to each slide Publishes RealAudio files to the Web Use with a RealAudio Server for Web-based real-time delivery Use without a RealAudio Server for fast audio download Streaming Audio with RealAudio® RealAudio Home Page

23 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Convert your presentation, with audio, into ActiveMovie Streaming Format to stream over the Internet and over your corporate network. To play multimedia content today, it must first be downloaded to the client computer—this can take a long time. Streaming enables immediate content playback—no download required! Use Publish to ASF to make your PowerPoint 97 presentations stream. Install the ASF add-in for PowerPoint Install the ActiveMovie Player Microsoft Media Server Home Page Streaming Audio with Microsoft ActiveMovie Streaming Format Note : You will need to restart PowerPoint after installing.

24 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Streaming Audio with Microsoft ActiveMovie Streaming Format Step 1: Create your PowerPoint slides. Step 2: Record audio for each slide using the Record Narration feature in PowerPoint 97. Step 3: Select the Publish to ASF command on the PowerPoint 97 Tools menu. Step 4: Publish your multimedia presentation on corporate intranets and on the Internet… How to use Publish to ASF Store it on your hard disk for local playback. Store it on an HTTP or LAN server for network playback. Store it on a Windows NT Server running Microsoft Streaming Services for higher quality network playback!

25 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Microsoft Streaming Services is the most powerful way to stream multimedia content over corporate intranets and the Internet. It is an end-to-end solution that allows you to stream AVI, MOV, audio, images, and URLs and then build network multimedia applications. Enrich Web pages with audio and video. Build multimedia training applications. Improve corporate communications, information sharing, work group collaboration, and more. Streaming Audio with Microsoft ActiveMovie Streaming Format Microsoft Streaming Services

26 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Fonts Not enough fonts for your presentations and documents? Grab some more from the ValuPack! We have more than 150 fonts to suit your every need. To use any of these fonts, simply add them to your Fonts folder, located in the Windows folder. Here are just a few: Location: \ValuPack\MSFonts

27 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Building Applications This online guide for both beginning and advanced developers explains how to build fast, powerful Access 97 applications. It covers VBA, DAO, and replication and shows how to use the new Internet features in Access 97. The contents include: Designed to be viewed using Internet Explorer 3.0 on a local machine, this online book can also be printed or placed on an intranet for shared access. with Microsoft Access 97 \ValuPack\Access Location: Using Forms to Collect, Filter,and Display Information Working with Objects and Collections Creating Multi-user Applications Optimizing Your Application Using ActiveX Controls Creating Wizards, Builders, and Menu Add-ins Developing Client/Server Applications Working with the Internet

28 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Wizards for Microsoft Word can help you be more productive! Look for these great wizards on the ValuPack. Wizards Agenda Wizard Avery Wizard Calendar Wizard Wizards

29 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Wizards create documents tailored to your needs, based on your answers to a series of straightforward questions. Use the Agenda Wizard to organize meeting topics. With the Calendar Wizard, you can select from different visual styles and enter your own events into professionally designed calendars. To use these wizards, copy them to your Templates folder, then click New Office Document on the Start menu. Location: Wizards \ValuPack\Templates

30 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Microsoft Word and the Avery Wizard make printing on Avery products easy. You’re a busy person with other things to do. So the Avery Wizard is making it easier than ever to design and print your favorite Avery products. The magic happens within Microsoft Word. No separate programs or complex commands to learn. At the simple click of a button, you can add text, format, preview, and print—with perfect results time after time. Wizards Location: \ValuPack\Avery

31 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central We’ve provided all kinds of templates in the ValuPack to help you tackle the toughest jobs! Check out the variety of templates that help make your life easier: PowerPoint Design Templates Binder Templates Location: Templates: Templates PowerPoint Presentation Templates Word Templates \ValuPack\Template

32 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Binder Templates Office Binder templates save you time when you create a set of documents in a binder. For example, a template might provide a Word document cover sheet and cover letter, a Microsoft Excel invoice, and a PowerPoint marketing presentation. You can also create custom templates for specific projects. Location: \ValuPack\Binders

33 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Design Templates Design templates can make your PowerPoint presentations more visually stimulating. We have a number of templates on the ValuPack to help you make stunning presentations! To use these templates, copy them to your Presentation Designs folder, located in the Templates folder in the MSOffice folder. Location: \ValuPack\Templates

34 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Presentation Templates Don’t know how to start that big presentation? Let PowerPoint presentation templates help you do the job! We’ve created a number of templates tailored for all of your presentation needs. To use a presentation template, copy it to your Presentations folder, located in the templates folder in the Microsoft Office folder Location: \ValuPack\Templates

35 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Word Templates Word Templates make your documents easier to create! To use them, first copy them to your Templates folder, then click New Office Document on the Start menu. Location: \ValuPack\Template

36 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Camcorder Microsoft Camcorder is a screen-capture technology that allows easy creation and playback of movies. You can use it to create movies by capturing screen and audio events and then saving them in an.avi format or in a stand-alone.exe format. The greatest advantage to this is that the person who receives the movie in.exe format can play it without having MS Camcorder installed! This utility makes it extremely easy for you to use the power, flexibility, and the familiarity of your computer to create impressive demos, movies, and presentations. Camcorder can serve as an innovative and compelling method of communication. Location: Install Microsoft Camcorder \ValuPack\MSCam

37 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Custom Soundtracks Jazz up your presentation with the new PowerPoint Custom Soundtracks feature. Based on Microsoft Music Technology, this add-in provides dynamic musical accompaniment in dozens of musical styles. From classical to contemporary, rock to Rachmaninoff, your presentation will hum from start to finish with a custom soundtrack. Location: Install Custom Soundtracks \ValuPack\Musictrk Note : You will need to restart PowerPoint after installing.

38 Free Stuff PowerPoint Central Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 3.0 is the Web browser that puts you a step ahead on the Internet! Now with unique HTML, ActiveX, Java, and plug-in support, Internet Explorer provides the best browsing experience and the most technically advanced development platform for end users, organizations, and content developers. And with innovative Internet conferencing, collaboration, and browser customization, Internet Explorer provides the richest feature set of any browser while still offering an easy-to-use and personalized Internet experience. Location: Install Internet Explorer \ValuPack\IExplore

39 PowerPoint Central Brought to you by: Tamara Hampel Imran Qureshi Burton Siu Ric Bretschneider Bakul Patel

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