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Adult Brain Injury New Employee and Intern Orientation Notebook Stephanie Hayes, OTS December 11, 2006 Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

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1 Adult Brain Injury New Employee and Intern Orientation Notebook Stephanie Hayes, OTS December 11, 2006 Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (RLANRC )

2 Purpose To assist new employees and interns in understanding the policies and procedures at RLANRC To develop a manual which spelled out the “Rancho Way”

3 Purpose (cont.) To explain the skills a RLANRC intern or new employee should possess To clarify the many standardized and non- standardized evaluation tools used To assist with documentation To simplify and illuminate the many administrative needs at RLANRC To provide central location for the most current research in brain injury

4 Binder Sections Background of RLANRC Background of Brain Injury Background of the Occupational Therapy Department The Process for Every Patient Occupational Therapy Evaluations

5 Binder Sections (cont.) Resources for Documentation Community Outings Administrative Needs Giving and Receiving Feedback Community Resources Specifically for Students / Interns Assessments of Cognition Current Research

6 Background of RLANRC Top 10 Reasons to Chose Rancho Pioneer in innovative research and treatment A national leader in outcomes for rehabilitation patients Rancho Los Amigos is consistently ranked among the top of all rehabilitation centers throughout the United States A forward looking philosophy encompasses education, research, innovation and change The Rancho Scale of Cognitive Functioning is used worldwide Highly motivated diagnosis driven team approach Model home that features high-tech adoptions for the physically disabled Teaching other caregivers is a tradition Self-sufficiency and independence as a goal for rehabilitation patients One of the most accomplished rehabilitation teams in the nation

7 Background of RLANRC (cont.) Rancho’s History Map and Directions Mission, Vision, and Values Specialty Programs

8 Background on Brain Injury Definition of Brain Injury The Types of Brain Injuries Acquired Traumatic Statistics of Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Story of Jan Berry Famous rock star of the 60s Half the group “Jan and Dean” Scope of Services of the Brain Injury Program

9 Background of the Occupational Therapy Department OTR Level I Skills OT Mission and Vision Staff Members and Titles for the Occupational Therapy and Recreational Therapy Departments Department Phone Numbers

10 The Process for Every Patient Inpatient Timeline ICP (Initial and Weekly) Initial Evaluation Kardex Weekly Notes Discharge Evaluation A Patient from Admission to Discharge Provides a Step by Step Process  Including materials needed, tasks to complete, evaluations to complete, questions to ask, possible treatment ideas, and preparing for discharge

11 OT Evaluations Spanish Words Pertinent to Evaluations ICP Self-Care 6.0 Initial Evaluation Discharge Evaluation Typical Day Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) Vision Evaluation Cooking Evaluations Community Evaluations

12 Resources for Documentation The FIM Ex. Upper Body Dressing  Threading L and R UE  Pulling up to elbow on L and R sides  Pulling up to shoulder on L and R sides  Pulling head through shirt  Pulling down shirt on L and R side FIM Book for the OT

13 Resources for Documentation (cont.) Writing Initial, Discharge, Weekly Progress, and ICP 6.0 Notes Purpose Step by step method to obtain proper form on the computer How to fill out the form What to do when you are done Approved Abbreviations and Symbols

14 Community Outings Purpose: To readjust the patient to the community and activities that he or she will be performing in the community after discharge Equipment Check List for Outings Obtaining Money for the Outing Requesting a RLANRC Vehicle

15 Administrative Needs Billing Ordering Equipment (Through Pool Stock and Insurance) Saturday Coverage Sheets Ordering an Interpreter Family Conferences Patient’s Diet Transportation Needs (Disabled Parking Placard and ACCESS services) Infection Control and Isolation

16 Giving and Receiving Feedback SBI Model- Situation; Behavior; Impact How to Build and Deliver Your Message Guidelines for Receiving Feedback Are You Ready to Receive Feedback? Feedback Self-Assessment

17 Community Resources Associations/Organizations for Head Injury Home and Community Programs Support Groups Recreation Transportation Supported Employment and Housing Community Neuro-Optometrists

18 For Students and Interns Tips for a Successful Experience Effective Versus a Challenging Student Hints for Success “How Students ‘Hit the Fieldwork Running’” Supervision of Students / Interns Student/Supervisor Weekly Review AOTA Fieldwork Forms for Students and Supervisors

19 Assessments of Cognition Glassgow Coma Scale The Rancho Levels of Cognitive Functioning Components of Cognition

20 Current Research Highlights Adult men typically have a greater loss of their pre- injury social roles and activities after head injury than in women. On an average rating of satisfaction with OT, patients reported an average rating on 25.21 out of 32 possible points and 91.7% said they would recommend OT to a person in need of similar help. Persons with brain injury demonstrated decreased self-awareness in relation to a control group. In addition to traditional OT, allow the opportunity for the client to rate his or her own performance before, during, and after the task.

21 Thank You! Thank you to Jennifer Weaver for being a wonderful clinical instructor! Thank you to Amy Schmidt for coaching and assisting me with this binder and for answering my many questions Thank you to Elizabeth Wyckoff for being an amazing supervisor Thank you to the rest of the ABI and Neuro OT therapists and Yvonne for making my experience at Rancho so educational and worthwhile

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