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Caltrans Changes SECTION 39 “Hot Mix Asphalt”

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1 Caltrans Changes SECTION 39 “Hot Mix Asphalt”
Presented by: Terrie Bressette Caltrans

2 What Changed? TERMS Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) = Asphalt Concrete (AC)
Rubberized HMA (RHMA) = Rubberized AC (RAC) Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC) = OGAC RHMA-G = RAC (Type G) RHMA-O & -O-HB = RAC (Type O) & (Type O-HB) Tack Coat = Paint Binder (Tack Coat) Geosynthetic Pavement Interlayer = Pavement Reinforcing Fabric (PRF)

3 What Changed? Section 39 – AC vs. HMA
Old Standard Specifications Section 39 – AC = 12,000 Words New “Amended to Read” Section 39 – HMA = 18,000 Words SSPs Section 39 AC = 21 SSPs 58,000 Words Section 39 HMA = 12 SSPs 28,500 Words

4 What Changed? Standard Special Provisions
12 SSPs from 30+ Old SSPs 39-AAA – HMA Type A & B 39-BBB – OGFC 39-CCC – RHMA-G 39-DDD – RHMA-O & RHMA-O-HB 39-EEE – HMA (Misc. Areas) 39-FFF – Minor HMA 39-GGG – Rumble Strips (Ground in) 39-HHH – HMA-Lime Slurry 39-III – HMA-Dry Lime 39-JJJ – HMA-Liquid Anti-Strip 39-KKK – Prime Coat 39-LLL – Replace AC Surface

5 What Changed? Standard Special Provisions
New SSPs 39-MMM – Large Stone Mix 39-NNN – High Stability Mix 39-OOO – Bonded Wearing Course (Gap-Graded) 39-PPP – Bonded Wearing Course (Rubberized) District Requested Extra testing required by aggregate issues Lime-slurry marination required

6 Section 39 – CHANGES Mix Designs
Still Hveem Method of Mix Design Dense Graded – HMA (Type A & B) Rubberized HMA – RHMA-G Mix Design by Producer State Verifies JMF with Plant Mix Mix design good for 12-months Flat & Elongated Open Graded – OGAC, RHMA-O & O-HB Aggregate qualities and gradation by Producer State determines asphalt content

7 Section 39 – CHANGES Materials
Aggregate Qualities Gradation (TV ± Tolerance) LA Rattler Sand equivalent % Crushed Particles (2-face – New) Fine Aggregate Angularity (New) Flat & Elongated (New)

8 Section 39 – CHANGES Materials
Mix Qualities Binder Content Air voids content Stability (Mix & Production) HMA moisture content Voids in Mineral Aggregate (Mix Design & Verification) Voids Filled with Asphalt (Mix Design Only) Dust Proportion (Mix Design Only)

9 Section 39 – CHANGES Materials
CT371 Pilot California Test (CT) 371  AASHTO T283-03 In QC/QA projects for 2 years Estimate approx 25 projects / year Producer tests mix with CT371 Chooses treatment choice (TSR  70) Test HMA at least once during production District & Translab tests also (FIO) Data analysis – repeatability, lab / lab, mix vs. production

10 Section 39 – CHANGES Construction
Processes – Standard HMA (Type A & B) RHMA-G OGAC & RHMA-O Method Small quantities QC/QA - >10,000 tons

11 Section 39 – CHANGES (3 Construction Processes)
Standard – Applies to the majority of HMA. Contractor QC plan & tests at least twice daily Compaction (91 – 97% of Rice) State will test and results will be used for acceptance and pay

12 Section 39 – CHANGES (3 Construction Processes)
Method – Applies to very small quantities of HMA The contractor will not perform QC Method compaction with roller and temperature requirements State will test and results will be used for acceptance and pay. Default for compaction when layer <0.15-ft

13 Section 39 – CHANGES (3 Construction Processes)
QC/QA – All HMA quantities greater than 10,000 tons. QC tests for each 750 tons of HMA State will verify gradation & % binder 1 verification per 5 QC tests Statistical evaluation of gradation, % binder and compaction for pay. Verified contractor QC for gradation & % binder Sate cores for compaction (92 – 96% of Rice)

14 Section 39 – CHANGES Production
Materials Production Quality Program – HMA & PCC (soon) Weights and Measures Safety Limited production unit requirements

15 Section 39 – CHANGES Placement
Lift Thickness > 3 X NMAS e.g. ¾-inch mix = 0.20-ft layer and above ½-inch mix = ft layer Must comply for compaction Contractor may change gradation of mix if ¾” mix and 0.15 to 0.20 layer Not required for Method Thin blanket – Maintenance Leveling, etc.

16 Section 39 – CHANGES HMA must meet all specification requirements throughout production and placement. First out of spec = Contractor Fix Second out of spec = Stop, test, show RE before starting up In-place & out-of-spec material RE determines status on case-by-case

17 Thank you Any Questions?

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