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Señora Tina Matic (Pronunciation: “MA-teach”, emphasis on the “MA”)

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1 Señora Tina Matic (Pronunciation: “MA-teach”, emphasis on the “MA”)

2 About the Course  Exploratory Spanish through CI-based methods  Geared toward “Standard” Students (true L2 learners) in 7 th grade, enriched with Heritage Speakers  Exciting Beginning of a long & successful formal study of Spanish, leading toward the following:  Fluency… documented! (Seal of Biliteracy on diploma)  College credit through two Advanced Placement classes: Language and Literature (both with high pass rates!) (See last year’s scores posted outside of Room 300!)

3 Assessment  Proficiency-Based Grading, Bloom’s Taxonomy:  4% = culture (remembering & understanding)  8% = vocabulary & structures, each (remembering, understanding, & applying)  15% = listening & reading, each (understanding & analyzing)  25% = writing & speaking, each (applying & creating) The more difficult the skill, the more it is worth!

4 Assessment (continued)  Grading Scale: 100% = A+; 90-99.9 = A; 80-89.9 = B; 70- 79.9 = C; 60-69.9 = D; less = F (no rounding)  Late/Make-up Work: Late work will NOT be accepted, in most cases; tests/quizzes/in-class assignments missed due to verified absence can be made up during office hours, within one week of original date due. Assignments turned in beyond this time frame will receive no credit. Special projects, because of their high point value, will be accepted up to 2 school days late for half credit. Alternative assignments will be given for activities that cannot be recreated. Regular attendance is crucial to success in school!

5 Materials Provided:  District-approved textbook & workbook, for use at home Suggested:  College-ruled and blank 81 ⁄ 2 x 11 inch paper  Writing & note-taking utensils (pencils, pens, highlighters, markers or colored pencils for projects)  One composition book (example: MEAD brand, hardback, no spiral rings)  One 3-ring binder (may be shared with another class, for storing handouts your student will receive regularly – vocabulary lists, articles, project descriptions, etc.)

6 Special Events! Calendar-driven, once per year:  Hispanic Heritage Month & Independence Days  Day of Love & Friendship and Mother’s Day  Olvera Street (L.A.) Field Trip (Wed., 10/19) Content-driven, each semester:  Birthday Party Celebrations  Dance & Cooking Classes  Artistic Projects: In-Class Bakery, Puzzle Art Exhibit, Piñata and Paper Flower Creation, Hispanic Olympics, Open-air Market Day As availability allows:  Argentine Tango Show & Workshop  Guest Speakers

7 Contact Info

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