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Marsha Mahabir Manager, LMI ECO Canada Solid Waste Management Labour Market Study.

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1 Marsha Mahabir Manager, LMI ECO Canada Solid Waste Management Labour Market Study

2 PRESENTATION AGENDA 1.About the project 2.Meeting Binder 3.Solid Waste Management Labour Market Information

3 o Define scope of environmental employment in Canada related to solid waste management o Research current solid waste management labour market to identify critical and emerging human resources issues Goals 1.About the project

4 o Project set-up - National Steering Committee (NSC) Meeting - Hiring a contractor o Research period - Scoping the solid waste industry employment structure - Collecting the labour market information - Verifying the labour market information o Final report - Data interpretation - Writing - Delivery MAIN PROJECT COMPONENTS

5 Project Timeline and Deliverables Deliverables DJFMAMJJASONDJFMAM Work-plan, Secondary Research 1 st NSC Meeting Contractor Selected Sample Frame Completed Survey Data Collection Focus Groups 2 nd NSC Meeting Data Analysis Final Report

6 ECO Canada’s Role o Ensure project is on time and budget o Manage the relationship with contractor o Provide monthly communications to NSC members o Prepare documentation required for the project NSC Member Role o Provide advice o Provide contacts o Participate in surveys and focus groups, sub-committees o Monitor project objectives o Communicate

7 ECO Canada o Minutes of NSC Meeting o Hire a Contractor o Provide input from the meeting to the contractor o Monthly NSC report NSC Members o Provide sources of contact for survey participants o Set sub-committee for survey revision etc. o Sub-committee will comment on survey instrument Next Steps

8 If 1 ton paper was used in this binder, in comparison to virgin paper, our ecological footprint would be reduced by: o 17 mature trees o 1,081 lb. of solid wastes o 10,196 gallons of water o 6.9 lb. of suspended particles in the water o 2,098 lb. of air emissions o 2,478 cubic feet of natural gas Toner = large % vegetable extract 2. Meeting Binder Binder Materials

9 Binder Sections o Meeting Agenda o Discussion Topics o Documents for Discussion o 2007 NAICS definitions 2007 NAICS definitions o Administrative Documents o NSC Terms of Reference o NSC Travel Guidelines o ECO Travel Expense Claim FormECO Travel Expense Claim Form

10 Solid Waste Non-hazardous garbage, refuse, rubbish from households; similar wastes from businesses, institutions, and construction and demolition sites; recyclables and compostable materials. “Solid waste” means “municipal solid waste (MSW)” 3.Solid Waste Management Labour Market Information Definitions

11 Solid Waste Management A system which allows waste to be safely managed from the point of generation to final disposal to prevent environmental pollution, preferably generating income in the process. It includes waste diversion programs.

12 Number employees anticipated from “greening” Solid Waste Management = No. Pubic Sector Employees=7146 No. Private Sector Employees= Totals31017 Solid Waste Management Labour Market Information Reference: Statistics Canada, Waste Management Industry 2006 Survey: Business and Government Sectors, Based on Statistics Canada definition of solid waste industry

13 o Final Report addressing key labour market issues in the Solid Waste Management Industry o Report for use by: Stakeholders Educators to develop programs for needs of labour market Operators/Practitioners to better understand employment conditions and opportunities Employers to develop human resources strategies o Long-term vision of employment in SWM Outcome of Study


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